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If you are applying for a driver’s license in Arizona, learning the basic traffic regulations and driving instructions is essential for everyone’s safety on the road. 

Plus, you’ll also have to complete an MVD-approved driver’s ed course to get your license. 

Lucky for you, many traffic schools in Arizona offer online driver’s ed courses that you can study in the comfort of your home.

To help you navigate and pick the best option that will suit your learning preferences, we have listed our top 5 choices for schools that offer informative courses for driver’s ed in Arizona. 

The 5 Best Arizona Online Driver’s Ed Schools

Here are my top five picks:

  1. Driversed.com
  2. Driveredtogo.com
  3. StopAndGo1.com
  4. Allstardrivereducation.com
  5. Cybereddrivered.com

Let’s have a look at each one. 


Top 5 Best Online Drivers Ed in Arizona

Approved by the Arizona MVD, DriversEd caters to both teens and adults who require meeting the Arizona license requirements. 

You can earn your learners permit after the first 6 hours with their fast processing of the Certificate of Completion delivered electronically. 

Similar to other driver’s ed courses, DriversEd offers an unlimited practice permit test. You can conveniently learn about driving laws, driving basics, and defensive driving techniques with the help of their course app. It allows you to log in and continue where you left off each time. 

Their interactive multimedia lessons can be accessed 24/7 on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating and over 6,000 reviews from their students, DriversEd guarantees cutting-edge online training to help you get your driver’s license easily.

Top 5 Best Online Drivers Ed in Arizona

One of the most reputable driver’s education courses in Arizona is DriverEdToGo. 

Their driver’s education course can be taken at several of their school locations to make it easier for you to acquire your DMV learner’s permit. For those who would like to complete their driver’s ed course in the comfort of their home, DriverEdToGo also offers a fully online option.

Note: DriverEdToGo.com is not certified by the Arizona MVD. You’ll have to get approval from them first if you want to use this course to fulfill MVD’s education requirements!

That said, DriverEdToGo is perfect for preparing for the final exam. 

You can take DriverEdToGo’s practice exam as many times as you like until you score 85% or better, making it a convenient and stress-free process for you. 

The great thing about DriverEdToGo is that they also give you a certificate of completion the same day you finish the course. 

However, this certificate is for your records only and is not meant to satisfy the state’s licensing requirement.

Top 5 Best Online Drivers Ed in Arizona

Looking for a great online driver’s ed course approved by the Arizona MVD? 

StopandGo has you covered. 

StopandGo has a traditional 4-8 hour classroom course that you can take in their convenient locations around the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona. 

But who wants in person classes?

The great thing about StopAndGo is that you can also opt for their online driver’s ed course and study at home!

Everything you need to learn to pass the MVD written test will be included in your driver’s ed course. 

What makes StopandGo impressive is their dedication to helping their students retain the knowledge from their classes, which are designed to cater to each person depending on their skill level and experience.

Top 5 Best Online Drivers Ed in Arizona

With over 50 years of teaching experience, AllStar offers their students online programs that are both innovative and engaging to ensure the driver’s safety on the road. 

Their driver’s ed course can be taken 100% online for a total 30 hours of classes. AllStar has driver’s ed courses both in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona to help teenagers operate their vehicles safely and to avoid unsafe driving conditions. 

After the students complete the course, they are required to take another one hour class with a professional instructor for the final exam.

AllStar is one of the leading online driving schools in Arizona. Their goal is to not just teach the rules of the road, but also how to anticipate and avoid potential hazards.

Top 5 Best Online Drivers Ed in Arizona

Cybereddrivered’s driver’s ed course is fun, interactive, and includes everything you need to learn to earn your Arizona driver’s license. The great thing about it is that they have a “try before you buy” feature. 

What this means is that you can take the entire course up until the final exam, then pay after. They also offer unlimited access to review course material and unlimited takes to pass your online exam.

After you pass, the DMV certificate of completion will be mailed directly to you. Upon completing their driver’s ed course, Cybereddrivered will also give you the option to begin driving with their licensed driving instructor.

Arizona Online Driver’s Ed FAQs:

Can You Get Your Permit Online in Arizona?

Acquiring a learner’s permit in Arizona can be done through Arizona MVD. They offer an online permit test that you can take at home. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 can take the test. Each student will be given three attempts to pass the test each year.

Can I get My License Without a Permit in Arizona?

For those who are 18 and above, you can apply for a Class D license without an instruction permit. However, for everyone’s safety on the road, acquiring an instructional permit is highly encouraged so you can get some practice first.

Is it Better to Take Driver’s Ed Online?

According to a large number of parents and students, online courses have helped them save time and money. Especially during the pandemic, online courses are a safer and more convenient option. On top of that, most traffic schools now have software that is better at assessing students' progress.

Is Driver's Ed Worth It?

If you’re already over 18 years old, you don’t need to take driver’s ed. 

However, driver’s ed is a worthy investment and is crucial in ensuring that you will learn the professional instructions and knowledge for being on the road. This will also increase the safety of other drivers and passengers.

What Happens if You Drive Without a License in Arizona?

In Arizona, driving without a license is considered a Class 1 Misdemeanor. This means that you will be charged a maximum penalty of $2,500 and six months in jail.


Enrolling in a driver’s education course is not only going to help you to get your driver’s license, but it will also help you learn the basics of responsible driving. Equipping yourself with knowledge about traffic rules will save you all the hassle and possible traffic violations in the state of Arizona.

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