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Nobody takes a California traffic school by choice. You’re looking for California online traffic school reviews for one of two reasons.

  1. You got a traffic ticket and need to take a California online traffic school to have your ticket dismissed.
  2. You’ve received too many violations and need to take a California online traffic school to lower the number of points on your driving record.

If you’re taking a California traffic school simply because you want to be a safer driver, well hey, good for you! But these California online traffic school reviews are created specifically for people who just want to get it done as fast, easy, and cheap as possible.

Want the FAST answer?

iDriveSafely is the best online traffic school in California

How To Choose Between The HUNDREDS Of California Traffic Schools

Yeah, believe it or not, there are literally hundreds of traffic schools approved by the state of California. This is of course an absurd amount, but the vast majority of them are very old and haven’t been updated in many years, if not a decade or longer.

So, how are you supposed to choose between so many online traffic schools in California? Quite simply, you want to find something that’s modern, updated, has a good price, is easy to pass, and most importantly, is as fast as possible.

Unless you perform hours of research, there is no way you can vet every online traffic school in California. That’s why we made this guide. These California online traffic school reviews will give you many different options and help you pick the best course.

The Top 7 Best California Online Traffic School Reviews

While you have many choices, listed below are the top 7 best California online traffic schools along with detailed reviews for each. Any of the below online traffic schools will work out well for you. They are all California state approved, are easy to get through, and none of them use course timers so you can get through them FAST. These are the fastest and easiest online traffic schools you can take in California.

#1: Go To Traffic School

California Online Traffic School Reviews

GoToTrafficSchool is our top pick. It’s a long-running California online traffic school that has been used by millions of people. This online traffic school has two main things going for it. First, it was designed to be fast. They don’t waste your time with anything other than what you need to get through the course quickly. Most people can complete this course in as little as 1 to 2 hours. 

Go To Traffic School was designed to be cheap, too. They offer a “lowest price guarantee”. So if you find any online traffic school in California that is cheaper than Go To Traffic School, they are willing to remove $1 from the package price.

Even though Go To Traffic School is fast and cheap, that doesn’t mean they skimped out on quality. In fact, over the past couple of years, they have totally revamped the entire course. It now works better than ever on mobile devices and has received fresh new content including images, optional videos, and a totally updated user platform that is easy to use.

They also offer 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, or email in case you have any issues along the way. You can even start taking the course for free AND get a money-back guarantee on top of that, so it really is risk-free to try this course out. I wouldn’t say this is the most technologically advanced online traffic school in California, but it certainly is fast, easy, and cheap. Isn’t that what really matters?

Get The Best Price On Go To Traffic School Here


#2: Best Online Traffic School

California Online Traffic School Reviews

The Best Online Traffic School offers an efficient course spread into twelve modules. The average course completion is eight hours. Still, students may study at their own pace, whether faster or slower. Like most online schools, Best Online Traffic School allows students to study on their own time without stressful schedules and hassling commutes. It is fully accessible online with various on-the-go options. 

You don’t have to be much of a reader to get through the Best Online Traffic School’s courses either. You can choose an auditory alternative to absorb information while going about your day. You can read modules on your phone or tablet and even listen to them in your car. With its highly accessible program, students may complete the course anytime, anywhere. The Best Online Traffic School is loved for the multi-platform haven it is for multi-taskers and busy bees alike. 

While it is newer than most, it is already established, making a name for itself in little to no time at all. Its newer modules bring more up-to-date information, which helps its curriculum stay current. 

Its CA DMV-accredited twelve modules are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It also helps that you only need to pay the fee when you’re about to take the final exam. Its all-inclusive one-time fee of $19.99 with same-day submission and e- certificates are only chargeable upon passing! On top of all that, it offers 24/7 live support and unlimited test retakes. 

Get The Best Price for the Best Online Traffic School Here


#3: Aceable

Aceable California Online Traffic School

Aceable is 100% the best choice if you plan on taking your California online traffic school from a tablet or smartphone. This is the only online traffic school in California that has a dedicated app you can download right onto your device. Most other online traffic schools are mobile-friendly, but they operate through your phone or tablet browser instead of using an actual app. Having an actual downloadable app makes everything run so much smoother and faster. Of course, you can also take this course from a PC or laptop (or switch between devices anytime), but Aceable truly shines when you use their app.

While Aceable is actually one of the newest online traffic schools to gain approval in California, that’s actually a good thing. The vast majority of online traffic schools in California are vastly outdated. Since Aceable was just built from the ground up a few years ago, you can be certain it is the most advanced and modern online traffic school out there.

Aceable has tweaked their course to be as fast as possible. There are some optional things that can slow you down a bit, but you can also get through it quickly. For example, there are some optional videos, animations, and even games you can play. These features do help to make the course content more interesting and less boring, but if you just want to get it done as fast as you can, you can always skip those parts. Aceable is definitely one of the most popular online traffic schools in California and one you should seriously consider.

Get The Best Price On Aceable Here


#4. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School California

Improv Traffic School has the best business model of any online traffic school in California. This is the same company that owns the chain of Improv Comedy Clubs. They decided to get a bunch of their comedians together to create an online traffic school that is actually funny and not a total bore to get through. While not everyone has the same style of humor, we think Improv Traffic School did a great job with this!

