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Is there a way to get rid of a traffic ticket?

If you live in Arizona, then there is!

All you have to do is attend a traffic school (commonly known as defensive driving school) in Arizona. 

There are lots of defensive driving schools available in Arizona. But if you ask me, I’ll go to a school that has an online defensive driving course. That way, I get to finish the 4-hour course in my own time and comfort. 

If you’re up for that kind of convenience, then here are the best online traffic schools in Arizona. 

Best Arizona Online Traffic Schools 

I mentioned earlier that there are a lot of defensive driving schools in Arizona. You’ll be surprised that online traffic schools are just as many!

But don’t worry, I’ve narrowed them down for you, so you don’t have a hard time. 

Here are the best online traffic schools in Arizona:

  1. iDriveSafely.com
  2. GoToTrafficSchool.com
  3. MyImprov.com
  4. TrafficSchoolOnline.com
  5. Arizona Driver

Let’s take a look at all of them. 


Best Online Traffic Schools in Arizona iDriveSafely

When it comes to the fastest, most convenient, and most engaging defensive driving course, its got to be iDriveSafely.com

iDriveSafely.com is the leader of defensive driving schools in Arizona and let me tell you why. 

First, it’s a hassle-free school. Yep, you can do everything online - even enrollment! You don’t even have to call them or go to the school. 

Second, their 4-hour course has different types of content. You can be watching videos, going through simulations, and listening to talks. 

I guarantee you that you won’t be bored with this one. 

And the best part of it all is that iDriveSafely.com has interactive graphics. You can actually take part in what happens on the screen, so there’s no time to be bored!

Best Online Traffic Schools in Arizona GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool.com is the go-to of a lot of Arizona residents. 

They’ve been around for 22 years now and they’ve continuously increased the number of students they admit for their courses. 

How do they do that?

They offer guarantees. 

Of all the schools, only GoToTrafficSchool.com gives a money-back guarantee if you didn’t find the course helpful. 

Who does that?

This online traffic school is so confident about the results they give, they won’t charge their students anything if they fail! 

And they’re not wrong. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Arizona MyImprov

MyImprov.com has to be the funniest online traffic school around.

Taken from its name, this online defensive driving school gives you a lot of laughs during your 4-hour course. 

Trust me, you won’t notice that it was already 4 hours. 

What sets MyImprov.com apart from the rest is its ability to make a boring course funny and informative at the same time.

Keep in mind, they were also voted as the best defensive driving school, so that says something!

If you’re the kind of person who wants to enjoy the whole online traffic school experience, then you should really try MyImprov.com. You won’t regret it!

Best Online Traffic Schools in Arizona TrafficSchoolOnline.com

Another excellent choice for an online defensive driving course is TrafficSchoolOnline.com.

This online traffic school has all the things you need in an easy, no-fuss fashion. 

You can enroll in a defensive driving course in just 3 steps. Plus, you can have unlimited attempts at acing the test. Who doesn’t love that?

While TrafficSchoolOnline.com is very convenient, it doesn’t have the best content. You will soon wish they had more interactive graphics and videos. 

Nonetheless, it’s a traffic school worth trying especially since it’s affordable. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Arizona Arizona Driver

Last but not least on the list is Arizona Driver. 

Arizona Driver is a very trustworthy online traffic school in the area. They offer affordable prices for their defensive driving courses and they even have a free submission of your course completion. 

Overall, Arizona Driver is just like any online traffic school. They have the basics covered and they make the whole class easy to attend. 

Again, more engaging content would have been better. Maybe more interactive videos and less readable text so that it doesn’t become dragging as you progress through the chapters. 

Still, the course teaches you everything you need to know. If you don’t mind that, then this online traffic school is a great choice for you. 

Arizona Online Traffic School FAQs

Have more questions about online traffic schools?

Here are some common questions people always ask about attending an online traffic school in Arizona.

What are the requirements for traffic school in Arizona?

When it comes to attending traffic school, you have to make sure you’re eligible first.

In Arizona, anyone who wants to take a defensive driving course should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your traffic citation must be for a non-criminal moving violation
  • 12 months have elapsed since your last traffic school enrollment
  • You don’t hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • You were not part of an accident or a serious injury

If you’re eligible, you should go to the Court and register for your intent to go to a defensive driving course. 

You have to bring your driver’s license, citation, and enrollment form to a defensive driving school.

How long does online traffic school take in Arizona?

A defensive driving course in Arizona is 4 hours full of lectures and readings. 

That’s regardless of whether you’re taking an online traffic school or an in-person class. Even in an online traffic school, you have to go through the whole 4-hour time. 

Keep in mind that while you can go beyond the 4 hours, you should not take the course for shorter than 4 ½ hours. 

How do I register for Arizona online traffic school?

Registering for an online traffic school is easy. All you have to do is enroll on their site, give your details, and pay the fees. 

But not so fast. 

Before you start the course, you have to submit verification documents (like driver’s license and traffic citation) to the Court to confirm your eligibility. 

Once you’re verified, that’s when you can actually start a defensive driving course. 

What are the benefits of online traffic school in Arizona?

There are lots of benefits when you attend an online traffic school. 

But the most obvious benefit is you dismiss the points that are attached to your public driving record. 

In Arizona, every traffic ticket has an equivalent point. When you reach a certain number of points in a span of 12 months, you might get your license suspended. 

And you surely don’t want that. 

So to avoid reaching those points, you can attend an online traffic school. 

This way, you dismiss the traffic ticket, don’t accumulate any points against your record, and you do it in the most convenient way possible!

How much does online traffic school cost?

In general, online traffic schools in Arizona have a range of $20-$60 for the defensive driving course. 

However, these costs are just for the course only. The Court fees and other additional fees are separate. 

To know the Court fees, you have to ask your Court for the citation and the applicable fees. 


An online traffic school is the fastest, most convenient way to reduce those points from your record. But before you get to attend a defensive driving course, you have to make sure you’re eligible. 

Online traffic school is just going to take 4 hours, but if you pick the right school, you can enjoy those hours and not notice how much time has passed. 

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