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Planning to start a career in the trucking industry?

That’s great! 

But before you can get your commercial driver’s license, you need to complete a CDL training program. 

We know that it can be hard to find an approved provider right in your city. 

This is why we’re focusing on different cities. And today, we’re looking at the best trucking schools in Cincinnati, OH. 

Moreover, we’ll also give you some other trucking schools in the state, as well as company-sponsored trucking schools around the US. 

So let’s get started!

Best Trucking Schools in Cincinnati, OH (Private)

Here are the 3 best trucking schools in and near Cincinnati, OH:

Let’s review each one. 

160 Driving Academy 

Best Trucking Schools in Cincinnati

Address: 4439 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Contact: +1-513-666-5727

160 Driving Academy is one of the largest trucking schools located all across the country. 

Lucky for you, there is one right here in Cincinnati. 

160 Driving Academy offers flexible CDL training. You can choose to take the program during the day, at night, or on the weekend — whatever fits your schedule best. 

Here, you can complete the required 160-hour training in just 4 weeks! You’ll be able to get your CDL in no time. 

What can you expect from their training?

There will be 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of behind-the-wheel training. You’ll be more than equipped to get out on the road on your own. 

What’s more, they have partner trucking companies willing to cover 100% of the tuition fee for qualified students. 

Butler Tech CDL 

Best Trucking Schools in Cincinnati

Address: 3605 Hamilton Middletown Rd, Fairfield Township, OH 45011

Contact: 513-868-1911

Travel time from Cincinnati: 35 minutes

If you’re willing to travel a bit, then you can get your CDL training with Butler Tech. 

This school stands out because of its high technology. Before you get behind the wheel of an actual truck, you first go through their interactive driving simulator. 

When you gain confidence, you can start driving in their 5½ acre driving range. That’s huge!

Not just that, you also train with the most modern fleet out there, whether it’s trailers, box trucks, tractors, etc. 

For your classroom instruction, there is a small student-to-instructor ratio. This means that you can get a more hands-on learning experience. 

And yes, Butler Tech has very experienced instructors, too. 

It may be a bit far from Cincinnati, but it’s not a school that you can just brush aside. 

Southern State Community College

Best Trucking Schools in Cincinnati

Address: 370 Davids Dr, Wilmington, OH 45177

Contact: sscc.edu

Travel time from Cincinnati: 53 minutes

Here’s another approved school that needs a bit of traveling. 

Since this is a community college, you can expect the tuition fee to be cheaper than other trucking schools. 

What’s also great is that you can choose Class A, Class B, or Passenger Bus training. Whatever type of truck driver you want to be, SSCC has the program for it. 

The program consists of in-classroom and hands-on training. Each class has limited students to guarantee more one-on-one training while on the road.

After graduation, students are offered job placement assistance. 

So if you ask if it’s worth the trip, then we’d say yes. 

Additional Trucking Schools in Ohio

Need more options to explore?

Here are other great trucking schools scattered across Ohio:

Napier Truck Driver Training, Inc.

Address: 3113 Dixie Hwy, Hamilton, OH 45015


Travel time from Cincinnati: 35 minutes

Roadmaster Drivers School

Address: 977 Frank Rd, Columbus, OH 43223

Contact: (614) 351-1748

Travel time from Cincinnati: 1 hour and 38 minutes

Best Free Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools 

There’s no denying that CDL training is expensive. On top of that, not all students are qualified for scholarships or financial aid. 

This shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your trucking career. 

The great news is that there are truck companies that are willing to sponsor your training. To repay them for that, you have to sign a contract to work for them for several years. 

Take note that these company-sponsored schools are not located in Cincinnati, OH — although there are a few nearby.

And don’t worry, some schools are also willing to cover your transportation and lodging to train in their facilities.

That out of the way, here are some of the best company-sponsored trucking schools:

TMC Transportation – TMC Transportation is the largest premium open deck carrier nationwide. They offer an 8-week training program to kickstart your new career. 

Students are not required to pay upfront but should be committed to driving for TMC for at least a year. Transportation, some meals, and housing are covered for you! Plus, you receive $500 per week during the training. 

Hirschbach – Hirschbach Motor Lines have been in the industry for over 85 years. They offer high-quality amenities for their staff and drivers. If you’re looking to obtain your CDL or have experience on the road, you should look at their CDL training program. 

They offer free hotel stays and meals while in training. Students are also given $475 per week. Plus, an additional $300 for completing the program.

Once you graduate, you can move into a team role and get the chance to drive their top-of-the-line late-model trucks!

Stevens Transport – Stevens Transport has a proven track record of training some of the most successful and responsible drivers in the industry. Their headquarters is in Dallas, TX. However, they provide CDL training in partner schools nationwide.

The sponsorship program includes meal money, lodging, and transportation. Additionally, they offer up to $75,000 tuition reimbursement to those who attend their programs outside CDL academy, as long as the drivers are working for them.


How much does a CDL training program cost in Ohio?

Students in Ohio pay an average of $6,300 for a CDL training program. The tuition fee will be higher for those who are taking specialized training for hazardous materials or heavy equipment.

How long is a CDL training program in Ohio?

It depends on the school and the schedule of the student. 

Some students can complete the entire program in just 4 weeks. Students that are attending weekend or part-time courses take up to 14 weeks to complete the training.

What is the average salary of truck drivers in Cincinnati, OH?

The average annual salary of truck drivers in Cincinnati. OH for 2022 is $47,870 per year. Those in the top 10% earn about $50,131 per year.


So those were the best trucking schools in and near Cincinnati, OH. 

With our list, it’s a lot easier to find the right school for you. And yes, rest assured that all these schools are approved with only the best quality training. 

And if that’s too expensive for you, check out the company-sponsored trucking schools. 

There’s something here for everyone. 

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