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The dream of teens everywhere is to start driving after their sweet 16.

But while everyone wants to drive, the process of getting out onto the big bad road can seem a little daunting at first.

This is especially true in Missouri, which is ranked one of the most dangerous states for teen driving.

It's really no surprise since driver's ed courses aren't mandatory in Missouri, despite the immense need for basic driver safety skills.

Thankfully though, you can still take driver ed courses that have been designed in accordance with Missouri laws and regulations. So even if other drivers aren’t careful, at least YOU are.  

In this article, I'll detail the 5 best online driver's ed schools in Missouri. These online schools are all convenient with a proven track record of producing safe and smart drivers of all ages.

So let's get started!

Best Driver Ed Schools in Missouri

The top 5 best driver's ed schools in Missouri are:

  1. DriversEdToGo
  2. DriversEd
  3. DmvEdu
  4. SafeMotorist
  5. iGottaDrive

Let’s take a detailed look at each one. 


Top 5 Best Driver’s Ed Schools in Missouri DriverEdToGo

Known nationwide, and loved by young drivers, DriverEdToGo is a perfect choice if you're looking for a quality driver's ed course in Missouri.

The course brings driving lessons to life with video, text, and audio aids that clarify all important concepts drivers need to know on the road.

The videos give teens the chance to engage with the course material, learn practical skills, and visualize beforehand what they may encounter on the road. This gives teens a great starting point before they get behind the wheel. 

Plus, it’s a fun way to learn, unlike reading an old fashion textbook. 

With a course that covers everything you'll need for the Missouri permit test and roads, DriverEdToGo is one of the best online driver’s ed schools out there. 

Top 5 Best Driver’s Ed Schools in Missouri DriversEd

Rated A+ by the BBB, and having taught over 13 million drivers over the past 20 years, DriversEd offers you an effective driver's ed course in Missouri. 

As if that’s not enough, it also boasts a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot. 

You can rest assured that you're getting the very best driver education course that money can buy with DriversEd. 

In fact, this school is so confident in their course that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely case you’re not satisfied with their online driver's ed.

Along with multiple modes of teaching, such as videos and images, they also provide excellent 24/7 customer support to answer any questions you may have regarding the course material.

Their friendly customer service can even explain local state regulations and other driving concepts to provide you with the best chance of passing the DMV test on your first try. 

While the course is fun and engaging, it certainly doesn't mean it's all games. 

DriversEd's primary objective is to provide quality and comprehensive driving skills to teens everywhere.

We tell you, DriversEd offers a course you won't regret.

Top 5 Best Driver’s Ed Schools in Missouri DMVEdu

Offering another great online driver's ed course is DMVEdu. 

With this course, you can expect short quizzes and an extra permit exam prep (if you want to guarantee you ace the permit test on your first go).

In-depth and easy to use, the course allows a convenient way to learn about safe driving from the comfort of your own home.

However, unlike the first two options, DMVEdu is less known and isn't the most modern course to take.

While it does give you the ability to learn wherever you are, it isn't that easy to use on your smartphone, which likely means you'll be restricted to your laptop while you do this.

But if you plan to take this course completely at home, it's a good option to consider.

Top 5 Best Driver’s Ed Schools in Missouri SafeMotorist

Promising to make you a safe motorist (as the name suggests), this school is backed by the American Safety Council.

While the SafeMotorist’s course isn't designed to meet Missouri's standards, it does a great job in explaining every type of situation you'll encounter on the road that’ll definitely help in your final test and when you’re behind the wheel.

Sure, the course might not be the most modern; but the content is very informative and helpful, designed with driving safety in mind. 

From tips on how to drive in heavy rain to teaching collision avoidance techniques, the course has it all with significantly more information than the Missouri final test demands.

While this does mean it'll be a longer course to take, it does ensure that you (or your teenager) will have a comprehensive understanding of all things ‘driving safely’.

If you’re a motorist looking for an online driver’s ed that teaches you everything you need to know, without the frills, then SafeMotorist is your best bet. 

Top 5 Best Driver’s Ed Schools in Missouri iGottaDrive

iGottaDrive aims to teach you everything you need to know as quickly as possible.  

Going over the basics of driving and the fundamental components of a vehicle, the course isn't as in-depth compared to the other options on this list.

This does mean, though, that you’ll be able to zoom past the materials, finishing it in no time. 

You should be aware that their site isn’t the most user-friendly, making it difficult to operate at times, which can be annoying. 

But if you’re looking for one of the fastest, and cheapest, online driver’s ed courses in Missouri, iGottaDrive just might be the school for you. 

Driver's Ed Missouri - FAQs

Is Driver's Ed Required in Missouri?


The Missouri DMV only requires you to pass their sign and written test to get a learner’s permit.

However, it's highly recommended that you still take a driver's ed course as it contains essential road safety tips and skills that are a real help when you do finally get behind the wheel. 

Taking a driver's ed course has also been proven to reduce the risk of accidents in young drivers.

How Much Does Driver's Ed Cost in Missouri?

It depends.

Online courses, like the ones stated above, are well below $50.

However, other online courses may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the course’s complexity and hours of content.

In-person courses (which are hard to find in Missouri) can run well into the hundreds of dollars because you're paying extra for an in-person instructor.

When Can You Drive In Missouri?

In Missouri, you can apply for the learner’s permit test as long as you’re 15+. 

After you pass the written test, you'll be allowed to drive with an instructor and/or an experienced driver. 

After completing around 40 hours of driving (includes 10 hours at night) you're allowed to take the final behind-the-wheel driving test to gain a full-fledged license, providing you’re now 16+.

Should I Take Online or In-Person Driver's Ed?

In-person driver's ed does have its advantages in that you'll be able to directly access your instructor and get instant answers.

But online courses provide you with a more convenient and cheaper way to learn material that's just as effective as in-person lessons.

In Missouri, you'll be hard-pressed to find a provider of in-person driver's ed as most driving schools only offer behind-the-wheel lessons. This is because driver’s ed isn’t mandatory. 

How Do I Get A Permit License in Missouri?

To get a permit license in Missouri, you'll only need to pass the DMV vision, road sign, and written test.

You can find free practice questions online.


So while driver's ed isn't mandatory in Missouri, it is still a useful course that'll teach you tips and tricks on how to stay safe on the road and boost your confidence before you get behind the wheel.

So we hope you'll take a driver's ed course. We promise you won't regret it.

Good luck and safe driving!

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