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Need to get a copy of your Idaho driving record?

Don’t know how to request for one? 

You might think the process will be complicated. However, that’s not true.  

There are 3 simple ways you can request your driving record from the Idaho DMV. 

Read our guide on how to get your Idaho driving record to find out what these 3 ways are. Also, we’ll help you understand the Idaho point system and how to remove points from your driving record

So let’s begin! 

Why Do You Need Your Idaho Driving Record? 

Your Idaho driving record will contain license information, driving history, violations, tickets, and convictions. 

It’s important to regularly review your driving record for any erroneous data and to check how many points you’ve accumulated (more about this below). 

Others may also request your driving record. Requestors authorized to receive information from Idaho driving records include:

  • Government and court proceedings: used by the court or law enforcement agency for official functions
  • Driver or Vehicle Safety: in case of a motor vehicle or driver safety and theft
  • Businesses and Employers: to verify personal background of employees, prevent fraud, or recover debt and security interest
  • Research: for statistical reports where personal information will not be disclosed 
  • Insurance: for claims investigation, rating, or underwriting
  • Tow companies and impound yards:  for providing notice to towed or impounded vehicles
  • Investigation: for use by licensed investigators or security service
  • Transportation facilities: for the operation of private toll transportation facilities

What are the Types of Driving Records in Idaho?

There are two (2) types of driving records that you can obtain from the Idaho DMV.

  • Driver license record
  • Crash report

Driver License Record

Individuals can request either an uncertified (for personal use) or certified (for official use) Driver License Record (DLR) from the ID Transportation Department. Businesses, government agents, and individuals must meet certain criteria (stated above) to request another driver’s Driver License Record. 

While Driver License Records provide license information and driver history, you will not find information on vehicle accidents on this report. 

Crash Report

For information on vehicle accidents and collisions, you have to request the crash report. If you request this record, you can view it online for only 24 hours. Of course, you can always download it if you want it for longer than 24 hours. 

The 3 Ways to Request For Your Idaho Driving Record

Individuals can request their Idaho driving record by walk-in, mail, or online. 

Note: if you are requesting the driving record of another individual, you will need to provide notarized written consent.

To request your driving record, you will need to pay a fee:

  • For uncertified DLR - $9.50
  • For certified DLR - $14
  • For Crash Report - $9

Let’s get into the details of how to request by walk-in, mail, and online. 


For walk-in, you need to go to any Idaho county DMV location. 

There, you will be given a request form that you need to fill out. If you want, you can print and fill out the Motor Request form ahead of time.  

You will also need to provide personal information, including your name, license number, and date of birth to access your driving record.


Likewise, to request a copy of your Idaho driving record by mail, you will need to print and fill out the Motor Request form. Along with the form, you’ll need to attach a check or money order, personal information, and your return address stamp.  

Once you have everything ready, you can mail it to:

Idaho Transportation Department

PO Box 34 

Boise ID 83707-0034 

Note: you cannot request for a certified DLR through the mail.


For your convenience, you can request a copy of your driving record through the Idaho  Transportation Department Online Portal

Now, the fees for online driving records differ.

  • A 3-year record of DLR - $7
  • Online printable copy - $9.56.
  • Certified DLR - $7 plus an additional $21.
  • A photocopy of each document - $7
  • Crash report - $9

And, of course, you will have to confirm access purpose and personal information. 

Understanding the Idaho Point System

Accumulating too many points from traffic violations on your record can mean suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. 

You can receive 1-4 points on your record depending on the severity of the violation. For a complete list of Idaho Point Violations, check out the ITD DMV page.

If you exceed the number of points allowed on your license, your license will be suspended accordingly:

  • 30-day suspension: 12 to 17 points in 12 months
  • 90-day suspension: 18 to 23 points in 24 months
  • 6-month suspension: 24 points or more in 36 months

Keep in mind that points on your record will remain active for three years. However, court-ordered Idaho drivers have the option to remove up to three points on their record every three years.

How can you remove points? 

Defensive Driving Courses in Idaho

The court may allow Idaho drivers to take a defensive driving course to remove 3 points from their driving record every 3 years. 

Of course, those are not the only reason to take a defensive driving course. Other reasons include:

  • Dismissing a traffic ticket
  • Getting an auto insurance discount
  • Improving your Idaho road laws and driving techniques to avoid violations

Note: before you take a defensive driving course, you should always ask permission from your court handler or insurance provider first. You don’t want to spend the time studying only to not receive the benefits (point reduction, ticket dismissal, auto insurance discounts).

Looking for a quality defensive driving course?

We have a few recommendations for you!


How to Get Your Driving Record in Idaho iDriveSafely

For fast, easy, and affordable defensive driving courses, our top choice is iDriveSafely.

For less than around $15, you can get DMV-approved defensive driving courses filled to the brim with interactive learning tools, including text, audio, video, and animation. You can access all of these tools online and on any device.

iDriveSafely is made even easier with reliable technical and customer support. 

How to Get Your Driving Record in Idaho GoToTrafficSchool

We recommend GoToTrafficSchool if you’re looking for a 100%, mobile-friendly, online course that offers risk-free payment options. They have a money-back guarantee, and you can even start the course without paying a single penny.

How to Get Your Driving Record in Idaho (2021) Improv

If you’re looking for a course that’s a bit different, MyImprov won’t disappoint. There aren’t any dull learning moments with their hilarious skits and videos! Another great thing about MyImprov is that there are no hidden fees. You can get unlimited test retakes, certificate delivery, and court schedule reminders at no additional cost.


Getting a copy of your Idaho driving record is so simple!

And, because there are 3 ways to request for it, you can pick whichever is most convenient for you! 

Don’t want your license to be suspended with too many points?

Ask your court if you can take a defensive driving course to remove it!

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