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Need to get hold of your Montana driving record? 

Don’t know how to request for one?

No worries!

We’re here to help. 

In this article, you’ll get a complete guide on how to get a driving record in Maryland. Not only that, but we’ll also give a detailed review of the Montana points system, mention the types of driving records, and much more. 

So buckle up and let’s get started!

Types of Driving Records in Maryland

In Maryland, there are two (2) types of driving records:

  • The 3-year driving record 
  • The Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) 

Your 3-year driving record contains your traffic violation convictions, suspensions, car accidents, and driver’s license status and date of issue. 

Meanwhile, the Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) driving record has all that information, plus any assigned probation instead of a guilty verdict in your driving record. 

Note: This type of record can only be ordered by you, your attorney, and government officials.

You can either request a certified or non-certified copy of the two types of driving records. Most often, certified driving records are requested by employers, the court, insurance agencies, or other legal third parties.   

How to Request Your Driving Record in Maryland

In Maryland, you can request for a driving record in person, by mail, or online. 

The fee for a non-certified driving record is $9.00, while for a certified record it’s $12.00. Fees are non-refundable.

Now, let’s go into detail about how to request a driving record. 


The first step is to download, print, and fill up the MVA Request for Record (Form #DR-057). Then, submit it to the nearest Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office in your area.

Check here for MVA branches by county. 

Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and the fee of $9 or $12. 


If you’re not in a hurry to obtain a copy of your driving record, you can send the MVA Request for Record (Form #DR-057) by mail. 

Submit the form, along with the required fee and a return address, to:

Motor Vehicle Administration

Driver Records Unit

Room 145

6601 Ritchie Highway, NE

Glen Burnie, MD 21062 

Note: the remittance fee must be in the form of a check or money order. Checks must have an imprinted name and address, your driver’s license number, and your home/work phone number.


To request online, visit this page

You will have to give your driver’s license, routing number, date of birth, and email address (for them to be able to send a downloadable driving record to you).

After only a few minutes, your request will be approved and you’ll be able to access your driving record. 

If you're a third-party entity requesting for the driving record of another person (or for bulk requests), there are additional documents that you will be asked to provide. Check the Driver and Vehicle Information - Reports and Documents section for full detail.

What To Do With Your Maryland Driving Record

So now that you have your driving record…

What should you do with it?

For one, it’s important to check if all information is correct and updated. Any misinformation should be reported as soon as possible to update your driving record. 

You should also check your license points. It’s good to know how many points you have so you can be more careful about traffic violations. (More about this below.)

What’s more, driving records can be used as additional identification, auto theft, court proceedings, and much more. 

Driving Record Points System in Maryland 

Driving record points are earned when you commit a violation while on your motor vehicle. 

If you accumulate a total of 8 to 12 points, your driver’s license is at risk of being suspended or revoked. 

Also, high points in your driving record will get you higher auto insurance rates. Or, your potential employer can check your driving record and it can negatively affect your opportunity.  

What kind of violations produce the most points?

Below are the driving record points in Maryland:

12 Points

  • Using a cellular phone that results in a serious injury or death
  • Unauthorized use or unlawful taking of a motor vehicle
  • Making false affidavit under oath
  • Fleeting from a police officer
  • Any felony when using a vehicle
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Impaired with an illegal dangerous substance
  • Homicide or life-threatening injury committed in a vehicle
  • Driving while license is suspended or revoked
  • Failure to stop when an accident results in injury or death

8 Points

  • Failure to stop during an accident that resulted in property or vehicle damage
  • Turning off lights in the vehicle to avoid identification

6 Points

  • Reckless driving

5 Points

  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Racing on a highway
  • Driving with suspended registration and license

3 Points

  • Any violation contributing to the accident

2 Points

  • Operating a limousine with the existing violation
  • Failure to stop for a red light
  • Violation in pedestrians
  • Passing an ambulance or police vehicle
  • Following a vehicle too closely
  • Speeding by 10 miles an hour or more

1 Point

  • Any moving violation not listed

How to Improve Your Driving Record? 

According to the MVA, they will automatically remove driving record points 3 years after the conviction, if certain criteria are met. This includes:

  • Not being convicted of any other moving vehicle or criminal violations involving a vehicle during the 3 years
  • Your driver’s license was never revoked or suspended
  • You were never convicted or granted probation before judgment for:
    • Driving under the influence or while intoxicated
    • Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in severe injury or death

If you do not meet those requirements, you can submit an Expungement Request to MVA. The MVA will notify you if your request has been granted or not. 

Another way you can improve your driving record is to take a driver improvement course. 

Note: You have to ask permission from the MVA if you want to remove points or your court handler if you want to dismiss traffic citations.

Most of the time, the MVA or court handler will not allow a driver improvement course to either remove points or dismiss citations. But hey, you have a slight chance, so why not give it a try. 

If you’re somehow allowed, that’s great news!

You can find many approved online traffic schools that offer driver improvement courses. 

If you were to ask us, we highly recommend GoToTrafficSchool!


How to Get a Driving Record in Maryland GoToTrafficSchool

If you’re looking for an affordable traffic school in Maryland, GoToTraffic school is the best option. Their driver improvement course starts at about $40. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee in case you don’t find their courses helpful. 

The course can easily be accessed using your mobile phone, meaning you can study it anytime and anywhere. Aside from that, they also offer excellent customer service that is available 24/7.


It’s important to monitor your driving record every once in a while. 

And, since it’s so easy to request, there’s no excuse to not check it out. 

When you do have your driving record, keep note of your points and if there are any errors. 

We hope this article has been a great help!

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