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Are you looking for a career change? Why don’t you give trucking a try?

It doesn’t require you to hold a college degree. However, that doesn’t mean no schooling is required. 

You’ll need to have a CDL in Indiana to drive a truck. And before you can get one, you need to complete trucking school.

You can attend two types of trucking schools — private or free. Either can fulfill your CDL requirements.

That’s where we come in. We’ve looked into your options in the city. Here are the best trucking schools in Indianapolis, IN.

Best Trucking Schools in Indianapolis 

Private truck driving schools are independently-owned. It means they don’t typically have any affiliation with any trucking company in Indianapolis.

They’re more likely to provide a better experience because you’re a paying customer. The downside is you’ll need to put up payment upfront. 

And CDL training isn’t cheap. A three to four-week program can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $8,000. However, if you have the resources and are leaning in this direction, here are your top options:

Safe Drivers Institute of America — Truck Driving School

  • Address: 1310 S West St. Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (855) 274 7342

As their name implies, safety is what SDIA values most. You’ll receive your CDL program from state-certified instructions and will get to enjoy their professional and clean facilities and equipment.

You’ll undergo one-on-one training with your instructor, so your education on operating a semi-truck is customized to your needs. He’ll also be available to help you with challenges you encounter along the way. 

If you need to attend a group session, SDIA ensures the class size remains small. They believe a smaller instructor-to-student ratio is a better approach and allows you to maximize your time with your teacher.

What sets SDIA apart is that they also offer job placement assistance to their graduates. Once you’ve received your CDL license, they can help you land a place with several trucking companies.

C1 Truck Driver Training

  • Address: 3603 E Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 616 1276

C1 takes pride in its Class A CDL Training Program. They ensured it complies with the Commercial Motor Vehicle Act of 1986. They’ve split the program into three distinct segments.

Classroom Training. Everything begins with the basics — for commercial drivers, that means knowing the rules and regulations to follow on the road. C1 provides simple explanations and practical examples, making it easy to absorb.

They’ve also embraced technology in teaching, using an exclusive interactive presentation designed to engage all types of students. C1 understands that they may have non-traditional students and adult learners going through their CDL program, so they’ve used multiple media to teach the material.

Driving Range. It’s never just about learning the concepts — it’s putting them into practice. But C1 doesn’t set up their students for failure.

Driving a truck can be challenging, so C1 ensures you’re in a safe environment the first time you do it. They conduct behind-the-wheel instruction in a private space with no obstructions. This way, you can concentrate on operating the truck without worrying about other vehicles on the road.

CDL Street Driving. The final phase of C1’s CDL program involves students going out into the real world. You’ll have an instructor beside you as you navigate nearby roads. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice maneuvers such as intersection turns. You’ll need to demonstrate that during your CDL skills test, so it’s best to be prepared.

CDL Xpress Truck Driving

  • Address: 2330 Enterprise Park Pl., Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (855) 787 8581

Trucking isn’t just a job — it’s a lifestyle. And it’s that lifestyle that you’ll learn about with CDL Xpress Truck Driving.

They’ll ensure that you’re more than prepared to take the CDL exam, but what they provide their students go beyond that. They want to make sure you have every advantage possible as you begin your new career.

You can expect to have the newest equipment with the latest technology. However, nothing beats the years of experience they have under their belt. Their instructors share their expertise through old-school mentoring, so you’ll get personalized support to fit your needs.

CDL Xpress’s training program uses a combination of hands-on and instructional modules, giving you the best of both worlds. Since driving is a skill, there’s no better way to learn it than to get behind that wheel.

Ultimately, CDL Xpress’s goal goes beyond helping you pass your exam. They want to ensure you have all the necessary skills to navigate routes safely and be the best possible driver on the road.

Alternative Private CDL Training Providers

Here are some other options if none of those truck driving schools strike your fancy:

160 Driving Academy

  • Address: 2820 N Meridian St. Room 410, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 699 8224

Best Truck Driving School

  • Address: 1045 W Sumner Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 518 3388

Best Free CDL Training in Indianapolis

Did you know that you can take CDL training for free? Yes, you heard that right!

