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Did you recently receive a traffic ticket in Utah?

Or, do you feel that your insurance rates are too high?

If so, then you’re no doubt looking for the best online traffic schools in Utah that could help you with these. 

Why online traffic schools?

They’re more convenient than a brick-and-mortar traffic school that can be crowded, stuffy, and take a whole day or weekend to complete.    

And if you’re in a hurry to finish the course, taking it online has to be your best option. 

But yes, selecting an online traffic school is tough with so many to choose from. 

To help you, I’d like to share the top 5 fastest online traffic schools in Utah for 2021.

Note: Not all courts accept online traffic schools; you have to ask permission first so you don’t waste your time and money.

The Best and Fastest Online Traffic Schools in Utah

Below are 5 of the best and fastest online traffic schools in Utah that we can recommend: 

1. GoToTrafficSchool  

2. iDriveSafely 

3. MyImprov 

4. Traffic School Online

5. Affordable Utah Traffic School

You can complete their defensive driving courses using any device with web connectivity, take them at the most convenient time for you, and even finish them within a day or so.  

Let’s take a closer look at each of these online traffic schools.


Online Traffic Schools in Utah (Top 5 Ultra-Fast) GoToTrafficSchool

Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 1999
  • 4+ million past students
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Mature drivers welcome
  • Multi-device

When selecting an online traffic school, it’s important to select a well-established one. That’s why GoToTrafficSchool is a wise choice. I mean, it’s been around for over two decades.

What’s more, this school provides mobile-friendly courses, so they’re easy to complete even on a mobile phone and tablet. 

As for the course itself, the content includes various kinds of media ranging from text to 3D simulations. You won’t get bored going through this traffic school. 

GoToTrafficSchool works with thousands of courts, which includes those in states that don’t approve online traffic schools. This increases your chance of such courts approving your traffic school course.

However, to be sure the course is accepted, ask permission from your court handler first. 

They also provide a money-back guarantee before taking your course’s final exam. This shows how confident they are in their courses as you won’t have to pay anything if you’re not satisfied.   

Online Traffic Schools in Utah (Top 5 Ultra-Fast) iDriveSafely

Fast Facts:

  • + million users 
  • 2 decades of industry experience
  • Innovative online school 
  • Several courses
  • Free phone support

iDriveSafely was founded in 1998, boasting 20+ years of experience. This is always an important factor when considering an online traffic school. 

The company was founded in California and now provides services in other states, including Utah.

One of the main benefits of iDriveSafely is the number of course options and features they provide.

A key feature of the company is one free month of Allstate Roadside Service. After the free trial ends you can still avail of this service at a rock-bottom rate.

The online traffic school also provides free phone support. If you have any questions or problems, they’re just one phone call away. 

Note: iDriveSafely isn’t state-approved. You have to ask special permission from your court handler or insurance provider if you want to dismiss a ticket or get auto insurance discounts.

Online Traffic Schools in Utah (Top 5 Ultra-Fast) MyImprov

Fast Facts:

  • + million users
  • 24/7 support
  • Connected to NYC comedy club
  • 30-minute certification
  • Mobile-friendly courses

MyImprov is a well-established traffic school that was founded 30+ years ago in 1989. 

The name reveals its partnership with the Improv Comedy Club in NYC. Because of that partnership, the school offers free tickets to the comedy club once you complete their course.

And yes, the course content is both hilarious and engaging. 

Despite that, MyImprov is still serious about teaching excellent defensive driving. In fact, it won several awards for its quality courses and customer service. 

Meanwhile, the school remains innovative with features like mobile-friendly courses.

In addition, you can get ultra-fast certification within 30 minutes after finishing traffic school. 

Note: MyImprov isn’t state-approved. You have to ask special permission from your court handler or insurance provider if you want to dismiss a ticket or get auto insurance discounts.

Online Traffic Schools in Utah (Top 5 Ultra-Fast) Traffic School Online

Fast Facts:

  • 7-day support
  • Quick certificate processing
  • Unlimited attempts for final exam
  • Instant test results
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Traffic School Online founder, Steve Soldis, created the company 20+ years ago in 1996 after receiving a traffic ticket. His goal was to make traffic schools more accessible to people.

Their course is broken down into several modules that cover different topics. This setup makes each lesson easy to understand and complete one at a time. 

You can take a break whenever you need and come back where you left off. 

With their live 7-day customer service availability, Utah students can ask questions 7 days a week. 

They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, students can take their final exams as many times as they want. This perk offers students multiple chances to earn an 80%+ score.  

Note: While Traffic School Online is state-approved, some courts might not accept it. Always make sure to ask permission for this school first.

View Free Demo Here

Online Traffic Schools in Utah (Top 5 Ultra-Fast) Affordable Utah Traffic School

Fast Facts:

  • 2-hour course offered
  • Affordable rates
  • Certificate delivered
  • Mobile-friendly
  • High Google reviews average

As the name suggests, Affordable Utah Traffic School can save you some money when attending the online school. In fact, the traffic school guarantees it offers the lowest prices in Utah.

Classes can be completed in 2 hours in a self-paced course that includes 5 chapters. The school also has a 99% success rate.

And, the school offers same-day certificate delivery. The best part is that they can deliver your certificate to your court. 

Affordable Utah Traffic School has received high averages from Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews.

Note: While Affordable Utah Traffic School is state-approved, some courts might not accept it. Always make sure to ask permission for this school first.

Utah Online Traffic School FAQs

What are the requirements for traffic schools in Utah?

You must meet various requirements in order to register at a Utah online traffic school. These are:  

  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Had a valid driver’s license when receiving a citation 
  • Received a citation that does NOT include offenses linked to vehicular accident/injury
  • Received a citation that wasn’t for driving 20+ mph over the posted speed limit
  • Aren’t cited for 2 or more violations
  • Have NOT taken a traffic school course during the past 18 months
  • Have NOT received 3+ moving violations during the past 2 years
  • Have NOT received the citation 30+ days ago

How long does online traffic school take in Utah?

This depends on factors such as which school you take and which course you complete. 

Many courses only take a few hours, say 2 to 3, to complete. However, more comprehensive online traffic school courses often take about 8 hours.  

Are You Ready to Complete Your Online Traffic School in Utah?

After getting a traffic ticket or court order, attending traffic school isn’t the most fun activity in the

world. The good news is you can sign up for one of the above online schools and finish a course as fast as a few hours.   

Your top priority should be to find the right school for you in terms of courses, flexibility, and support. With this list, we hope that we’ve provided you the information you need to pick the right school for YOU.

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