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If you've got a ticket with a few too many zeros, then you're probably thinking of ways to get rid of it.

In Nevada, if you want to get rid of the ticket (and the points that come with it), you'll have to contest the charges in court and then complete a defensive driving course.

Defensive driving programs used to only be available for in-person instruction.

Luckily, Nevada is one of those states that allow online defensive driving schools to dismiss traffic tickets and remove points from your license.

Proactively attending an online traffic school can also help lower your insurance premiums, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

In this article, I'll go over the best online traffic schools in Nevada that you should definitely consider. 

Let's begin!

Top 5 Best Defensive Driving Courses in Nevada

The top 5 defensive driving/traffic school courses are:

  1. Improv
  2. iDriveSafely
  3. GoToTrafficSchool
  4. Drive Safe Today
  5. TrafficSchoolToGo

Let’s see what each school can offer you. 


Online Traffic Schools in Nevada - Best 5 Improv

Designed by comedians and driving safety experts, this course teaches you all the fundamentals of safe driving, all while giving you fresh, entertaining, and laugh-out-loud content to keep you motivated throughout the course!

They’re definitely not what you expect from the typical defensive driving course.

Improv has been voted one of the country’s best online traffic schools and has helped over 3 million students resolve traffic tickets and qualify for insurance discounts since its founding.

Improv courses are as easy as pie, consisting of 10 short lessons and an introductory 25 MCQ final test.

While the final test is near impossible to fail (99% pass rate), they've even included unlimited retries just to give you that extra bit of reassurance.

Online Traffic Schools in Nevada - Best 5 iDriveSafely

A course that reinvents the wheel with its engaging and easy to learn content, iDriveSafely is a popular offering in the traffic school industry.

Rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, and an A+ by the BBB, you can rest assured that you're getting nothing but the very best with this school.

Having loads of experience spread over 20 years, they've made a great course that combines videos, audio clips, and animations to create an interactive system that keeps you focused and willing to learn.

However, their video and animations are a bit dated and can be a little grainy at times. Regardless, their content is still wholly relevant, and everything covered applies to actual modern, safe driving practices.

So if you're looking for a more interactive experience that is easy and quick at the same time, then I'd say you can’t go wrong with iDriveSafely.

Online Traffic Schools in Nevada - Best 5 GoToTrafficSchool

Any defensive driving/traffic school list is incomplete without mentioning GoToTrafficSchool.

Offering to match any course that's priced lower, they're practically the cheapest option not only in Nevada but nationwide as well.

Along with nationwide affordability, their course is recognized in most states. They have a long history of teaching defensive driving courses and are constantly updating their materials to keep them relevant to current laws and regulations.

Unlike the options above, they don’t provide audio clips as a part of their basic package. 

Unlimited final test retries also have to be bought separately, which can raise the course’s total cost. Regardless, the final test is pretty simple and more difficult to fail than pass.

So, if you're looking for an affordable course that promises what it says right out of the box, then GoToTrafficSchool is a choice to consider.

Online Traffic Schools in Nevada - Best 5 Drive Safe Today

Drive Safe Today provides a simple bare-boned course to get you through court requirements.

If you’re someone who likes to get right down to the nitty-gritty, then this course is perfect for you. 

Drive Safe Today instructions are straightforward and easy to understand. They allow you to get through the course without needing much assistance. 

Their website also comes with a much simpler design compared to other schools. 

Although considered to be the youngest online traffic school, they provide excellent content that teaches you all you need to know about being a safer driver in Nevada. 

If you're a no-frills kind of person, then you may enjoy taking this course.

Online Traffic Schools in Nevada - Best 5 TrafficSchoolToGo

A simple course with some great features, TrafficSchoolToGo promises you a quick experience.

Providing a same-day certificate of completion deliver, this course is excellent if you need concrete proof of course completion.

Offering defensive driving courses for ticket dismissal and point reduction, they're registered and approved to operate in all counties in Nevada.

Their mobile-friendly platform allows you to take lessons from any internet-enabled device of your choice. Study anywhere and anytime it’s convenient for you!

Nevada Defensive Driving School FAQs

What Are The Types of Defensive Driving Courses Available in Nevada?

There are two main types of defensive driving courses available in Nevada:

  1. 5-hour course: Allows you to dismiss 1-3 points of your driving record if you have less than 3 points. It can be taken once every 12 months.
  1. 8-hour course: This can be taken if you have 3-11 points on your driving record. However, courts rarely allow it. Check with your court to see if you can qualify for this option. 

Nevada is one of the few states that allow DUI charge dismissal.

If you’re looking to reinstate your license after a DUI or dismiss a DUI charge, then Improv's DUI course for Nevada is approved to be taken online as long as this is your first DUI charge.

Who Should Take a Defensive Driving Course?

Anyone looking to improve their driving skills can take a defensive driving course.

However, it's mostly taken if:

  • You’re looking to dismiss a traffic ticket/traffic points
  • You want lower insurance costs
  • You need to meet an employers requirement
  • You've been ordered by a court to attend

Note - Failure to attend a defensive driving course ordered by a court shall result in license suspension.

Do Defensive Driving Courses Lower My Insurance Costs?


Defensive driving courses can qualify you for a 5-15% reduction in your total insurance costs.

However, you should check with your insurer before enrolling in any defensive driving courses to make sure they'll allow it.

Also, as Improv is affiliated with GEICO, it's best to take Improv's defensive driving course for maximum savings if they’re your insurer.


If you’re looking for an easy to do, convenient, and quick defensive driving/traffic school course in Nevada, the courses listed above will give you the best experience possible.

Just make sure to contest your ticket within ten days of your citation. Otherwise, the court won't accept your claim, and you'll have to pay the fine.

Good luck and safe driving!

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