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Are you facing the consequences of receiving a traffic ticket?

These consequences can come in the form of points added to your driving record or an increase of a certain percentage in your auto insurance premiums. 

An ideal way to evade these unfortunate situations is to take a state-approved defensive driving course. 

And where else will you find both comfort and convenience in a course but in the best online traffic schools in North Dakota!

With online traffic school, you can take classes anywhere and anytime you want! You could be running a marathon and you can still take a class, as long as you have a mobile device with you. 

With the growing number of online traffic schools, however, it can be tough to find the right provider to fit your needs. 

This article will help you find the best school for you! 

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in North Dakota

If you’re from North Dakota, here are the best online defensive driving schools to consider:

Let’s take a close look at each of these schools. 


Top 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Dakota iDriveSafely

If you’re looking for a reliable NDHP-approved defensive driving course to help you get out of a traffic ticket, iDriveSafely has what you need! 

Their course is designed to teach you North Dakota-specific techniques on how to be a safer and more effective driver. 

Furthermore, it can refresh drivers’ memories of North Dakota traffic laws and regulations. 

iDriveSafely gives you a choice between text-based and video-based learning. Both courses still cover the same topics. 

However, we must warn you that the video-based program may be priced a little higher than the text-based course. 

You have 24/7 access to all your course materials and lessons. So, you can study anytime and anywhere you want — as long as you have internet access. 

Taking a course from iDriveSafely also qualifies you for up to 2-years worth of auto insurance discounts. 

Still not satisfied with what you see? Take the first part of the course for FREE and use the time to test out course features and see if it’s to your liking. 

Top 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Dakota GoToTrafficSchool

Although they aren’t approved to dismiss traffic tickets, GoToTrafficSchool offers NDHP-certified Insurance Discount and Crash Prevention course. 

Completing this course qualifies you to receive 2 year’s worth of auto insurance discounts.

GoToTrafficSchool boasts the cheapest price guaranteed. 

Found a cheaper offer? 

With their price match policy, they are required to either meet or beat it. All you have to do is contact their customer support service and show them proof of what you found. 

Lessons are 100% online; you can access them anytime and anywhere you want on any device of your choice. As long as you have internet connectivity. 

GoToTrafficSchool has an autosave feature that lets you stop and come back again without losing your spot!

Note: if you want to get a ticket dismissal with GoToTrafficSchool, you first have to ask permission from your court handler. 

Top 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Dakota Improv

“A breath of fresh air,” is how every Improv Traffic School course is described. 

Despite it being a dull subject, Improv Traffic School has found a completely unique way to make defensive driving an interesting and fun topic to discuss!

Designed by comedians from the Improv Comedy Club, the Improv Traffic School defensive driving course not only teaches you how to become a safer driver; it also guarantees a great time! 

Study wherever and whenever you want with their mobile app, which you can download on the Apple App Store. 

Courses are self-paced, so you can take lessons around your own schedule. No pressure needed! 

In a hurry to complete court requirements? No problem! Improv Traffic School will send you a copy of your Certificate of Completion 30-minutes after you complete the final exam. 

NOTE: Improv Traffic School is not certified by the North Dakota DOT. If you wish to work with them, you’ll have to obtain special permission from your court or insurance provider.

Top 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Dakota National Safely Council

The National Safety Council’s “Defensive Driving Online Course” focuses on collision prevention through hazard recognition and application of collision avoidance techniques. 

They teach drivers about the most common violations that may result in collisions. Plus, it teaches ways to change driving habits to completely eliminate moving violations. 

This is a state-approved course and is a little more square than most of the programs that we’ve mentioned above. 

Their defensive driving course provides students with interactive content, closed captioning, narration, high definition videos, animated illustrations, and gaming exercises. 

If you aren’t sure whether this is the school for you, you may schedule a demo of their online course. It’s free, so there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Top 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in North Dakota AARP

The AARP “Smart Driver Safety” course is approved by both the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) and the North Dakota Insurance Department.

So whether you’re looking for a way to dismiss a traffic ticket or qualify for an insurance discount, this course is perfect for you. 

Improve driving skills and refresh your knowledge of the rules and regulations of the North Dakota roads. 

Furthermore, get research-based articles and learn new defensive driving techniques; all from the comfort of your own home!

Like all other courses, this program is self-paced, meaning you can take lessons anytime you want. As long as you have a working device and a stable internet connection. 

North Dakota Online Defensive Driving School FAQs

How do I know if I’m eligible for an online defensive driving school in North Dakota?

You are eligible to take an online defensive driving course in North Dakota if you’ve been permitted to complete a course online, either to dismiss a ticket or qualify for an auto insurance discount. 

Furthermore, you must be able to meet the following requirements: 

  • Hold a valid North Dakota driver’s license
  • A driver must not have been operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the citation
  • A driver may not apply to dismiss citations that involve more than one (1) violation
  • A driver must not have taken a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket within the last 12 to 18 months. 

For further information, you may visit the Official Portal for North Dakota State Government website.

How long does the online defensive driving school take in North Dakota?

Most online traffic school programs are 4 to 8 hours long. 

There may be some courses that are timed. In which case, it may take you more than 8 hours to complete your lessons.

Do I have to finish everything in one sitting?

The beauty of online defensive driving school is that you can leave and come back to your lessons any time you want, without needing to worry about losing your progress. 

If you’re concerned about your account expiring, don’t fret. Most online schools give you around 60-90 days to complete your course. 

Once you complete it, you will receive your certificate of completion via email or post. 

Can I retake the final exam if I fail on my first try?

Yes, you can. Most schools allow you an unlimited number of tries to pass your final exam. The final exam contains 25 multiple choice questions and you’ll need to score about 70% or higher to pass. 

What will I learn in a defensive driving program?

Curriculums may vary depending on the school you enroll in. But essentially, topics will cover:

  • Driver attitudes and behaviors
  • Highway safety
  • Alcohol- and drug-impaired driving
  • State traffic laws
  • Driving emergencies
  • Vehicle maintenance


Whatever your purpose is to enroll in a defensive driving course, you can never go wrong with choosing to take it online. 

There’s just so much more freedom and flexibility. Not to mention, affordable prices. 

And, with these 5 best online traffic schools, you can be sure that what they offer is the best in North Dakota. 

Pick any of these schools and we can assure you that you won’t regret it. 

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