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Before you can take the CDL skills test, you first need to complete entry-level truck training. 

If you’re from the city of Irvine, no doubt you’re looking for the best trucking schools in Irvine, CA. 

However, there are no approved trucking schools here… 

Which would be a bummer if it weren’t for the many trucking school options just nearby. 

And yes, these nearby trucking schools are what we’re going to look at here. 

Rest assured that these are all FMCSA-approved, offer quality training, and are just a few minutes away from Irvine. 

So shall we get reviewing?

Let’s go!

The 5 Best Trucking Schools Near Irvine, CA (Private)

Here are 5 great trucking schools located near Irvine, CA:

Let’s see what each one has to offer. 

SoCal Truck Driver Academy LLC

Best Trucking Schools in Irvine, CA

Address: Serves the Orange County

Contact Number: (949) 502-1030

Here’s a trucking school very close by!

SoCal Truck Driver Academy LLC serves Orange County — of which Irvine is a part!

So you can just give them a call to know your location.

Now, SoCal Truck Driver Academy prides itself on its “no-fluff” training programs. 

The goal is to help their students pass the DMV test and become professional drivers within a month. 

This is why it removes all unnecessary and outdated information in the training curriculum.

And you can see that the school is dedicated to making this happen with the following program features:

  • One-on-one training with your instructor. Here, you’ll get undivided attention and instruction, making for a more personal experience. 
  • Offers diverse programs. You can train for a Class A, Class B, or even Class C CDL. This means that, whatever CDL class you need, you can train for it here. 
  • Can help you get your CDL permit, too. If you haven’t yet got your CDL permit, then SoCal makes sure to help you with this, preparing you for the CDL permit test. 
  • Many available trucks. For Class A, you can train with an 18-wheeler, semi, big rigs, flatbeds, tankers, etc… For Class B, there are straight trucks, large buses, and box trucks to train on. As for Class C, you can train with a Hazmat or Passenger vehicle. 

America Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Irvine, CA

Address: 2210 N. Main St – Ste B, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Contact Number: (714) 542-8660

Travel time from Irvine: 13 minutes

America Truck Driving School has several locations in California — and there’s one just 13 minutes away from Irvine!

This school is family-owned and operated. 

So you can expect a very friendly and dedicated environment here. 

But don’t let that fool you. 

America Truck Driving School has earned a reputation as a premier trucking school in Southern California. 

Lots of students come here just to take part in the awesome training programs. 

Speaking of training, you can choose from Class A, Class A with P Endorsement, Class B, Class B with P Endorsement, and all other endorsement programs. 

Here are other great reasons why you should choose America Truck Driving School:

  • Programs are tailored just for you. Yes, you’ll be able to customize your program for a more personal training experience. In turn, this will help you learn at the pace YOU’RE comfortable with. 
  • Has the latest trucking news. With America Truck Driving School, it’s more than just your training. To help you succeed in your career, you must be up-to-date with the latest news — and you can get that here. 
  • Helpful staff. No matter what kind of questions you ask, they will be answered. And that is whether you ask about their curriculum, their training, the DMV procedures, or how to get started in the industry. 
  • Use industry equipement. Because the equipment used is all found in the modern industry, you will be prepared for the real world. 

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Irvine, CA
With 48 commercial driving schools nationwide, 160 Driving Academy has enlisted R.J. Brunelli & Co. to help expand its New Jersey footprint beyond the four sites it currently operates in the state.

Address: 1100 Technology Circle, Anaheim, CA 92805

Contact Number: (657) 213-3722

Travel time from Irvine: 19 minutes

160 Driving Academy is one of the biggest trucking schools in the US. 

And you’re lucky to find one just 19 minutes away from Irvine, CA. 

 But what makes 160 Driving Academy so special?

The stand-out feature is that YOU will be wanted. 

A lot of companies look for 160 Driving Academy graduates to work for them. And yes, we’re talking Fortune 500 companies. 

So you can expect a great career if you train here. 

Here are other great things to expect with 160 Driving Academy:

  • Can finish your program in just 4 weeks. In 4 weeks, 160 Driving Academy promises to make you the best truck driver. You’ll go through rigorous classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training. 
  • Professional and experienced instructors. At 160 Driving Academy, you’ll be working with some of the best instructors, too. Their professionalism and experience will really show through. In turn, you’ll learn everything you need to know and more.  
  • Offers financial assistance. No, the programs here aren’t out-of-this-world expensive. It’s very reasonably priced — with no upfront costs. More than that, they have government-sponsored assistance programs that you can take part in. 
  • Has an inclusive environment. Say you’re a female wanting to make it in a male-dominant industry. Well, you’ll feel right at home here. 160 Driving Academy is recognized as a school for women who want to work in the transportation industry. 

