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Nothing can be more stressful than getting stuck in a stuffy room while a lecturer drones on and on about your traffic violations.

Skip the hassle of having your license suspended or getting slapped with an insurance hike with convenient and affordable online traffic schools in Tennessee.

Here, we’re going to talk about the best online traffic schools in Tennessee based on convenience, affordability, and quality.

Let’s begin. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Tennessee 

Here’s a list of the best online traffic schools in Tennessee:

Let’s see what each of these schools has to offer. 

Improv Traffic School

Online Traffic Schools in Tennessee Best 4 Improv

We’d happily attend traffic school if it was conducted by the guys at Improv Traffic School!

Improv Traffic School thoughtfully crafted a curriculum that combines education and entertainment to improve learning and retention. 

They rallied together experts in the psychology of driving and professional Hollywood writers to design this unique and highly effective curriculum. In turn, Improv Traffic School has received numerous awards from various media outlets and organizations!

With their memorable use of fun and humor, Improv Traffic students remain safe behind the wheels.

This is why Improv Traffic defensive driving courses are approved in over 15 states in the US, including Tennessee.

Just like their 30,000+ students each month, Tennessee drivers can take the four-hour state-approved Improv Traffic Defensive Driving course and get 24/7 customer support at just around $30. 

Rather than having their students read boring textbooks, Improv Traffic School provides engaging videos, animations, and graphics that are designed to cater to various learning styles.

Did we mention you could access all these learning tools on any device?

Improv graduates can also conveniently process their certificate half an hour after completing the course.

Drivers can also avail of the Insurance Discount package at around $28.

Online Traffic Schools in Tennessee Best 4 GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool has served over 4 million students across 25 states over the last 20 years, making them one of the best online traffic schools available.

This state-approved school is the go-to choice for drivers who want to follow self-paced learning to advance skills and knowledge about traffic laws and safety.

Drivers who wish to apply for insurance reduction will also find the GoToTrafficSchool Defensive Driving course beneficial.

At around $50, drivers can take the highly comprehensive and convenient GoToTrafficSchool Defensive Driving course. 

Image via GoToTrafficSchool

Have access to features such as audio read-along, device compatibility, and engaging videos on every chapter of your GoToTrafficSchool manual!

Tennessee-based drivers who receive a court order to complete defensive driving classes can be assured that the GoToTrafficSchool program is state-approved and strictly regulated by the Tennessee Department of Safety.

For exclusive deals and discounts on Tennessee Online Traffic School Courses, check out GoToTrafficSchool’s website.

Online Traffic Schools in Tennessee Best 4 iDriveSafely

The experts at iDriveSafely are committed to providing quality and convenient online defensive driving education. 

For over 15 years, iDriveSafely continues to uphold its vision of promoting safe and responsible driving. Coupled with quality education, iDriveSafely prioritizes accessibility to the most comprehensive learning materials and the most supportive instructors.

If you’re wondering about ease of use, students can rest assured that these were crafted to be engaging and easy to digest.

If you’re more of an active learner, take advantage of the iDriveSafely video course for a true-to-life simulation of road conditions and scenarios.

iDriveSafely Course Videos

Image via drivesafely.net

If you want to finish the course quickly, opt for the simple and concise text-based course.

However, a few students found some inconsistencies with the modules in terms of quality and detail. Nevertheless, they said that it didn’t take away from the informativeness and helpfulness of the course.  

Tennessee residents can sign up for the iDriveSafely Defensive Driving course at just around $45. You can even be one of the lucky few to get exclusive discounts by visiting the iDriveSafely website.

Online Traffic Schools in Tennessee Best 4 DmvEdu

Since 2010, DMVEdu has been committed to providing worthwhile and interactive traffic school courses. 

DMVedu is fully accredited and has even received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. 

DMVedu has received an average of 4.7-star ratings from almost 4,000 reviewers on ShopperApproved. Students found the course to be easy, convenient, and fast.

However, some students would have preferred a more comprehensive and interactive course.

The Tennessee DMVedu Defensive Driving Course prioritizes self-paced and convenient learning. Learn from any device and have your Certificate of Completion available for download as soon as you finish the final exam!

Defensive driving courses at DMVedu are around $50. Make sure to check their website since they offer regular discounts on course fees.

Tennessee Online Traffic Schools FAQs

How does the license points system work in Tennessee?

If there’s one thing you should know about Tennessee, it’s that they take their traffic violations very seriously. Points are given to drivers who commit moving traffic violations or contribute to the occurrence of accidents.

Depending on the severity of your traffic violation, Tennessee drivers may be issued 1 to 8 points per violation. 

How do I deal with points on my driver’s license?

Drivers who accumulate to 12 points in twelve months will be given a warning of proposed license suspension and an opportunity to attend a court hearing. Failure to request a hearing may incur suspension of your license from 6 months to a year.

In most cases, drivers are allowed to attend a TN defensive driving course to reduce suspension time or eliminate it completely. A judge will most likely give you a deadline by which you should submit your completion certificate.

Drivers below the legal age of 18 will be sent a notice of proposed suspension after accumulating six or more points within a year. From there, minors will be included in the Driver Improvement Program and will be required to attend a hearing with a guardian.

What are the benefits of attending an online traffic school in Tennessee?

To avoid getting your license suspended altogether, consider enrolling in an online defensive driving program over an in-person traffic school. 

You’ll get the benefit of convenience, affordable rates, and self-paced learning.

Most online traffic schools provide convenient 24/7 access to resource materials. You can even access these materials on almost any device, just as long as you have internet access!

Students can finish the course according to their schedules, and log in and out as they please.

Most online traffic schools submit the certificate of completion directly to the DMV. In this way, online defensive driving schools can save you valuable time and energy from the hassle of processing documents.

How long does it take to complete an online traffic school in Tennessee?

State-approved defensive driving schools should meet the four-hour length requirement of Tennessee. 

Since most online traffic schools are self-paced, you can finish the program as you please. Some students can finish the course on the same day!


Before signing up for a defensive driving class in Tennessee, remember to research if the course is state-approved.

Set out on the open road without the worries of a weighed-down driver’s license with these best, state-approved online traffic schools in Tennessee!

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