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If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket in West Virginia, you might be worried about your license traffic points. 

Getting too many points on your driving record can lead to suspension or revocation of your West Virginia license! You might even find it difficult to ask for auto insurance premium discounts.

So, to stay on top of your driving privileges, it’s a good idea to check your driving record every now and then. 

Don’t know how to get hold of your West Virginia driving record?

No worries. Here, we’re going to give you a guide on how to get a driving record in West Virginia. 

Let’s begin!

What is a Driving Record Used For?

Your West Virginia driving record will give a complete driving history, including:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Traffic points
  • Convictions
  • License status

You can use this to check on how many points you’ve accumulated, as well as scan for errors.   

It can also be used by insurance companies, employers, courts, and government agencies for different purposes. 

What are the West Virginia Driving Record Types?

You can request three (3) types of driving records in West Virginia:

  • Five-year record
  • Lifetime driving record
  • Driving record certified with state seal

Five-year record

As you might guess, this driving record shows in detail your driving history for the past 5 years. 

Lifetime driving record

This is also pretty obvious to guess. 

Instead of just 5 years of your driving history, this record will show your complete history, from the moment you got your license to now. 

This is used for the state bar, law enforcement, and follow-up CDL. 

Driving record certified with state seal

If you are going to use your driving record for an official purpose, you need to have it certified with a state seal. 

Well, this is the record that you should get then. 

How to Obtain a Driving Record in West Virginia

You may request your West Virginia driving record through these methods:

  • Online 
  • In-person 
  • By mail
  • By email or fax 


Request a copy of your West Virginia driving record online through the WV DMV portal.

You will need to provide your:

  • Driver’s License number
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your social security or alien registration number

Do prepare a copy of your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID. As well as a fee of $7.50 if you provide your driver’s license number and name. 

If you don’t have a driver’s license number, you need to pay a fee of $8.50. This is usually the case if you are requesting someone else’s record. 


Visit your regional WV DMV office to request a driving record in person.

Do prepare these documents to process your order:

  • Request for driving record form (make sure you read it carefully and complete everything)
  • Proof of identification (driver’s license or photo ID)
  • Request fees

If requesting for another person’s driving record, you will need them to fill out the authorization form for you. Employers and attorneys are required to submit a letterhead explanation.


For requests made by mail, complete the driving record request form and send it, along with proof of identification, request fees, and authorization form (if applicable), to:


Driving Records Section

PO Box 17020

Charleston, WV 25317

Remember to indicate where you want the records mailed. You can do this by writing your return address on the envelope. 

Email or fax

For requests by email or fax, send the forms and supporting documents to:

  • E-mail: DMVDrivingRecordFax@wv.gov.
  • Fax: (304) 957-7584

You will need to follow up on your request by calling this number: (304) 926-3802.

Understanding the Points System in West Virginia

West Virginia drivers have points added to their license according to the severity of the offense. Getting 5 points on your record will incur a warning letter from the DMV.

Now, points for every infraction are valid for up to two years, but the conviction will be listed on your driving record for five years.

If you accumulate too many points, your license will be suspended:

  • 12 to 13 points: 30 days
  • 14 to 15 points: 45 days
  • 16 to 17 points: 60 days
  • 18 to 19 points: 90 days

If you receive more than 20 points, you will not be able to reinstate your license unless points are reduced to 11 or less.

To avoid suspension/revocation of your license and paying the reinstatement fee, you can attend an approved defensive driving course. You may take the course once every year to remove 3 points.

Defensive Driving Courses in West Virginia

Attending an approved defensive driving course in West Virginia can help you:

  • Reduce points on your record
  • Renew a suspended license
  • Avoid insurance increase
  • Dismiss a traffic ticket
  • Improve knowledge and skill as a driver

Now, online defensive driving school is not state-approved in West Virginia for point reduction. However, it’s your best bet to avoid getting points in the first place!

You can ask your court handler if you can take an online defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket. In turn, a dismissed ticket won’t add points to your record. 

With that in mind, we highly recommend you take this course with GoToTrafficSchool.

How to Get a Driving Record in West Virginia GoToTrafficSchool

This online traffic school is state-approved in West Virginia for ticket elimination and auto insurance discounts. So by attending GoToTrafficSchool, you can avoid getting large penalties, such as license suspension and expensive reinstatement fees.

What can you expect from this school?

Their curriculum will give you a well-rounded overview of WV laws and defensive driving techniques with easy-to-understand modules, audio read-along, videos, and animations.

Plus, you can conveniently learn anytime and anywhere with 24/7 access to their study materials on any device. 

If you’re interested, go check them out!


If you received a ticket in West Virginia, request a copy of your WV driving record to check the points on your license.

You may request your WV driving record in person, online, by mail, email, or fax. 

And, while point reduction is only valid for state-approved in-person traffic schools, online defensive driving courses can help you:

  • Become eligible for ticket dismissal
  • Get insurance discounts
  • Enhance your skills to avoid receiving traffic violations

We hope this article has been a great help to you!

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