Toro School of Truck and Bus Driving

Best Trucking Schools in Irvine, CA

Address: 2441 N Tustin Ave Unit E, Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Contact Number: (714) 617-4275

Travel time from Irvine: 13 minutes

Here’s one thing you should know about Toro…

Though its office is located in Santa Ana — just 13 minutes away from Irvine — the training yard is in Gardena. That’s 38 minutes away from Irvine. 

Bust still, it’s worth the trip. 


For one, as the name implies, you can learn how to drive a truck AND bus here. 

Also, we love the catchphrase, “We don’t succeed unless you do”

With this mindset, you know Toro goes the extra mile to give you unparallel truck training. 

Moreover, check out the great features that Toro School of Truck and Bus Driving offers:

  • Offers structured payment plans. Can’t justify a few thousand dollars for truck training? Don’t worry. Toro has structured payment plans that allow you to pay later at — get this — no interest. 
  • Has Class A and Class B programs. Whichever program you choose, you will first go through a comprehensive theory class. From there, you’ll get hands-on truck training with your preferred equipment. You’ll also learn about pre-trip inspection and air brake inspection.
  • Safety is a number one priority. No doubt you want to be a safe truck driver. Well, Toro makes sure of that by ensuring you’re well-versed in safety precautions, from logbooks to pins. 
  • Flexible schedules. It doesn’t matter if you have a full schedule — Toro has morning and evening classes. The last class is at 7 PM. Plus, you’ll also have no limit on course completion time. So you can learn as quickly or slowly as you need. 

Dolphin Trucking School 

Best Trucking Schools in Irvine, CA

Address: 4820 S Eastern Ave. Unit O, Commerce, CA 90040

Contact Number: (800) 234-0515

Travel time from Irvine: 34 minutes

Okay, okay. 

Dolphin Trucking School is a bit farther away from Irvine, CA.

However, we’d say it’s worth the trip. 

And this is because of its various schedules that allow you to attend no matter how busy you are. 

You can attend the 6 AM to 10 AM morning class…

The 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM class…

The 3 PM to 7 PM class…

Or the 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM class.

That’s the latest class offering by any school!

Here are more reasons to attend Dolphin Trucking School:

  • You can schedule a tour. That’s right. Before you even enroll, you can schedule a campus tour to speak with a representative about the programs, see what is offered, visit the yard, and view the equipment. 
  • Host CDL job fairs. Here, you can find a company that is looking to hire graduates from Dolphin Trucking School. This is not only fun, but it’s great for your new career. 
  • Interactive theory instruction. Don’t you wish you can just skip the classroom instruction and go straight to hands-on training? You don’t feel this burden with Dolphin Trucking School. This is because the classroom instruction is super interactive, with written material, videos, visual aids, and lecture formats. 
  • Offers top-quality training. Simple and clean. You will learn how to operate the truck of your choice — not just to pass the CDL skills test, but to be a dependable truck driver in the future. 

Best Free Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

If you’re a bit strapped for cash but want to start your trucking journey right away, then company-sponsored trucking schools are the solution!

Yes, you get FREE training here. 

However, you’ll have to agree to work for the company after you graduate. If not, then you might have to pay a tuition fee. 

That said, here are some company-sponsored trucking schools to consider…

  1. Prime Inc. 

This is one of the biggest trucking operations, as well as the most established company in the country. Its FREE training program comes with a lot of benefits. This includes a weekly salary of up to $700, free meals during your first week, and other financing options to cover your accommodations. 

  1. Roehl Transport

Here, you will specialize in flatbeds, dry vans, and temperature-controlled trucks. So if you’re interested in driving these trucks, then this is the place to go. Versus other FREE trucking schools, Roehl Transport offers a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio in one class. So you get more quality instruction from their professionals.

  1. Pam Transport

Pam Transport is another company specializing in dry van trucks. Aside from their accommodating and experienced instructors, you’ll also love the stipends available. You get weekly allowances plus an additional $100 weekly Walmart coupon. You can enjoy this for the first 3 weeks.


And those were the best trucking schools near Irvine, CA. 

Go over them again and see which one suits YOU best. 

When you find the perfect match, go ahead and enroll to start your training!

Best of luck!

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