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Private Trucking Schools Approved in Detroit

GTR Trucking School


1545 Clay St,

Detroit, MI 48211



Anbeyon Truck Driving School


19529 W Davison

St, Detroit, MI 48223



 Detroit Training Center Inc


5151 Loraine St,

Detroit, MI 48298



Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools 

Knight Transportation


5624 N Blackstone 

Ave, Fresno

CA 93710



Stevens Transport 


777 Minnewawa 

Ave #31, Clovis,

CA 93612



Swift Transportation 


3875 Plainfield Rd,

Indianapolis, IN 46231



777 Minnewawa 

Ave #31, Clovis,

CA 93612



If you’re itching to get into the trucking industry, you’ll be happy to know that all you really need is a Commercial Driver’s License. 

You don’t even need a college degree to pursue a career in trucking! 

However, what you do need to take is a comprehensive training program. 

But don’t worry! There are lots of trucking schools in Detroit, MI. 

If you’re finding that choosing the best one is challenging, well we’ve got some good news for you. 

We did all the research for you, and in this article, we’re going to go over the best ones. 

So without further adieu, Let’s begin!

Best Trucking Schools in Detroit (Private)

There are reasons why many students prefer to attend a private truck driving school and one of them is career opportunities. Once you complete the program, most trucking schools will offer job placements through their partners nationwide. 

Here are our top private trucking schools choices in Detroit, MI:

  1. GTR Trucking School

1545 Clay St, Detroit, MI 48211, United States

Contact: +1-313-505-5056

GTR Trucking School is a family-owned truck driving school. It all started with two brothers who were truck drivers themselves.

They offer 160 hours and 200 hours of tractor-trailer training. These programs are designed to meet the basic entry-level requirements for a Class A CDL.

Once done with the program, students will be placed with a regional, local, or over the road (OTR) transportation company. 

Moreover, they offer an 80-hour refresher course for individuals with experience in driving trucks or those who have a CDL. 

Before starting a refresher program, students will be evaluated to have a program tailored to their needs.

Here are some reasons why you should consider GTR Trucking School: 

  • Employment is guaranteed once the program is completed
  • Flexible class schedule—choose from part-time or full-time classes
  • Offers financial aid to students

2. Anbeyon Truck Driving School

19529 W Davison St, Detroit, MI 48223

Anbeyon Truck Driving School provides excellent classroom and behind-the-wheel CDL training. Over the years, they have helped thousands of students who want to pursue a career in the truck driving industry. 

Are you an experienced truck driver who wants to brush up on your skills? Anbeyon offers refresher courses to prepare you for the truck driving industry. 

Once you pass the Commercial Driver’s License exam, they offer job placement assistance. 

Here are what makes Anbeyon Truck Driving School different from its competitors:

  • They offer the Soft Skills Readiness Program and GAINS Preparation
  • You can apply online
  • Financial assistance for qualified students

Contact: 1-313-270-7623 / Email: anbeyon19529@gmail.com

3. Detroit Training Center Inc (DTC)

5151 Loraine St, Detroit, MI 48298

The Detroit Training Center or DTC has been offering customized and hands-on programs to meet the needs of the workforce in Detroit since they were established in 2012. They offer programs such as CDL training, heavy equipment operator training, masonry, and more.

Their CDL program provides all the skills and knowledge necessary to help students obtain their licenses. This is a 7-week or 14-week program that includes classroom and hands-on training. 

The total cost of the program including licensing fees is about $5,750. However, some students may be eligible for full or partial funding for the program. 

Here are what we like about DTC:

  • They offer flexible training sessions. They offer weekday and night classes
  • Partial refund for students who decide to withdraw before or after 40 hours
  • No upfront cost
  • Employment will be offered upon completion of the program

Contact: +1-313-221-5876

Additional Trucking Schools in Detroit, MI

Are you still looking for other options? Here are additional trucking schools to look into:

U.S. Truck Driver Training School, Inc.

4195 Central St, Detroit, MI 48210


All Stars Truck Driving School

1411 Central Ave, Detroit, MI 48209, USA


100 Placement Truck Driving School

14414 Dexter Ave, Detroit, MI 48238


Ressam Trucking Driving School Inc.

4930 Stecker St, Detroit, MI 48210


Driving for America

14320 Joy Rd, Detroit MI, 48228


Detriot Truck School

13363 Plymouth Rd, Detroit, MI 48227


Great American Truck Driving School

3411 W Fort St, Detroit, MI 48216


Free Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools 

Private trucking schools can be expensive, especially if you don’t qualify for financing options. But, don’t worry, there are company-sponsored truck driving schools that offer free CDL training. Some of these schools will even pay you to finish the program plus you get hired immediately upon completing the program. 

Take note, these are not based in Detroit, MI but some have partner schools near your area. Some are willing to pay for your lodging, meals, and transportation to be able to train in their facilities. 

Here are some of the free trucking driving schools to consider:

Roehl Transport – Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or not, Roehl offers one of the best training programs for truck drivers that have different levels of skills and experience. CDL training is offered in different locations and lasts for three weeks. Once you complete the training, you will get hired immediately.

Stevens Transport – Stevens Transport partnered with several truck driving schools in the country to provide company-sponsored CDL training for inexperienced truck drivers. Once students obtain their CDLs, they will be hired by Stevens Transport and will be transported to their headquarters in Dallas for a three-day orientation.

Knight Transportation – Knight Transportation is one of the largest trucking companies in the country. Their main training school is located in Phoenix, Arizona but they also have partner schools in different states. Unlike other company-sponsored CDL training, Knight Transportation does not offer free meals and lodging.

Swift Transportation – Swift Transportation has over 20,000 trucks—making them the largest common carrier in the country. They offer sponsored CDL training with minimal upfront costs at over 10 locations in the country. While they don’t have employment contracts, they have financial agreements to cover training costs. Additionally, tuition reimbursement is available for those who graduated from their CDL training programs.

KLLM Trucking School – KLLM Trucking School has been operating for more than five decades and has a fleet of more than 1,500 owner-operator and company trucks. Due to driver shortages, they offer company-sponsored CDL training across the country including Michigan, however, you should agree to drive for KLLM for one year. Meals and lodging are covered for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the training.


There you have it—we rounded up the best trucking schools in Detroit, MI!

Whether you decide to go into a private or a company-sponsored CDL program, it’s definitely worth the time and investment. 

A career in trucking is a solid long-term career if managed properly. Good luck!


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