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What happens when you get a traffic violation in South Dakota?

A traffic violation is usually dreaded by a lot of people because, unlike other states, you can’t erase the points that a violation will give to you. 

Yep, even if you take a defensive driving course in an approved traffic school, those points will still stay on your record. 

So what’s the point of going to a traffic school?

Well, if you were ordered by the court because of a violation, then you don’t really have a choice to attend. Plus, traffic schools can also help you avoid these violations in the future. 

Besides that, when you attend a traffic school, you have a better chance of lowering your monthly auto insurance fees. 

To be sure, traffic schools aren't something you would jump to do. This is why the fastest way to go through it is a must.  

Well, you can surely get that with the best online traffic schools in South Dakota.

Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota

So what’s the best online traffic school to enroll in? 

Here are our recommendations:

  1. GoToTrafficSchool.com
  2. Driving University
  3. TrafficSchoolOnline.com
  4. SafeMotorist.com
  5. Safety Serve

Let’s take a look at each of them. 


Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool.com is the best online traffic school there is in the state of South Dakota. 

Why did I say that?

Well, GoToTrafficSchool.com has an already established reputation in the state for being one of the most trustworthy and convenient online traffic schools. 

You can go through their course using any device as long as it has Internet access. 

There are videos, quizzes, and even an audio version if you want to listen while doing something else. 

And even if the course has quizzes, they’re pretty easy to pass, so no worries there. 

Besides, if you’re not satisfied with the course, GoToTrafficSchool.com has a money-back guarantee. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota Driving University

Another excellent choice for an online traffic school is Driving University. 

Driving University may not have the best website layout, but you can trust them to give good customer service when you enroll in their course. 

Their defensive driving course is relatively cheaper, and their content is also engaging. 

Sure, it’s nothing as tech-savvy as GoToTrafficSchool.com, but it’s still a good option if you just want an affordable traffic school to attend. 

However, there is a cut-off when sending the Certificate of Completion to you. If you finish the course beyond the cut-off period, then you will receive the certificate on the next business day. 

Note: Since Driving University isn’t state-approved, you have to ask special permission from your court handler or insurance provider if they will accept Driving University’s certificate of completion. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota TrafficSchoolOnline

TrafficSchoolOnline.com is a popular choice for an online traffic school. 

While this school is not state-approved, there’s a chance that your specific court may allow you to take their defensive driving course to satisfy a court order. So you should clarify this before you enroll. 

Anyway, TrafficSchoolOnline.com is 100% online with 7-day customer service. 

Their course has the usual videos and text. It also has quizzes in the form of multiple-choice questions. 

It’s a no-fuss, straight-to-the-point defensive driving course. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota SafeMotorist

Want the most affordable online traffic school? Then you have to pick SafeMotorist.com.

The state may not approve SafeMotorist.com, but it’s still worth considering since individual courts can allow this online traffic school to satisfy court requirements. 

Besides, the fact that this course is one of the cheapest makes it something to consider, especially if you just want to settle your violation. 

The problem is there’s a catch. 

SafeMotorist.com doesn’t have a money-back guarantee or any kind of guarantee if you don’t find the course helpful. 

So you still have the risk of not enjoying the course and not being able to refund your payment. But hey, it’s very affordable, anyway. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota Safety Serve

Lastly, there’s Safety Serve. 

Safety Serve may be one of the lesser-known online traffic schools, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not any good. 

Their courses are simple and easy to understand. 

It has all the basics of an online traffic school. Besides, it mails you your certificate on the next business day. 

Keep in mind that Safety Serve isn’t state-approved, but it can still satisfy traffic violations. It’s best to clarify this with your court. 

South Dakota Online Traffic School FAQs

Have you got questions about going to an online traffic school? 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What are the requirements for traffic school in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, attending a traffic school can either be required or voluntary. 

It’s required if the court will require you to take a defensive driving course in order to reduce or dismiss your traffic violation. 

If this is the case, you need to bring the court order when you enroll in a traffic school. You should also ask the court assigned to your case if the traffic school is approved to dismiss your traffic violation.

On the other hand, attending traffic school is voluntary if you want to reduce your monthly auto insurance fees or if you want to learn additional defensive driving skills. 

In this case, you just need to enroll in a school or make an account online. 

What are the benefits of online traffic school?

There are many benefits in choosing to take an online traffic school over an in-person defensive driving class. 

The first one is that you don’t need to leave your house. And for most of us, that’s already a big plus. 

Another is that defensive driving courses taken online are a lot cheaper. Some are even less than $25! 

And if you just want to get it over with, online traffic school offers the fastest way to finish the course. 

How long does online traffic school take in South Dakota?

A regular defensive driving course is about 4 hours long.

But if you’re taking this online, then you can finish this in a shorter time. Some can even finish this in less than a day! 

How do I register for South Dakota online traffic school?

Registering in an online traffic school should be easy. 

The best online traffic schools don’t require you to call or visit them. All you have to do is make an account on their website and pay for the course. 

But you have to make sure that before you register, the online traffic school you’re attending is approved by the courts. 

How much does online traffic school cost?

Most online traffic schools cost anywhere from $19 - $40. 

Will attending traffic school erase your points? 

Many people ask this, but unfortunately, you can’t erase points given against your public driving record. 

In the state of South Dakota, you can’t erase the points that you get. All you can do is dismiss the traffic violation given to you. 


While you can’t remove the points given by a certain traffic violation, you can always get the latter dismissed by attending a traffic school. 

And if you want to dismiss your ticket fast, the best way to do this is through an online traffic school. 

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