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So you’re considering taking a defensive driving course. 

You probably want to keep points off of your driver’s license. Or you’re looking into ways on how to lower your car insurance rates. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, I’ll list down some of the best traffic schools in Santa Ana, California in 2023. But before we go through each of the schools, did you know that you can take a defensive driving course online? 

The following online traffic schools offer DMV-approved courses that you can take at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Best Online Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California

If you want to take part in an online traffic school, then these are the best ones to consider.

Let’s take an in-depth look into these schools. 


Best Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 iDriveSafely

What’s unique about iDriveSafely.com is how it simplifies just about everything so that their customers get the most out of their experience. 

iDriveSafely.com offers a text-based course and an online video course, both of which offer the same material, but in different formats. 

The text-based course is a more affordable option for when you need ticket masking, while the online video course is more interactive. 

iDriveSafely.com’s courses provide helpful content that is beyond what other schools teach in classrooms. The courses serve as a good refresher for those who have previous driving knowledge, as well as a good source of updates regarding driver safety. 

Overall, iDriveSafely.com offers courses that are extremely good value for your money and is one of the best traffic schools in Santa Ana, California. 

Best Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool.com has been around for 20 years, providing defensive driving, online traffic school, and other DMV-licensed courses in 25 states. The courses can be accessed on any device including a tablet and a mobile phone. 

The best thing about GoToTrafficSchool’s online courses is they are very easy to navigate. 

They are informative but not excessive, thorough but without the long and painful process. Even if you’re not internet savvy, you will likely enjoy the experience as the courses are designed to be hassle-free. 

It is also fairly easy to sign up. At around $19, GoToTrafficSchool’s offer is one of the cheapest out there. However, make sure you read all the details carefully and go through the course and eligibility details to avoid any misunderstanding. 

On top of the course fee, you can avail of add-ons such as Insurance Certificate Copy Upgrade, Completion Receipt Confirmation, and Same Day Processing Upgrade, among others. 

Best Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 MyImprov

If you’re looking for the most reliable online traffic school in Santa Ana, California, then you’ve got to check out MyImprov.com. 

You can count on them when they say “no hidden fees”. They promise to have your online certificate ready in half an hour after completion, which means it is also almost instantly reported to the DMV. 

Since the course was written by road experts and professional comedians, you can expect it to be super hilarious, while still being super informative. MyImprov claims that you can laugh and learn at the same time. 

The courses are also relatively easy to complete. There is 400 minutes worth of content to consume but how fast you take the course depends entirely on you. 

They are also 100% mobile-friendly, so you can guarantee a smooth learning experience even without a laptop or desktop computer. 

While they promise to do everything for you, it doesn’t hurt to make follow-ups yourself especially on the delivery of your certificate. It’s quite common for them to be delayed so make sure you look into it, too. 

Best Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 Aceable

Taking a defensive driving course isn’t the most fun thing to do, but with Aceable, you might just change your mind. 

Unlike other online traffic schools, Aceable caters best to mobile device users. Aceable has an app that makes learning more convenient and very entertaining. 

The app lets you learn while sneaking in some funny videos and memes that are designed to help you remember the lessons. They also offer the shortest courses allowed by Californian law, which means you can complete them in no time. 

The only downside to taking a course with Aceable, I would say, is the presence of the roadside assistance charge. If you’re going to avail of the discounted package, it will usually come with a free month trial of roadside assistance service. 

Make sure you cancel before the free trial ends to avoid getting charged $5 monthly. Read through the instructions carefully and you’re sure to get the most out of your online driving course with Aceable. 

Those are four of the best online traffic schools in Santa Ana, California. However, if you still prefer the traditional classroom setting, you might want to check out these two schools with physical locations in the Santa Ana area.

Best In-person Traffic Schools in Santa Ana, California

These are the best in-person traffic schools in Santa Ana, California.

Ahora Mismo Traffic School

Address: 1905 E. 17th St. Suite 203 Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone Number: (714) 552 9990

Ahora Mismo Traffic School is one of the few traffic schools in California offering classes in two languages. Besides English, Ahora’s classes are also available in Spanish, held every Saturday and Sunday of each month. Although it offers limited classes, it has one of the lowest rates available in the state. 

24/7 MR MRS Traffic School ESP 

Address: Premier Work Space 16755 Von Karman Ave, Suite 200, Irvine, CA

Phone Number: +1 714 318 7770

Located near Santa Ana, 24/7 MR MRS Traffic School is a court-approved and DMV-licensed traffic school that will assist you in keeping points off of your driver’s record. 

It’s great for people who aren’t internet-savvy and for those who still prefer in-classroom training. The instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable.

Apart from quality education, 24/7 MR MRS Traffic School also provides great customer service. 

When they say 24/7, it’s not quite literal, but they will do their best to assist whenever you need help. Not only will this school teach you about driving laws and driver’s safety, but it will also ensure you are prepared and confident when it’s time to take your test.  


What is the quickest online traffic school in California?

Of the options above, iDriveSafely.com is where you can complete the online course the fastest. iDriveSafely.com courses do not come with a timer, so you can go through each page quickly until you reach the quiz sections. 

How much does traffic school cost in CA?

Traffic School fee usually ranges from $20 to $50. However, that is usually only true for online traffic school education. 

Most in-person traffic schools cost $50 and above, with some packages costing around $250. Apart from that, attending a classroom-based school will require you to commute to a different location, which means additional cost. 

With online traffic schools, you get to secure online traffic school education at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools. Not only that, you get to do everything within the confines of your home.  


How long does it take to complete traffic school online in California?

In California, it typically takes 8 hours to finish traffic school. However, should you decide to take the course at an online traffic school, you will be able to finish it within 1 to 3 hours. Just remember to read through the materials properly as you need to pass the mandatory 25-item.


Whatever it is that you need a traffic school course for, I hope you found this article helpful. 

Don’t forget to check out the traffic schools listed above.

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