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Best Trucking Schools in Jacksonville

Roadmaster Drivers School


1409 Pickettville

Road, Jacksonville, FL


(904) 783 3333

160 Driving Academy


9527 Regency Square

Boulevard #104, Jacksonville, FL


(904) 289 4831

J-Tech Institute


8813 Western Way,

Jacksonville, FL


(877) 447 0442

Free CDL Training in Jacksonville

Roehl Transport, Inc. 


6200 Soutel Drive,

Jacksonville, FL


(715) 591 3795

Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.  


1414 Lindrose St.,

Jacksonville, FL


(904) 353 8641

Operating a truck requires a different set of skills. Some people think it’s like driving an enormous car, but there’s really more to it. 

That’s why ALL aspiring truck drivers need to undergo CDL training.

Now, there are two ways to complete this requirement. You can either attend a private trucking school or find a company-sponsored one.

Today, we’ll explore your options for both. Here are the best trucking schools in Jacksonville, Florida.

Best Trucking Schools in Jacksonville

When you’re at the point in your CDL application where you need to complete training, one option is to get your trucking education from a private trucking school. 

Although the price can get pretty steep at time, several benefits may outweigh the cost. These include the following:

  • Quality Instructors: Professionals in truck driving school are hired for one purpose — to teach you. You’re guaranteed to receive education from experts whose goal is to help you become a great truck driver.

  • Slower Instruction Pace: You’re more likely to have a better experience with a private trucking school because you’re a paying customer – and they’ll treat you like one. The learning pace is slower, and instructors demonstrate more patience, especially when you have questions or require more assistance.

  • Choice of Employer: You have the freedom to choose your employer after you graduate since you don’t commit to a particular trucking company.

  • Salary: Private trucking school may use up a portion of your funds, but it may also help you get a higher entry-level salary.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, we’ve gathered a list of your private trucking school options in Jacksonville, Florida.

Roadmaster Drivers School of Jacksonville

Roadmaster Drivers School

  • Address: 1409 Pickettville Road, Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (904) 783 3333

You surely want to get your trucking education from a school with an excellent reputation — and Roadmaster Drivers School of Jacksonville has that in spades. The Commission for Independent Education licensed it, and they are part of the Florida Trucking Association.

Roadmaster’s CDL training covers classroom and hands-on instruction, ensuring that you have ample opportunity to apply the concepts you’ve learned. Their trucks are all modern, have automatic transmissions, and used during your training.

They understand that trucking schools can be costly, so they offer financial assistance for qualified applicants. Roadmaster also supports their graduates through job placement assistance.

Aside from that, several companies also send their representatives to Roadmasters when they have vacancies. So you’ll have a front-row seat to this and hear the kind of compensation package they offer.

160 Driving Academy of Jacksonville

  • Address: 9527 Regency Square Boulevard #104, Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (904) 289 4831

160 Driving Academy is a sought-after driving school across the nation, and it’s no different in Jacksonville. 

Their CDL program takes four weeks to complete. Expect 40-hour weeks, which means you’ll have to spend the entire day in their training facility. 

Their program begins with classroom instruction, which takes up the first week of the 4-week course. Here, you focus on learning the rules and regulations of truck driving.

All CDL applicants need to have an active driver’s license, but this is where you’ll begin to understand how different operating a truck is from a car or an SUV. You’ll learn concepts such as disqualifications and out-of-service orders.

Everything you learn in the classroom portion of the program helps you pass the written segment of a Class A CDL exam. But it’s not all about the theories — you must know how to put all of these into practice.

That’s why you spend more time in behind-the-wheel training.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice driving trucks in different environments. You’ll start within 160 Driving Academy’s facilities because it provides a safer space for aspiring truck drivers.

When you’re more comfortable with the controls, you’ll start driving on nearby roads and streets. It prepares you for the on-the-road skills test of your CDL application.

This segment takes up three-quarters of the program. It ensures you get all the practice you need to hone your truck driving skills.

J-Tech Institute

  • Address: 8813 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (877) 447 0442

With J-Tech institute, you have the choice regarding scheduling. You can go through the entire program in four weeks or eight.

They designed their program to help you acquire the skills necessary to earn your Class A CDL. You’re assured of the quality of information because their course meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s standards.

J-Tech’s instructors have vast experience in the industry, which means you’ll be learning not just concepts. They’re an excellent source of practical information. Instructors also keep themselves updated with changes in the industry — from regulations to truck models.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on several crucial driving maneuvers, such as backing techniques and basic control skills. You’ll also spend time on vehicle inspection, navigating unfavorable weather conditions, and defensive driving in rural and urban settings.

The ideal private trucking school is different for everyone. If the ones we’ve detailed above don’t pique your interest, you can also consider Florida State College at Jacksonville. You can find their details below:

  • Address: 101 W State St., Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (904) 633 8100

Best Free CDL Training in Jacksonville

One thing all private trucking schools have in common is that they can get pretty pricey. 

But don’t worry!

There are other options. 

What if I told you you can get your CDL training for free? Okay, not 100%, but you don’t have to put down the entire amount upfront. Besides, you can take advantage of other benefits, such as:

  • Earning while learning: Not only do you avoid paying tuition immediately, but you can also start earning while completing CDL training.

  • Customized training: The training you’ll receive won’t just let you earn your CDL — it also prepares you for how the company sponsoring your training works. 

  • Ready job opportunity: This is what trucking companies expect in return — you’ll have to work for them for some time. It might not allow you to choose your employer, but it saves you the effort of looking for a job.

Check out these company-sponsored training programs for aspiring truck drivers in Jacksonville if this option sounds good to you.

Roehl Transport, Inc.

  • Address: 6200 Soutel Drive, Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (715) 591 3795

Roehl Transport recognizes the need for more truck drivers, so they created the Get Your CDL program to ensure they have enough resources to keep transporting their customer’s goods from one location to another.

You’ll become a full-time employee when you begin your CDL training. So instead of spending money to get your trucking education, Roehl pays you while you complete their program.

Roehl designed their program to help you pass your CDL exam on your first try. This way, they can get out on the road with one of their certified trainers sooner. 

Once you’re done with your CDL application and are officially licensed, you can continue working with Roehl as one of their truck drivers.

Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.

Cypress Truck Lines

  • Address: 1414 Lindrose St., Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: (904) 353 8641

Another option for company sponsored-training is Cypress Truck Lines. They began operations in 1972, giving them fifty years of experience under their belt.

Cypress’ program runs for four weeks of classroom instruction and seven to eight weeks of paid training. That’s not a bad deal.

You’ll have a Cypress job waiting for you when you’ve earned your Class A CDL. They usually offer new graduates regional positions. It allows them to spend time with their families every weekend.

You can also expect an excellent benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance. They’ll even take care of your 401k.

Cypress looks to the future — they invest in you, not just for the short term. There will eventually be opportunities for career growth. You can become a driver or fleet manager or transfer to another area as a safety supervisor.

The Wrap Up

Whether you want to complete trucking education through a private truck driving school or a company-sponsored one is entirely up to you.

Either choice has benefits and drawbacks. In the end, you’ll have to factor in how much resources you currently have on hand.

However, regardless of what you prefer, now you have a list of schools to choose from in Jacksonville, Florida. Good luck!

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