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Whether you’re trying to get out of a traffic ticket or want to qualify for an insurance discount, in Oregon, you must get permission from your court before you can enroll in any traffic diversion course. 

Traditionally, students would have to attend an in-person class from a state-approved traffic school to complete court requirements. 

Nowadays, you’re given a better, more convenient option — enrolling in the best online traffic schools in Oregon.

Taking an online traffic diversion course allows you to study defensive driving from the comforts of your home. No more driving out to town on the weekend. No more sitting in a stuffy room. You just sit back, relax, and enjoy your freedom! 

Online traffic school also lets you be the boss of your schedule. Take lessons anytime without restrictions. As long as you make your court deadline, you won’t have any problems. 

Oregon Online Traffic School Eligibility

In Oregon, eligibility to dismiss a traffic ticket is decided on a court-to-court basis. Meaning, qualifications that allow you to attend traffic school in one court may not be the same for everyone. 

There may also be different rules for auto insurance discounts.

Therefore, before enrolling in any program, you must contact your municipal court (or insurance provider) to check your eligibility.

Best Online Traffic Schools in Oregon

Once you’ve gotten approval from your court to take an online defensive driving course, you may proceed to enroll in your desired school. 

The following that we’ve listed below are the top 5 best providers you will find in Oregon. 

Let’s view each of these schools to see which one suits YOU best. 

If you’re ever considering enrolling in a defensive driving program, any of the schools we listed above will undoubtedly meet your needs. 

Easy, affordable, and fast — everything you could ever need from an online traffic school! GoToTrafficSchool has helped over 4 million drivers satisfy court and insurance requirements. 

They’ve spent decades perfecting their course, which is why they’re on our list of best online traffic schools in Oregon. 

GoToTrafficSchool offers the lowest prices guaranteed of any online traffic school. Find a cheaper offer? With their price match policy, they will meet or beat any competitor offer that is cheaper than their own. All you have to do is show them proof. 

The school also allows you to start your course for FREE, so you can identify if the features are a perfect fit for you. 

Get access to dozens of informational animated videos and audio clips; plus 3D driving simulations that let you test out the theories you learn.

The GoToTrafficSchool website is mobile-friendly. So, you can seamlessly transfer from your computer to your mobile phone anytime without needing to worry about losing progress. 

Online Traffic Schools in Oregon - Top 5 iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely has had decades of experience providing defensive driving programs. 

They’ve successfully helped millions of drivers get out of traffic tickets and qualify for insurance discounts. If you’re looking for reliability, iDriveSafely is the school for you. 

They give you 24/7 access to your lessons, so you can study anytime you feel is convenient. 

They also let you choose between two models of instruction: text-based and video-based. Both cover the same topics. 

However, if you prefer the video-based option, you’ll have to pay a slightly higher fee. 

Lessons can be accessed on any internet-enabled device. Transfer from one gadget to another without losing your spot in your lessons! 

If you encounter any problem in the lesson, iDriveSafely has a customer support service available to assist you 24/7. 

Online Traffic Schools in Oregon - Top 5 Improv

Traffic school doesn’t have to be dull and boring — at least, not with Improv Traffic School. 

Their program was designed by a group of comedians from the Improv Comedy Club, so a lot of their content features hilarious one-liners and sketches. 

Despite their unconventional ways, Improv Traffic School is one of the best online providers and has been voted “Best Traffic School” by Shoppers Approved. 

Learn all there is to know about Oregon driving laws and regulations, as well as defensive driving techniques that will make you a safer driver.

There are two ways to access lessons. One is through the Improv Traffic School website. Simply log in to your profile and browse through all their materials. 

The second is to download their mobile app, available on the Apple App Store. 

Improv Traffic School is currently not Oregon state-approved. So, if you want to take their programs, you’ll have to ask for special permission from your court or insurance provider. 

Online Traffic Schools in Oregon - Top 5 Safety Serve

Safety Serve has a host of safety training programs, including Distracted Driving courses, Professional Truck Driver courses, and Defensive Driving. 

Their courses are short and easy to understand. Its organized lessons make it easier for you to navigate the course. 

They also let you choose between English or Spanish instructions. This is great, especially for those living in bilingual households and can’t understand English all too well yet.

Access all lessons online with their mobile-friendly website. If you encounter any issues, they have customer support services that will be happy to help. 

Safety Serve is not Oregon state-approved, however. To work with Safety Serve, please check with your court or insurance provider. 

Online Traffic Schools in Oregon - Top 5 NTSI

NTSI has a variety of Oregon-approved programs that can easily help you get rid of traffic violations, qualify you for auto insurance discounts, and make you a better driver overall. 

At less than $50, you get a course that was designed by professionals for drivers like you who need a little nudge in the right direction. 

NTSI has both classroom courses and online programs, so make sure to check which class you’re enrolling in before you click “register.” 

If you have questions regarding their courses, they have a customer support service that can answer your queries accordingly. 

Contact them today to get more details. 

Oregon Online Traffic School FAQs

How long is online traffic school in Oregon?

Course length will vary for each provider. But typically, courses may last 4 hours. 

These don’t necessarily have to be completed in one sitting. Since lessons are not timed, it’s completely up to the student how long they want to spend on the program. 

Will my court be automatically informed about my course completion?

Some providers may automatically report attendance, while others may not. 

A good rule of thumb is to check with your court handler two weeks after you complete your program to make sure they received a notification. If not, simply send them your Certificate of Completion and any other required documentation. 

Is online traffic school expensive?

Online traffic school is relatively affordable, with prices ranging from $19 to $60, depending on the provider. 

Will I receive an insurance discount after taking an online defensive driving course?

To find out whether you’re available for an auto insurance discount, simply contact your insurance provider and ask. 

Most insurance agencies offer between a 5% and 20% discount for drivers who voluntarily sign up for defensive driving programs. 

Can I take the final exam again if I fail?

Some providers may allow you to take the final exam a second time for free. However, if you still fail after the second attempt, you may be charged for any of your following attempts. 


Enrolling in an online traffic school may not be the most exciting thing, but the rewards greatly outweigh the demerits. 

Not only can you clean your record of any violation, but you can also save money on insurance premiums! All this without having to step a foot out of your house. 

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