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Traffic schools or, as they call it in North Carolina, Driver Improvement Clinics, can help drivers in a variety of ways. 

It can qualify drivers for insurance discounts, deduct points from driving records, even improve driver safety and performance. 

But spending 2 hours in traffic just to go to a traffic school is not anybody’s cup of tea. 

This is why finding the best online traffic schools in North Carolina is your saving grace. 

With an online traffic school, you can take your classes from the comfort of your own home. 

There’s no need to stress about instructor or peer pressure, either! 

Classes are self-paced, so you can study around your own schedule without anyone breathing down your neck.

You want to be careful with which schools you work with online, though. As more and more people rely on online services, the number of online scammers and schemers also grows. 

Know which schools are safe and best to work with in this article!

Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina

The best and most reliable online traffic schools in North Carolina are:

To determine which is the one for YOU, let’s look at each online school one by one.


The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool is approved in North Carolina, which is why it’s the first on our list. 

Pay the lowest fees for high-quality content and materials. 

Find something cheaper? 

GoToTraffic school has a price match policy where they will either match or beat their competitor’s offer. So yes, you could say it is the cheapest online traffic school out there. 

Designed by certified driver improvement instructors, their lessons contain all you need to know about being a safer and more effective driver in North Carolina. 

Another great thing about GoToTrafficSchool is that it allows you to start the first few chapters of their driver improvement course for FREE. 

You can take this time to get to know their course features and services and see if it’s the best fit for you. 

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina iDriveSafely

To work with iDriveSafely, you’ll have to get special permission from your North Carolina court, as this school is not state-approved. 

However, once that is settled, you can reap the full benefits that this course has to offer! 

iDriveSafely has been in the business of teaching people how to be safer and more confident drivers for decades. 

They have helped thousands save on insurance discounts and reduce record points…

...they can help you, too!

Choose between two methods of learning: text-based and video-based. Just note that the latter may be a bit more expensive.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about this course, it’s no problem. 

Like GoToTrafficSchool, they also let you start the course for FREE, so you can familiarize yourself with the course features and services.

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina Improv

If you’re looking for a class where you can laugh out loud and still learn valuable things about being a safe driver in North Carolina, then Improv Traffic School just might be for you. 

Designed by a group of comedians from the Improv Comedy Club, Improv Traffic School courses feature entertaining content that keeps students active and engaged all throughout their lessons. 

Traffic school is already a snooze-fest. There’s no harm in having a little fun!

Access their lessons anywhere and anytime you like with their companion app, which you can download on the Apple App Store. 

If you don’t own an iOS device, that’s no problem. You can still use their website to take lessons. 

Unfortunately, Improv Traffic School is also not approved in North Carolina. So, if you want to work with them, you’ll have to ask permission from your court handler or insurance provider.

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina AAA North Carolina

This court-approved course can qualify you for both auto insurance discounts and violation point dismissals. 

AAA has been teaching defensive driving for more than 100 years. And despite their age, they provide relevant and valuable content that helps people become safer participants on the road. 

For your convenience, all course materials are 100% online. You can take them anywhere and anytime you want on any device of your choice. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’re good to go!

Watch dozens of professionally prepared videos and 3D animations created by certified driver improvement instructors. 

They have a 4-hour and an 8-hour course for you to choose from. To get more details, you can simply contact them through their live chat support box on their website.

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Carolina National Highway Safely

Taking a course from the National Highway Safety Administration will not only make you a safer driver; it will also save you money on insurance! 

Their lessons are 100% online, so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere. 

The majority of their content is written texts. However, they also provide interactive videos and animations to take the pressure off of those who don’t like reading a lot of material.

The National Highway Safety Administration also has a price match policy, which guarantees you a discount if you find an offer that is cheaper than theirs. 

Courses are self-paced, so you can study around your own schedule. 

Use any device available to access your classes! So long as you have an internet connection, you can take lessons anywhere you want.

North Carolina Online Traffic School FAQs

What are the requirements for traffic school in North Carolina?

Driver improvement clinics are available to all North Carolina motorists looking to dismiss a ticket or get an auto insurance discount, with an exception of a few individuals who fall under the following categories:

  • Have severe violations including drugs, alcohol, excessive speeding, or accidents
  • Have previously completed a defensive driving course within the last three years
  • Don’t hold a valid North Carolina driver’s license
  • Don’t have valid auto insurance

Before enrolling in a driver improvement clinic, verify your eligibility with your court or insurance provider. 

How long does online traffic school take in North Carolina?

North Carolina requires 4-hours of driver improvement training to qualify for an auto insurance discount or to dismiss traffic points. 

However, you may finish your course in half the time. Most online programs are self-paced, so how soon you finish is entirely up to you. 

What will I learn in an NC driver improvement clinic?

Online driver improvement clinics often cover the following topics:

  • Current North Carolina driving laws
  • The consequences of driving a vehicle while impaired
  • The state’s driving record point system
  • Safe driving practices
  • Defensive driving

You may contact your school of choice and ask what topics they cover to see if this will be enough to meet court requirements.

How much is traffic school in North Carolina?

Depending on the provider you work with, prices may range from $17 to $60. 

If the price is a big issue for you, we recommend contacting your provider of choice and asking them for a full estimate of costs.

Where can I apply for an Eligibility Hearing in North Carolina?

Traffic violators in North Carolina may be required to apply for a hearing with the North Carolina court to discuss their eligibility to enroll in a driver improvement clinic. 

To schedule a hearing, you can visit The Official North Carolina DMV Website

How often can I attend driver improvement clinics in North Carolina?

Drivers can attend driving improvement clinics once every five years.

How many points are removed from my record after I complete the driver improvement clinic?

Once you complete your course and have passed the necessary proof to your court, three points are deducted from your driving record. 


Whether you want or need to go through traffic school, finding a good, reliable school is so important. 

With our list, you can be sure that you have the best of the best laid before you. 

Pick any of these, and you’re well on your way to finishing the course and reaping the benefits. 

Good luck! 

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