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What does your driving record show? 

Also called MVR or motor vehicle report, a driving record is a report of your driving history. It contains personal information, as well as records of all your traffic citations, violations, charges, suspensions, and revocations. It also shows your driver’s license status, expiry date, restrictions, and endorsements.   

Now, there are many reasons why you would want to get hold of this report (which we’ll talk about later on). But whatever the reason, you might be a bit confused on how to get your hands on one.

Well, in this article, we’re going to give you a 2023 guide on how to get a driving record in Rhode Island. 

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

How to Order a Driving Record in Rhode Island

You can order your Rhode Island driving record in person or online via the state’s government website. 


To get your driving record in person, simply visit the Adjudication Office at the following address:

1st Floor, DMV Headquarters

600 New London Ave. 

Cranston, RI 02920

To schedule an appointment, click here. You may also reach out by phone at (401) 462-4368. 

Note: at the moment, you don’t need to make a reservation for ordering a driving record. You can just walk in and get it. 

Upon arrival, simply go to the service window and make your request. You may need to wait for your transaction to be reviewed. 

Also, don’t forget to bring 2 forms of identification and a request fee of around $18. 


For a more convenient way, order your driving record online!

You can do that through the DMV website. Not only is it convenient, but it is also the fastest way to get a copy of your certified report. 

You will need the following for your request:

  • Credit card (Discover, Mastercard, or Visa)
  • Last name, date of birth, and the zip code on your license
  • Seven-digit driver’s license number

After providing the above information, simply check the box that certifies that you are the driver requesting a driving record, or that someone has authorized you to request their driving record. 

The request fee costs $20.50. Once the system verifies your payment, you will be able to download and print a copy of your certified RI driving record. 

Why Should You Get a Copy of Your Driving Record?

You might be wondering, “what’s the use of a driving record?”

We’ll answer that here. 

To Assess Your Record

While it is not necessary to check your driving record often, it still pays to review it every now and then, especially at any time you receive a traffic ticket. 

Checking your driving record will let you assess whether you are at risk of having your license suspended, canceled, or revoked. This is if you’ve accumulated too many traffic violations. 

Remember, “better late than never” does not apply here. 

To Check for Errors

Your driving record may contain a few errors. 

For example, a violation you did not commit may appear erroneously in the report, or you may have completed a defensive driving course or paid a ticket but it remained on your record. 

Getting a copy of your driving record will allow you to raise your concerns and correction requests to the DMV (if there are any).  

To Prevent Higher Insurance Rates 

Checking your driving record could prevent your auto insurance premiums from going up. Errors on your report will directly cause your insurance premiums to increase as DMV reports violations to your insurer. 

Similarly, driving records can also cause your future employment since it is part of an employee background check. 

Understanding the Driving Record Violation System in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island records three years’ worth of data, and minor violations will typically be removed from your driving record after such a period. However, certain violations, such as accidents involving a school bus, will remain much longer.

Now, unlike other states, Rhode Island does not have a points system in place. However, it imposes heavy restrictions, expensive fines, court fees, and a long license revocation period. It also has driver improvement and evaluation programs. 

If you accumulate too many minor traffic offenses or commit some major violations, any or a combination of the following may occur:

  • Traffic court and DMV fines
  • Driving restrictions
  • Court-imposed driver improvement course completion
  • Driver’s license suspension, cancelation, or revocation
  • Payment of reinstatement fees
  • Increase in insurance rates

How to Improve Your Rhode Island Driving Record

Keeping a clean driving record is essential not only to prevent charges, fines, and possible license suspension or revocation but also to maintain your credibility. 

As mentioned above, a driving record that shows several offenses and violations may impact your employment. Car insurance companies will also likely classify you as a high-risk driver and thus will charge you higher rates. 

With a clean driving record, when you receive a traffic ticket, you can avoid paying fines. You will still need to go to court, but you may request to dismiss your ticket based on a good driving record alone. 

Under RI General Law 31.41.1 – 7, a driver who has had no moving violation within the past three years has the privilege to request ticket dismissal. 

So, how do you improve a driving record?

The best way to do that is to attend a traffic school. A traffic school will teach you all the laws, road rules, and all that. And once you take the refresh course, you can prevent traffic violations and so avoid it from being added to your driving record. 

The good news is you can attend an online traffic school! 

If so, we highly recommend GoToTrafficSchool! 


How to Get a Driving Record in Rhode Island (A 2021 Guide) GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool is one of the best and oldest online traffic schools in the US. It offers driver safety courses that are self-paced and 100% Internet-based. Now, you no longer need to sit in a classroom for hours listening to lectures. 

What’s more, GoToTrafficSchool offers the lowest price guarantee. If you find a cheaper option, they will beat the price and deduct another dollar. You can even start the course for free and pay only before you complete it.

You also don’t need to worry about boring or hassle lessons with GoToTrafficSchool’s courses because: 

  • Its programs feature many interactive components such as videos, animations, quizzes, and text narrations.
  • You can conveniently access your learning materials through your laptop or even mobile devices, such as your smartphone.  


Obtaining a copy of your driving record in Rhode Island is quick and easy. 

Here’s a recap of the 2 ways on how to get this done:

  • In-Person: Visit the Adjudication Office at 1st Floor, DMV Headquarters, 600 New London Ave, Cranston, RI 02920, and ask for your driving record. 
  • Online: Submit your request through the DMV website.

Also, defensive driving and driver improvement courses such as the one offered by GoToTrafficSchool let you improve your driving skills, qualify for an insurance discount, and reinstate your suspended license.

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