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It can get pricey owning a car. But if you live in Delaware, there are ways to reduce your insurance cost.

Did you know you can save up to 15% on auto insurance for up to 3 years if you take a defensive driving course?

That’s not all!

You can also dock points off your driving record, reinstate your suspended license, and even fulfill a court order for a traffic ticket (if they allow it!).

So where exactly should you go to reap these benefits?

We’ve listed down 5 of the best online defensive driving schools in Delaware that will help you in a jiffy.

The best part? They’re all online!

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware

Online defensive driving schools exist in every state and they’re sometimes referred to as “online traffic school.” In Delaware, there are dozens of great ones you can sign up for.

Here are our top picks:

  1. GoToTrafficSchool
  2. iDriveSafely
  3. Improv
  4. DriveSafe Online
  5. American Safety Council

Let’s have a closer look:


Here Are the 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware GoToTrafficSchool

As its name suggests, it’s the go-to traffic school for most Americans in all states since 2000.

GoToTrafficSchool understands that defensive driving courses are boring - it’s going through stuff you already know.

So to make the experience as painless as possible, a team of award-winning graphic artists, designers, illustrators, and videographers created the courses to be fun and interactive.

We’re talking videos, simulations, and even read-along updates so you can multitask. It helps you go through the entire course in only 3 hours.

In-person classes can take up to 8 hours so you’re definitely at an advantage here.

Aside from the competitive bang-for-your-buck rates, Go To Traffic School also has a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied before taking the final exam, go ahead and ask for a refund.

You can even start the course for free and only pay before the final exam!

Take it from the over 4 million students Go To Traffic School has helped, this is one of the best online defensive driving schools out there.

Here Are the 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware iDriveSafely

There’s a reason why iDriveSafely boasts of itself as America's #1 Online Driving School. 

The sign-up process is quick and easy and you can conveniently take the courses on any device at any time.

You’ll be given informative chapters on Delaware driving and traffic laws with quizzes at the end of each chapter to prepare you for the final exam. 

iDriveSafely makes your courses “come to life” with their 3D graphics, animated videos, and audio clips combined with the text lessons.

But what if you fail? Don’t worry, iDriveSafely lets you retake as many times it takes for you to pass.

One thing to note is that iDriveSafely Delaware courses have state-regulated timers per page so the court knows you completed the necessary hours. 

Delaware requires online traffic schools to have course timers. So even though you can finish the course in less than 3-hours, the state-mandated timers won’t allow you to (bummer, I know). 

You also get a money-back guarantee if you remain unsatisfied with the lessons before taking the final exam.

Here Are the 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware Improv

No one wants to go through a defensive driving course and Improv Traffic School knows that. 

It’s probably one of the most boring things you’ll ever do. But what if defensive driving courses were fun?

The Improv Defensive Driving Course is created with the help of the Improv Comedy Club. Humor and entertainment will tide you along 3 hours of class.

You can “laff’n learn” your way to get those insurance discounts and ticket dismissals!

What’s more, you get a money-back guarantee. But we’re 100% sure you’ll love Improv’s method of teaching. Their curriculum even won awards in the past!

The moment you finish your course, you get your certificate in 30 minutes so you can send it to your insurance agency. 

They’ll also send your certificate to the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with no extra charges!

Here Are the 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware DriveSafe

Short on time?

DriveSafe Online promises the fastest courses approved by Delaware law. Zip through the lessons in 3 hours if you want.

Since it’s gadget-friendly and 100% online, you can enjoy taking the courses anytime, anywhere. The course has an automatic bookmark feature so you can stop and come back whenever you want.

DriveSafe Online boasts of a 99% passing rate on the first try with certificates immediately emailed after you finish.

No blocks of boooring text here. The courses use short high-quality videos, fun quizzes, and even interactive scenarios with drone footage to engage its students. 

When it comes to saving money, the courses start well below $20 and are covered with a money-back guarantee.

You can even lower the rates with their discounts offered up to $2 via coupon codes on their website.

Now that’s a steal!

Here Are the 5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Delaware Driving Course

Want a no-frills fuss-free experience? Check out American Safety Council’s Delaware Online Defensive Driving Course. 

These guys have been operating since 1998 and are serving at least 2 million students a year. Their courses are straightforward and easy to follow, helping you finish in no time.

Start and stop whenever you want and schedule classes around your day.

Plus, once you’re done, they will send your certificate of completion to the DMV free of charge. It’s also available for download so you can send it to your insurance agency.

All you have to do is just sit back, relax, and finish that course.

Delaware online defensive driving school FAQs

We’ve covered the top 5 schools if you’re taking online defensive driving in Delaware but there’s more to know!

What are the requirements for defensive driving schools in Delaware?

First, there are three types of Delaware defensive driving courses you can take and these depend on what you need:

Delaware Defensive Driving Course

This basic defensive driving course helps you get a state-mandated auto insurance discount of 10% for 3 years. You also get a 3-point credit to your Delaware driving record.

Delaware Defensive Driving 3-Hour Refresher Course

Extend your nearly-expired discount by completing this course but only if you’re done with the basic defensive driving course first.

You will get a state-mandated insurance discount of 15% for 3 years. Plus, you get a 3-point credit to your Delaware driving record.

If you’re currently in a 3-year discount period for auto insurance, you might not be eligible for the discounts above.

Delaware Aggressive Driver Course

Fulfill your court order or an attitudinal driving requirement as long as you have a letter from the DMV. Your court will determine the total hours you need to complete the course.

As with online traffic schools in other states, these courses are available for drivers of all ages with a valid Delaware driver’s license.

How long does an online defensive driving course take in Delaware?

There’s a state-required minimum of 6 hours for the basic course and 3 hours if you’re taking the 3-year refresher course. 

If you’re taking it for a traffic ticket dismissal, your hours will depend on the gravity of your violation and the court’s jurisdiction. 

These are definitely better compared to in-person courses which take about 8 hours.

How do I register for Delaware online defensive driving school?

Registrations differ for every online school but generally, the steps are the same:

  1. Go to the website and sign up.
  2. Choose your state, county, and court.
  3. Provide your details.
  4. Choose your certificate delivery option
  5. Choose a payment method.

The certificate of completion will be shown to your court or insurance agency and will serve as proof and that you’ve finished the course.

What are the benefits of online defensive driving school?


Everything can be done online as long as you’ve got your phone, tablet, or laptop with you.

You’ve got total control of your time. You can even schedule the course around your day or go through it in one go to get it over and done with!

Best of all, you can do all this in the comfort of your home.

It’s 100% online! That means no commutes and no getting stuck in physical classrooms for hours on end.

Plus, some schools directly file your certificate of completion to the DMV for you.

How much will online defensive driving school cost me?

In Delaware, courses start at around $11. That’s almost nothing compared to how much car insurance and traffic tickets will cost you. Not to mention it helps you remove points from your driving record.

It’s a sure-fire method to save money in the long run!

So think about it.

Would you rather pay hefty fees that would cost you up to a thousand dollars or pay for an online course at an awesome price point?

I think you know the best answer to that question.


There you have it!

The 5 best online defensive driving schools in Delaware have varying benefits, prices, and online teaching techniques but all of them can help you get the job done quickly.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to pick one that suits your preference. Do your research and ask around for reviews of which online school would be the best fit for you.

Good luck!

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