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Getting a ticket really does put a damper on things, especially if it’s your nth time.

And unfortunately, the fine isn't the worst part — the increase in license points also leads to increased insurance costs.

Fortunately, there is an easy way out.

Traffic school, or as they call it in New Hampshire, driver improvement courses can be taken to dismiss your traffic points.

But while New Hampshire doesn't technically allow online traffic school, courts can make an exception if you specifically ask for online traffic school when pleading your case.

In this article, I'll go over the best online traffic schools in New Hampshire that you just might convince the court to allow you to take.

Let's get into it.

Best Online Traffic Schools in New Hampshire

If you’re in New Hampshire, here are 4 online schools that offer the best of the best:

  1. GoToTrafficSchool
  2. iDriveSafely
  3. Improv
  4. National Safety Council

To see which one will suit your needs and preferences, let’s review each one. 


The Best Traffic Schools in New Hampshire GoToTrafficSchool

This is one of the only online courses in New Hampshire that is authorized to provide driver improvement courses in most counties.

It just so happens that GoToTrafficSchool is also one of the best online driver improvement/traffic schools in the country, having over 20 years of experience.

What’s more, it's one of the most affordable courses available, promising to match any other course priced lower. This makes it the best bang for your buck.

Having a large nationwide presence means you'll also get to enjoy 24/7 customer support. Not to mention, an easy-to-use online interface that makes the whole learning process much simpler.

However, it isn't the most feature-filled course around. Due to the low price, unlimited test retries and audio learning have to be bought separately as an add-on.

But the test is pretty simple and only questions you about basic road safety fundamentals.

So, if you're looking for a value for money course, GoToTrafficSchool is an option you wouldn't want to miss out on.

The Best Traffic Schools in New Hampshire iDriveSafely

This course is Jaffrey/Peterborough District Court-approved, so if your ticket is under their court's jurisdiction, then iDriveSafely is a good online offering.

Mixing it up with videos, audio clips, and animations to make for an interactive experience, this course keeps you engaged with their refreshing content.

Having over 4.8 stars on Trustpilot based on thousands of reviews, this course has certainly passed the driver confidence test and has been taken by millions of drivers across the country.

It's even rated an A+ by the BBB. It's as legit as it can be.

An amazing feature of this course is that they'll notify your court for you and handle all the paperwork. There’s no more need to waste any more time in the process.

So if you want a time-saving, effective and convenient course, you can't go wrong with iDriveSafely.

The Best Traffic Schools in New Hampshire Improv

This school's course isn't approved for ticket dismissal purposes in New Hampshire (though you can ask for special permission to take it), but it's the best option if you're looking for an insurance discount. 

Being affiliated with GEICO, this course knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry and has made a renowned course that insurers trust.

And it gets even better…

This course has been made by driving safety experts and comedians to make for a fun-filled learning experience that'll keep you entertained while you learn.

The course is also super easy to do, with only 10 small lessons and a basic 25 question MCQ test. (With unlimited retries!)

Promising a 5-15% reduction in your total insurance costs, the course is really the best if you're looking for lower insurance costs.

However, just make sure to check with your insurer beforehand to see if they accept a defensive driving/driver improvement course as a way of reducing your insurance costs.

The Best Traffic Schools in New Hampshire National Safety Council

This New Hampshire-approved school offers live instructor-led online lectures that comply with New Hampshire state standards.

The course content is pretty similar to any normal in-person lecture, the only difference is you'll be doing it at home.

It isn't as convenient as a fully online course though, as you'll still need to attend the lectures at set times, with your camera and mic.

However, it's a good offering if your court doesn’t allow for a fully online course. 

Driver Improvement Course New Hampshire - FAQS 

Are Online Driver Improvement Courses Approved in New Hampshire?

You may be allowed to take an online course in New Hampshire provided that your court approves. 

Be sure to explicitly ask for the option of using an online traffic school when you contest your ticket.

Who Should Take a Driver Improvement Course?

A driver improvement course is taken for:

  • Lowering your insurance costs
  • Dismiss a ticket/points
  • To meet an employers requirement
  • To comply with a court order
  • To brush up on your driving skills

Why Should I Take an Online Course?

Online courses provide you with convenience as you can take them from the comfort of your own home and on mobile apps on the go.

This makes it easy to fit into any busy schedule.

Online courses are also easier to complete in that the course is often basic and less of a drain to go over as opposed to long in-person lectures.

Online courses can also be significantly cheaper with some courses costing less than $20.

How Does Driver Improvement Work in New Hampshire?

Approved Driver Improvement courses allow for a reduction of 3 points.

These points still exist on your record, however. It’s just that the improvement course hides this from your insurer so there'll be no increase in your insurance costs.


When you contest your case in court, you'll be able to negotiate a reduction in your fine.

However, to hide the points you'll need to take a driver improvement course.

A few state-approved online courses are available that can help you conveniently hide those points, but you’ll have to ask your court for permission first.

Regardless of which online school you pick on this list, you are sure to get the best options in the state of New Hampshire.

Good luck and safe driving!

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