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What do you do when you get a traffic ticket in San Francisco? 

If this is your first time, then let me tell you what you can do.

There are four things - plead guilty and pay bail, provide some sort of proof of correction, appear at court, or attend a traffic school. 

Most people choose to just attend a traffic school. 


It’s a lot cheaper and less inconvenient. Plus, you get to erase the traffic ticket that will be found on your public driving record. 

And who doesn’t want that, right?

If you want to find a traffic school that will help you handle a ticket fast, then here are all your best options.

Best Online Traffic Schools in San Francisco

There are two ways to do traffic school - online and in-person. 

Online traffic schools are pretty common in San Francisco, so you won’t have any problem finding one. 

But of course, not all online traffic schools have the best course content or customer service. This is why I’ve listed five online traffic schools that are actually good. 

Here are those schools:

  1. iDriveSafely.com
  2. Aceable
  3. GoToTrafficSchool.com
  4. MyImprov.com
  5. TrafficSchoolOnline.com

Here’s a closer look at all of them.


Best Traffic Schools In San Francisco, California iDriveSafely

Of all the online traffic schools in the city, this is the one that a lot of people would recommend to anyone. 

iDriveSafely.com is the online traffic school that has it all - experience, convenience, reasonable prices, and extra courses that you might need. 

They’ve been around for 15 years now, which means that you can trust them to know what they’re doing. 

And did I mention that they’re 100% online? 

Yep, you don’t have to go to any physical office or even the DMV to pass your course completion. 

iDriveSafely.com does all the administrative work for you. All you have to do is sit back, listen to the 3D-animated videos, and pass the exam. 

When you’re done, iDriveSafely.com will automatically send your certificate to the DMV and you can say goodbye to your traffic ticket. 

Best Traffic Schools In San Francisco, California Aceable

Aceable is also another excellent option for an online traffic school.

What sets Aceable apart is its app. 

Yes, they actually have an app that you can access on your phone. 

You can log in and out on your phone and take the traffic school course wherever you want. You don’t have to access your computer for this anymore!

Aceable is an online traffic school that’s already convenient as it is, but they went ahead of themselves and made it extra convenient for everyone. 

Plus, this online traffic school gives you a choice to get FREE Allstate® Roadside Services access for a month. 

Best Traffic Schools In San Francisco, California GoToTrafficSchool

Want a traffic school that has a wide range of content types? 

Then you have to choose GoToTrafficSchool.com

GoToTrafficSchool.com has videos, audio clips, simulations, and quizzes that make it more engaging. 

Their chapters are also divided into smaller sections so you won’t be dozing off. 

Besides, GoToTrafficSchool.com is very affordable. So you’re getting your money’s worth here!

Best Traffic Schools In San Francisco, California MyImprov

Of course, this list won’t be complete without MyImprov.com.

MyImprov.com is literally the funniest traffic school. 


It uses improv and comedy to relay what you need to know during the course. 

Although I’m sure that you already know all that’s going to be taught in this course (you already have a driver’s license after all), there’s no harm with re-learning these things the fun way. 

And just so you know, MyImprov.com isn’t all laughs. 

They’re pretty serious about helping you get rid of your traffic ticket. So despite having a lot of comedy in the course, this online traffic school is serious about processing your papers and certificate. 

They will also send your Certificate of Completion directly to the DMV. 

Best Traffic Schools In San Francisco, California TrafficSchoolOnline

To complete this list, there’s TrafficSchoolOnline.com

Now, TrafficSchoolOnline.com may not have the savviest technology like Aceable or the funniest course like MyImprov.com, but it offers the basics of an online traffic school. 

This online traffic school lets you access its course through different devices. You can continue where you left off. 

You should know that TrafficSchoolOnline.com doesn’t have other additional features. And, it’s pricier than the other online traffic schools listed here.  

But if you feel like less is more, then this online traffic school will suit you best. 

Best In-Person Traffic Schools in San Francisco

The second way to do traffic school is by the conventional way.

You guessed it! 

By attending a class. 

Here are some of the best schools you can enroll in:

Let’s look at these two in-person traffic schools in San Francisco. 

New Chinatown T Traffic School & AA Driving School

Address: 2209 Irving Street Suite 203/2nd FL, San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone: 415-221-9050

Even if the New Chinatown T Traffic School & AA Driving School is such a mouthful to say, they take their classroom traffic schools pretty seriously.

As you might guess from its name, this traffic school offers both English and Chinese classes.  

This school keeps its schedules updated, so you’re always going to know when your next classes are. 

Besides, their customer service and instructors are amazing! 

Rocky Cologne's Comedy Traffic School

Address: 1243 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: (800) 456-5348

Just like MyImprov.com, Rocky Cologne's Comedy Traffic School gives a little fun to the whole traffic school system. 

Rocky Cologne makes sure that he incorporates both humor and information when he teaches about California traffic laws and safety protocols. 

However, there are limited classes given by the comedian himself.

Also, he goes around 4 cities in California - San Francisco, Fremont, Burlingame, and San Mateo. 

Make sure you catch him on time for his San Francisco sessions if you want to attend.


Is a Traffic School Required in San Francisco, California?

Unless you’re ordered by the Court, then you don’t have to attend traffic school. 

However, some people choose to attend traffic school when they get a ticket or if they want to reduce the price of their car insurance. 

Is an Online Traffic School Better Than an In-Person Class?

When it comes to convenience, an online traffic school is always going to be better than an in-person class. 

Plus, it’s a lot cheaper. 

The main reason being that you don’t have to go out and use a physical classroom. In other words, there are fewer resources that you have to use. 

And when it comes to price, nothing beats an online traffic school. I mean, you can take care of your traffic ticket for less than $30!

How Long Does a Traffic School in San Francisco Take?

If you want to go through a traffic school, you have to spend 8 hours in a classroom to finish the whole course. 

Don’t worry, this is often broken down into fewer hours for several days. 

Those that choose to take an online traffic school have it faster. 

Instead of the 8 hours, you can easily breeze through the chapters and finish them in 4 hours!

How Much Does an Online Traffic School Cost?

Most online traffic schools in San Francisco charge anywhere from $18 to $30. 

I’ve seen online traffic schools that are more than $30. But in my opinion, this can be too much considering that other options have additional features priced below $25. 


There are many ways to deal with a traffic ticket, but going to a traffic school is the most affordable and convenient. 

And if you want the best options, the traffic schools that we mentioned here are your best bet. They’re all DMV-approved and reliable. Not to mention, convenient and cheap (that is, if you go for online traffic schools).

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