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In 2020, New Mexico made it to SmartAsset.com’s top 10 states with the worst drivers. This year, the Department of Transportation reported over 80 road-related fatalities in the first quarter alone. 

What is also alarming is the fact that the state had the third-lowest percentage of insured drivers. 

Now, because online driving schools can help you become a better and safer driver, as well as allow you to grab auto insurance discounts, taking this course is something you should really consider. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the 5 best online driving schools in New Mexico. But before we get to that, we need to answer some important questions. 

Is Driver’s Ed Required in New Mexico?

Driver’s Ed is mandatory for new drivers under the age of 18 in New Mexico. 18+-year-olds, on the other hand, are not required to take it. However, it is best if they do not skip this course so they don’t add to the high percentage of bad drivers in the state. 

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in New Mexico?

You can take an online driver’s ed course in New Mexico if you are looking to apply for an insurance discount or supplemental learning. However, if you are a teen seeking a driver’s license for the first time, an online driver’s ed will not meet the state’s requirements. 

With that out of the way, let’s get to the 5 best online driving schools in New Mexico for 2023. 

What Are The Best Online Driving Schools in New Mexico?

Down below are 5 online driving schools that are worth looking into:

To see which school will suit you best, let’s review them one by one. 


Online Driving Schools in New Mexico Best 5 DriverEdToGo

So, you want to take driver’s ed to be a better driver and/or save on insurance premiums, but you find that many of the courses online are too pricey. 

DriverEdToGo.com is the school you need!

Not only do they provide the cheapest online driver’s ed course, but they also have a price match guarantee. This qualifies you for a discount if you find any other course priced lower than theirs.

The goodness doesn’t stop there. 

DriverEdToGo.com recently did several updates to their course. You can expect it to be more interactive and engaging, plus contain more relevant information!

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get over the course, you should totally check out DriverEdToGo.com.

Online Driving Schools in New Mexico Best 5 DriversEd

DriversEd.com is, without a doubt, one of the best online driving schools in the country. 

Its driver’s education program is one of the most advanced, using cutting-edge technology to provide interactive learning materials. The people who developed the course strategically placed the interactive content throughout the lessons to keep students engaged. 

Its vivid images and 3D animations bring driving scenarios to life. There are even simulations that best prepare you for real-world road situations. 

What’s more, it has interactive games and quizzes. Not only are they fun, but they also help reinforce the lessons taught.  

Despite the overflowing amount of multimedia content, the designers made sure that everything would stay user-friendly. So, whether you're someone tech-savvy or tech illiterate, this course won’t give you any headaches. 

Yet another great aspect of DriversEd.com is its aesthetically pleasing interface. It’s quite an affordable course, but they haven’t sacrificed style for costs. 

However, the sad news is DriversEd.com’s online course for New Mexico teens is temporarily not available. But be sure to keep checking their website in case it comes back up. 

Online Driving Schools in New Mexico Best 5 SafeMotoris

SafeMotorist.com is a trademark of the American Safety Council, an online provider of driver education, workplace safety training, continuing education, and more. 

Its 30-hour online driver’s ed program covers nine (9) units, including driver responsibility, vehicle operation, and basic maneuvering tasks. The course also includes on-topic training, comprehensive reviews, and reinforcement exercises.

Unlike other online driver’s ed programs, SafeMotorist.com is simple and does not contain interactive features. Instead, the course is mainly composed of slides with information-packed lessons.  

The course may be boring, but it will be suitable for teens who find it easier to study with this method. 

At around $50, it can be a little pricier than other available options. Still, if you prefer their learning style, then the price is worth it. 

Online Driving Schools in New Mexico Best 5 CyberEdDriverEd

CyberEdDriverEd.com’s online driver’s ed course has the perfect balance between the basic and the highly advanced user interface. 

While the program is not as smooth-looking as other available online courses, it isn’t outdated either. I would say it is perfect for those who are not Internet-savvy but prefer programs with good features. 

The course is easy to navigate. You will find links to your personal and shipping information, study tools, and course progress on the main page. 

Another great feature of CyberEdDriverEd.com is it doesn’t ask you to pay upfront. You are welcome to take the entire course for free until the final exam. 

If you choose to complete it, you can claim a discount by using a friend’s referral code. You can also earn a small amount if you successfully refer someone to the course. 

Online Driving Schools in New Mexico Best 5 DmvEdu

While interactive features and games appeal to most of the youth, they aren’t for everybody. Some people prefer to focus on lessons rather than get engrossed in engaging content. 

If you are one of those teens, DMVEdu.org’s online driver’s ed course might be the one for you. 

Primarily text-based, it might be boring for some, but not for kids who enjoy reading. 

It has some video content added to the mix. However, it’s more like informative slideshows with audio narration and clips. 

They are exceptionally thorough, crystal clear, and masterfully organized. The course will give you all the essential information you need. 

DMVEdu.org’s course is old school and could use improvements and updates. To be sure, though, the education it offers is enough for teens to learn a lot about driving on the roads of New Mexico. 


Teens and adults alike will benefit from completing an online driver’s education course, not just by qualifying for insurance discounts. A good driver’s ed will also teach the importance of driving safely to prevent dangerous road incidents. 

Pick any of the schools we’ve mentioned, and you will get the best of the best. 

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