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A common problem among many Vermont drivers who have accumulated a certain number of speeding tickets is rising insurance premiums. 

If you’re one of those drivers, well, today’s your lucky day!

We have a simple solution that can help you lower insurance premiums and clean up your record — and that’s online traffic school. 

Many insurance companies have policies that can lower auto insurance premiums for drivers who have completed an online traffic school program. 

Here’s a list of the best online traffic schools in Vermont.

Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont

The following online traffic schools all offer opportunities for insurance discounts. Let’s see which one will be most beneficial for you.

Let’s get to know more about these schools:

1. GoToTrafficSchool.com

Five Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont (For Insurance Discounts) GoToTrafficSchool

Perhaps the longest-running online traffic school, Go To TrafficSchool is one of the most trusted providers by VT drivers.

Their course is 100% accessible online and you can access it through any device - laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

They recently updated their content, making it more modern and equipping it with interactive visuals such as animated videos, audio clips, and 3D driving simulations. 

Course duration may take 1-3 hours, depending on your pace. You’ll also need to complete short quizzes at the end of each module.

GoToTrafficSchool courses are possibly the cheapest ones you can find in VT. You can try their free demo first before you avail. But they also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. 

Completion of their course will satisfy a court order to attend traffic school. And even if there’s no need to satisfy a court order, it is still a convenient way to sharpen your defensive driving skills.

And yes, they offer insurance discounts as well (Terms and Conditions apply).

Five Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont (For Insurance Discounts) MyImprov

If you have heard about the renowned Improv Comedy Club, it would be interesting for you to know that Improv Traffic School started with them. 

The school aims to build an alternative solution to classroom driving courses through online traffic schools that are entertaining and easy to complete.

Adopting the “edutainment” style of teaching, their comedy traffic courses, as well as their instructors, are significantly entertaining, so it makes the class more interesting. 

Written by driving professionals and comedians, their lessons are filled with funny videos and hilarious jokes that may appeal to fun-loving types of students. 

Despite the laughs, the course remains comprehensive and impactful to help you reduce driving violations and crashes.

Their course is also the fastest compared to any other course available currently.

Regarding course accessibility and availability, theirs is 100% online and can be accessed anywhere, at any time, using a laptop, tablet, or any smartphone. 

If you complete their course, you can also get four tickets to the Improv Comedy Club for free!

Five Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont (For Insurance Discounts) iDriveSafely

I Drive Safely boasts of 15 years of expertise for unrivaled quality driver safety experience. They also received an A+ rating from the BBB. 

Aimed at providing the best possible experience to their students, they have designed their Vermont traffic school to be interesting, educational, and fun using the computer’s video and audio capabilities that help make information come to life. 

They offer both video- and text-based learning, all accessible 100% online. The video option may be a little bit expensive than the text-based course. Still, you can log in and out of the course at any time without losing any progress. 

If you have questions, they offer live chat customer support 7 days a week.

And of course, they also offer a great way to reduce your insurance bills!

Five Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont (For Insurance Discounts) DriveSafeOnline

DriveSafe Online defensive driving courses are developed by an award-winning eLearning team trusted by top companies around the world.

You may opt to take their 6-hour defensive driving course version to meet specific insurance or court requirements. 

Alternatively, you can take their 1-hour course to get their defensive driving discount if you only need it as a supplemental learning course.

With them, you’ll enjoy a full-screen video course presentation, with animated graphics and their unique in-car and drone videos. 

You’ll also learn how to apply practical techniques to protect yourself and others on the road.

Their course fees are fairly affordable and cover almost everything, from high-quality content to the certificate of completion. 

Feel unsatisfied with their course? Get a full refund of costs with their money-back guarantee.

Drivers taking their course also qualify for a 10% insurance discount (check with your agent first to make sure your insurance provider offers a defensive driving discount). 

Five Best Online Traffic Schools in Vermont (For Insurance Discounts) DmvEdu

DmvEdu offers a well-structured learning program designed to make it easy and convenient for students to complete the course.

Developed by a team of experienced driving instructors, they offer a comprehensive curriculum that conforms with Vermont DMV and state court standards. 

It tackles driving laws and regulations as well as safe driving practices that can help you avoid car accidents.

Their lessons are presented using clear texts and other multimedia—  photos, videos, and games. 

Study at your own pace and log in and out as needed to meet your time requirements. Quizzes and finals can be retaken to pass the course.

Although they don’t offer live chat support unlike the first four schools, all you have to do is fill up their Contact Us Form and their friendly and accommodating customer representative will be there to assist you.

Completion of their online traffic school course may qualify you for a reduction in insurance rates. But again, you’ll have to contact your insurance agent to check if it’s available for you.

Vermont Online Traffic School FAQs

How do I register for Vermont online traffic school?

To register in a Vermont online traffic school, you’ll need to visit the traffic school’s website or you may contact the school directly.

Note: Unless given permission or ordered by the court, attending defensive driving classes or traffic school courses does not eliminate a traffic ticket or points on your driving record held by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV.

How long does online traffic school take in Vermont?

A regular online traffic course is about 6 hours long to meet state-specific insurance or court requirements. But there are providers who offer a 1-hour version if you only want to take the lesson for your benefit.

What are the benefits of online traffic schools in Vermont?

The primary benefits of attending an online traffic school rather than taking the in-person classroom training are:

  • There’s no need to travel. The course can be completed in one sitting while at home.

  • Most online traffic schools also send the certificate of completion directly to the motor vehicle agency in your state, saving you the time and effort of filing this paperwork yourself. Examples include MyImprov.com and IDriveSafely.com.

  • Learn more about the state’s traffic laws and how to stay consistently safe on the road. 

  • It helps prevent future violations.

  • Drivers usually opt for a fast online traffic school to complete a court order DMV online traffic, again, it’s easier and more convenient,

  • Helps you qualify for an insurance discount!


Taking a defensive driving course in Vermont has several benefits, and one of them is getting a chance to save up on insurance costs.

Capitalize on your options and choose the course that will ensure your learning experience is memorable!

The schools we’ve featured above are five of the most esteemed providers in the industry. So, whichever one you choose to work with, we guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth.

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