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DrivingSchoolExpress is partnered with the best online traffic and driver’s ed schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Have you received a driving ticket lately?

Maybe you want to apply for an auto insurance discount?

Attending an online traffic school means you can dismiss a ticket, get rid of points on your license, and apply for an auto insurance discount! 

You can find dozens of traffic schools online, but only a few can be trusted to give you quality education and services. 

Make the most out of your defensive driver education with the best online traffic schools in Wyoming! 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming 

Whatever your reason is to attend traffic school, these 5 online providers are your best bet to meet those goals:

Learn more about these schools below.


Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming GoToTrafficSchool

If you’re looking for a comprehensive course on Wyoming road safety, this state-approved provider will undoubtedly make you a responsible and confident driver.

After over two decades, GoToTrafficSchool.com has gone the extra mile to offer the best in defensive driving, driver improvement, and driver education.

This level of defensive driving training is only possible because of GoToTrafficSchool’s expert-designed curriculum and interactive study tools. 

At GoToTrafficSchool, clients are offered a Lowest Price Guarantee! If that’s not enough to convince you, all students can start the course for free and are offered a Money Back Guarantee if they feel that the course isn’t right for them.

But let’s be honest — with 100% online, convenient, and easy defensive driving training, no student would think of turning back.

Check out GoToTrafficSchool for the most affordable WY court-approved defensive driving course.

Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming iDriveSafely

True to their name, iDriveSafely’s number one priority is to promote safe and responsible driving all around the US. 

We can say that iDriveSafely is successful in its mission, as this school has the most number of court-approved online traffic school courses than any other provider!

Thanks to innovative learning tools and the guidance of expert instructors, quality and interactive education are made accessible all over the US. 

iDriveSafely offers unlimited access to comprehensive resources written by accredited WY DMV instructors.

Almost 17,700+ graduates of iDriveSafely gave the school an ‘excellent’ rating on TrustPilot!

Thanks to quality 24/7 live customer support, all client issues and concerns are quickly addressed to ensure the best customer experience.

Sign up at iDriveSafely for a convenient and enriching learning experience.

Note: iDriveSafely isn’t DMV-approved in Wyoming. Contact your court or insurance provider if you want to enroll in this school. 

Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming Improv

Don’t want to waste your time listening to boring lectures?

There’s never a dull moment at Improv Traffic School!

Thanks to their Edutainment-centered learning materials, students get to learn all about traffic safety in between laughs.

Did you know that the combination of fun and humor with lessons enhances student learning?

It’s no wonder how Improv Traffic collected all those awards all these years, including ‘Best Traffic School’.

Choose between packages centered on ticket dismissal or insurance discounts.

Learn comfortably from any device and get a lot of laughs from Improv Traffic School! 

Note: Improv Traffic School isn’t DMV-approved in Wyoming. Contact your court or insurance provider if you want to enroll in this school. 

Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming DMVedu

For the past decade, DMVedu has been committed to providing quality and interactive driver ed and defensive driving courses.

In fact, DMVedu has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its exceptional work.

Thousands of students over the years have benefited from the comprehensive, self-paced online education at DMVedu. All their courses are designed for optimal convenience and engagement.

Not sure if this is the program for you? DMVedu offers a FREE course trial so you can be sure.

They also offer automatic processing of completion certificates as soon as the course is completed!

Note: DMVedu isn’t DMV-approved in Wyoming. Contact your court or insurance provider if you want to enroll in this school. 

Online Traffic Schools in Wyoming SafeMotorist

The American Safety Council created this course to provide online training to students of all ages. Their goal is to help address all sorts of driving-related license and insurance discount requirements across the US.

SafeMotorist is highly committed to educating American drivers to make the world a safer place. They offer driver’s ed, defensive driving, suspended license, and insurance reduction courses.

To prepare their students for any road situation, their comprehensive defensive driving course covers topics from crashes, safety equipment, and all the factors that might make up a vehicular accident.

Their reinforcement exercises and comprehensive reviews are extremely useful for honing driving skills and knowledge.

Students can access all these valuable resources 24/7 for up to 90 days.

Note: SafeMorist isn’t DMV-approved in Wyoming. Contact your court or insurance provider if you want to enroll in this school. 

Wyoming Defensive Driving School FAQs

How to know if I am eligible for an online traffic school in Wyoming?

To be eligible for traffic school in Wyoming, drivers must have: 

  • Not been operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the citation
  • A valid Wyoming driver’s license
  • Not been issued a ticket for multiple violations

For insurance discount applicants, you’ll have to ask your insurance provider about their policy on defensive driving discounts. 

What are the benefits of attending online traffic school?

Online traffic school is the most convenient option you have!

Not to mention they are specially designed to optimize engagement and learning all in the comfort of your home. 

Remove those pesky points and apply for auto insurance discounts with a reliable online traffic school like the ones on this list!

How long does it take to finish online traffic school in Wyoming?

Depending on your Wyoming court, you’ll be required to complete between four to eight hours of defensive driving credit.

If you choose to do the course online, you can do it at your own pace. If you want to take a break, then you can. If you want to finish it in one sitting, you can do that, too. 


With an online traffic school, you can dismiss points on your license and apply for auto insurance discounts, all at an affordable price.

The schools on our list are some of the most reputable traffic schools in Wyoming, so you can rest assured that you will get a convenient and easy experience.

Clear your driver’s license with the 5 best online traffic schools in Wyoming!

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