But let’s be clear — free isn’t really free, but you don’t have to pay upfront. Instead, trucking companies take the tuition out of your paycheck once you’re eligible to go on trips.

Some trucking schools are company-sponsored, which means they’re owned and operated by a trucking organization. Here are your options in Indianapolis:

Knight Transportation (through DriveCo CDL Learning Center)

  • Address: 3875 Plainfield Road, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 486 1770

You can approach Knight Transportation if you want to jump-start your truck driving career but can’t afford to pay a CDL program’s fee upfront. They hold their CDL programs in three areas: Phoenix, Arizona, Columbus, Ohio, and Memphis, Tennessee.

However, aspiring truck drivers in Indianapolis shouldn’t fret! Knight Transportation does operate within the city — and their partnership with DriveCo CDL Learning Center still makes it possible!

You can have your CDL training sponsored or your tuition reimbursed. The best part of it is you’ll have an employment opportunity waiting for you as soon as you’ve finished (and have your CDL license).

Driving for Knight brings you multiple benefits. These range from having affordable medical coverage to getting a monthly bonus. You can even bring your pet on the road so you won’t be lonely.

Continental Express Commercial Driving Academy, LLC

  • Address: 3016 Bluff Road, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (800) 497 3100

Continental Express is a full-service logistics company that focuses on transporting temperature-controlled cargo on a dedicated route. They provide trucking services to 48 states.

You can get paid CDL training from Continental Express Commercial Driving Academy and complete it at their Indianapolis terminal. You also don’t have to worry about your cost of living within undergoing the program — Continental Express can help cover these costs.

They follow a curriculum that’s helped many students earn your Class A CDL. Expert instructors deliver it, so you’re guaranteed quality education based on proven theory and personal experience.

Once you’ve finished their program, you have the chance to train in Continental Express’ paid finishing program. Imagine getting paid while undergoing on-the-job training. An experienced professional driver will be with you until he deems you capable of taking solo trips.

Swift Transportation (through DriveCo CDL Learning Center)

Like Knight Transportation, Swift also partnered with DriveCo to provide aspiring truck drivers in Indianapolis a chance to complete paid CDL training. They’re a household name in the transportation industry and have been operating since 1966.

You can receive sponsored training and tuition reimbursement at DriveCo’s Indianapolis location. The best part is that once you’ve earned your license, you can find many career opportunities with Swift. 

Swift invests in their equipment, so you can expect these to be modern and up-to-date. Most of their trucks are less than five years old, which is advantageous for long transport trips. There are even refrigerators in most, allowing you to store your own food while on the road.

More than pay and non-monetary benefits, Swift also engages new drivers in a Mentoring Program. Your mentor joins you during rides, help you deliver loads, and gain valuable on-the-road experience.

Other Options for Free CDL Training in Indianapolis

Driver Solutions

  • Address: 3603 E Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 791 2901

Online Transport Training Center

  • Address: 3150 Chief Lane, Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (317) 622 4890

Stevens Transport (through C1 Truck Driver Training)

  • Address: 3603 East Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN
  • Phone: (800) 333 8595

The Wrap Up

Trucking can be a lucrative career, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll spend long periods on the road and bear the responsibility of transporting various goods from one location to another.

That said, there are a lot of career opportunities available in this stable profession. No matter what happens, transporting goods and freights will always be necessary.

If you feel like it’ll fit your lifestyle and preference, why not try it? You’ll need to earn a CDL license in Indianapolis, but there are more than enough options for truck driving school at your disposal.

A company-sponsored CDL program is more affordable in the long run and may open up immediate job opportunities. But you may have a better learning experience with a paid trucking course.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Whether you opt for a paid truck driving school or paid CDL training, it’ll lead you to the same goal. However, it’s best to consider your current resources. 

Good luck!

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