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Been caught driving over the speed limit?

If the excuses didn't work, and you're now stuck with a ticket, you're probably looking for a way out of that large fine.

You may have heard about traffic schools or defensive driving courses and how they can work their magic to make that fine disappear just like Houdini.

But here’s something even Houdini couldn't do...

Reduce your insurance costs and get rid of your license penalty points.

Well, traffic schools can!

Sounds too good to be true?

Thousands of other drivers have used this option to say bye-bye to that pesky ticket and all the baggage it brings.

If you contest your ticket, a court often provides you with the option of having it dismissed if you take a defensive driving course.

If you wanna know more about this, then keep reading.

Down below I’ve listed everything you need to know about traffic schools in Arizona and even a great course to get you started.

Let’s get into it.

Online Traffic School - All Your Questions Answered

Is Online Defensive Driving School Legit?

Yes, it’s legit!

This is one of the most common questions asked because drivers often find the benefits too good to be true.

But don't worry, these courses have been taken by thousands of drivers across the country who have dismissed their tickets no matter how big or small.

Arizona allows for online defensive driving schools and has approved numerous courses that drivers have tried and tested, with overwhelming success.

However, some tickets or violations, such as a DUI, cannot be dismissed.

So yeah, they’re totally legit.

Can You Take Online Defensive Driving School in Arizona?


Online defensive driving schools are allowed in the state of Arizona.

Many schools are registered in the state, but some aren't and so when you're selecting an online defensive driving course you have to make sure that the school is approved in Arizona.

You could do that through the school's website or alternatively ask the court that has jurisdiction over your ticket for guidance.

Am I Eligible To Attend a Defensive Driving Course in Arizona?

If you’re looking to dismiss a ticket then you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have not attended a traffic school in the last 12 months
  • Your violation is eligible for dismissal
  • Violation did not cause a serious injury accident
  • Your court hasn’t specifically asked you to complete an in-person defensive driving course

A defensive driving course can be done by anyone regardless if you have a ticket or not.

Many people apply for these courses to reduce their insurance costs or by teens to brush up their driving skills.

If you're looking to dismiss a traffic ticket to prevent paying a fine or gaining license points, then this course is helpful, too.

But these courses can only dismiss eligible violations.

If your violation isn’t included, then a defensive driving course will not dismiss your ticket.

How to Register For an Online Defensive Driving Course in Arizona

It's really easy to apply for an online traffic school in Arizona.

Just go to a defensive driving school’s website, sign up, and select their defensive driving course option to get started.

You’ll need to enter your court and county information, along with your court case number, so make sure you have them on you when applying.

Is Traffic School Better Online or In-Person?

While some people may prefer in-person lectures if they like the feel of a traditional classroom, most people prefer online.

Because the course is just general driving sense and basic fundamentals to keep you safe on the road, doing it online makes much more sense due to the convenience of being able to study it anywhere.

They are also much easier to fit into any schedule. Unlike in-person lectures, there is no fixed course schedule. You can do it whenever you want.

On top of that, online courses are much cheaper, averaging around $50 compared to in-person lectures that can often run into the hundreds of dollars.

Good online defensive driving courses are easier as well. This is because they often compress the information, allowing you to breeze through them. 

How Long Does an Online Defensive Driver Course Take in Arizona?

In Arizona, a traffic school’s defensive driving course is a minimum of 4 hours as per state guidelines.

The course will take you a minimum of 4 hours to complete without including the time it takes to complete the final test.

How Much Does Online Defensive Driving Course Cost in Arizona?

The cost of an online defensive driving course in Arizona is based on the school you take the course from.

Generally, a defensive driving course is less than $80.

But frequent discounts and offers can see you net a package for much less.

What Is The Best/Easiest Online Defensive Driving Course in Arizona?

Hands down the best and easiest defensive driving course in Arizona has got to be Improv.

Online Defensive Driving Courses in Arizona Improv

With just 10 lessons and easy-to-do 3 question quizzes, you’ll have no problem blasting through this course.

With a 99% pass rate on the first try, you’ll be hard-pressed to fail the final test.

And if you want to go through the course nice and easy, you can do that, too! 

Their defensive driving course has been designed by comedians to make it the most entertaining course you’ll ever take.

The best part? 

Improv will handle all the paperwork and get that ticket dismissed after you’ve passed the course. Meaning you won’t have to face the mind-breaking agony of standing in a line for hours on end.

If you’re looking for lower car insurance, an additional benefit is that Improv is linked with GEICO. So if they’re your insurer, this course is your best bet to reduce the cost as much as possible.

Completely state-approved in Arizona, Improv has got you covered no matter what you’re looking for.

How Much Can I Save On Car Insurance With a Defensive Driving Course?

The amount of saving usually depends on your age bracket and insurer.

Generally, you can expect to save around 5-20% on your insurance with a defensive driving course.

But it’s best to check with your insurer first to make sure they accept your course or if they offer discounts in the first place.


So there you have it - everything you need to know about defensive driving school in a single post.

While taking a defensive driving course may be boring, an online course can make it much easier to get it over with. 

Good luck!

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