As with any high-quality online traffic school, you can take Improv Traffic School from any device you want. You can also log into and out of the course anytime and you can freely switch between devices. The course content is very easy to get through with super simple quizzes and tests. Throughout the course, you’ll be greeted with embedded jokes, funny pictures, fun but optional videos, and other features that help break the content up into easily manageable bits.

Just because they take an “edutainment” approach to their California traffic school courses, that doesn’t mean they are a low-quality company. In fact, Improv Traffic School is one of the oldest online traffic schools in California with decades of experience and millions of graduated students. Even before they offered online traffic school, they had comedians in physical classrooms to help people dismiss their traffic tickets. Check out the video below and see if this is the type of humor you like. If so, Improv Traffic School could be the best fit for you.

Get The Best Price On Improv Traffic School Here


#5: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Online Traffic School Review

iDriveSafely is another great online traffic school to check out. However, I must warn you. When I took the course, I was very disappointed to find that there was a course timer, especially since California already removed this requirement. But who knows, maybe they removed it already. 

That said, it’s still worth a shot as it has the easiest and cleanest course interface. When we say this is an easy course, we mean it’s EASY. The required quizzes and tests are the simplest ones we’ve seen. Honestly, if you can’t pass the quizzes and tests already, you probably shouldn’t even be on the road.

iDriveSafely has had millions of people go through their traffic school course over the past 20 years or so. The course gets frequent updates, it works well on mobile devices, you can log into or out of the course whenever you want, and they have 24/7 customer service based out of their corporate office in Carlsbad, California.

The thing about iDriveSafely is that it isn’t the most modern or technologically advanced online traffic school in California. Most of the course is just plain text with a few videos and interactive features mixed in. 

Get The Best Price For iDriveSafely Here


#6: DriversEd.com

Drivers Ed Com Traffic School California

DriversEd.com is traditionally an online driver’s ed course, but they also offer a California online traffic school program. I think this course is best for teens and new drivers as much of the course content is repurposed from their online driver’s ed course. This traffic school provides a good mix of content delivery such as text, video, graphics, and even some games. However, there are no course timers and most of the videos and games are optional, so you can get this done very quickly. DriversEd.com also tends to be on the cheaper side for their online traffic school course, so this is a good course on a budget as well.

DriversEd.com offers a money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and they are based right here in California. While they do not have a dedicated app, this course does work well on mobile devices, and the content is updated regularly to make sure it is up to date. This is yet another online traffic school in California that has had millions of students go through their program over more than 20 years.

One thing that is really beneficial about taking DriversEd.com is how easy the quizzes and tests are. Of all the California online traffic school reviews we’ve created, DriversEd.com is certainly among the easiest. Don’t get us wrong, just about any online traffic school in California is easy to pass, but DriversEd.com seems to be on a whole different level.

Get The Best Price On DriversEd.com Here


#7. ApprovedCourse.com (Coming Soon)

Approved Course California Online Traffic School

Please note that Approved Course is NOT YET APPROVED in the state of California. However, this online traffic school is in the final stages of approval and should be ready to launch soon. Approved Course has actually been around for many years, but they haven’t had a California traffic school course until this year. Once it launches, it will be the most modern and up-to-date online traffic school in California.

There are a couple of things I really like about Approved Course. For starters, they give you things that are included in the price which other online traffic schools charge extra for. As an example, their “audio read-along” feature is included with your price, whereas most other online traffic schools in California charge extra for that feature. The price you see is the price you get. Approved Course does offer a video-based traffic school course as well, although the text-based course will be much faster to complete. If you do want a video course instead though, Approved Course will have that.

Another thing I like about Approved Course is they are run by a small family business. This is not a corporate conglomerate that has cookie cutter approaches to things. If you call the Approved Course customer service line, for example, you have a very good chance of speaking with the actual owner of this school. That is very tough to find these days, especially with online companies.

Get The Best Price On Approved Course Here


How Does California Online Traffic School Work?

ELIGIBILITY: In the state of California, you can take an online traffic school once you’ve received a notice of eligibility in the mail. You will usually be eligible as long as you have a valid driver’s license, your violation is not alcohol-related, and you have not attended a California traffic school in the past 18 months. You may also only attend a California online traffic school if you were in a personal vehicle. If you received a violation in a commercial for-hire vehicle, you will not be eligible to take traffic school.

PLEADING GUILTY AND NOTIFYING THE COURT: When you receive your notice of eligibility, you will have to plead guilty to your violation. Most people do this via phone or mail, but you can also do this at your actual court date. Please be aware that if you do this in court, you may have additional court fees to pay, so it is better to get this done through mail or phone.

ENROLLING IN A CALIFORNIA STATE APPROVED ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL: At this stage, you may choose any California state-approved online traffic school to fulfill your requirements. You may sign up for a classroom-based course as well.

NOTIFY THE DMV WHEN YOUR COURSE IS COMPLETE: Almost all online traffic schools in California will automatically notify the California DMV when you have completed the course. You generally have 90 days to complete your traffic school requirements.

VERIFY BY CHECKING YOUR DRIVING RECORD: After a few weeks, you’ll want to have your driving record checked by the California DMV to make sure the violation is actually off your record.

Then you’re done!

Full List Of All Online Traffic Schools Approved In California

While the above reviews of the best online traffic schools are the ones we strongly recommend, you have many other options in California. Here is a full list of all online traffic schools approved in the state as taken from the California DMV.


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