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I know getting behind the wheel of a truck can be scary. 

Especially if you’re new. 

But with the best trucking schools, you’ll gain knowledge and confidence — you’ll be able to pass your skills test in one go. 

Not only that, CDL training is required to get a commercial license — so you might as well train with the best. 

And today, we’re going to give you the best trucking schools in Fort Worth, TX. 

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Trucking Schools in Fort Worth, TX (Private)

Here are the top 3 best trucking schools right in the city of Fort Worth, TX:

Let’s review them one by one to help you determine the perfect match. 

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Fort Worth, TX
With 48 commercial driving schools nationwide, 160 Driving Academy has enlisted R.J. Brunelli & Co. to help expand its New Jersey footprint beyond the four sites it currently operates in the state.

Address: 1316 Sycamore School Rd Ste 130, Fort Worth, TX 76134

Phone: (817) 904-3457

You get all you need at 160 Driving Academy. 

It isn’t one of the leading trucking schools in the US for nothing. 

At 160 Driving Academy, you can train with the latest fleet. 

Not just that, but it also comes with a technology-rich classroom. 

To top it off, you get the best instructors — always looking out for you and making sure you excel behind the wheel. 

Plus, the whole program lasts for only 4 weeks.

You’ll soon be on your way to getting your commercial driver’s license. 

What’s more, 160 Driving Academy also helps with job placement. With its extensive network, you’re sure to find a company that’s more than willing to hire 160 Driving Academy graduates. 

Roadmaster Drivers School

Best Trucking Schools in Fort Worth, TX

Address: 309 Successful Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76140

Phone: (817) 241-7030

Roadmasters is another top trucking school across the US. 

Here, you get to pick from a range of commercial vehicles to train with —- both automatic and manual. 

You can train with any of these at their training facility and — later — on the actual road. 

For classroom instruction, the course has been carefully curated to include all the essential information.

So you have both theory and behind-the-wheel experience. 

And yes, the instructors are very helpful, too. 

You can rest assured that your success is their success. 

C1 Truck Driver Training

Best Trucking Schools in Fort Worth, TX

Address: 6711 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: (817) 922-5400

Unlike the other 2 schools, C1 is a local school. 

This is great because you can trust that it puts all its efforts into Fort Worth students. 

You will get extra knowledge about trucking in Texas. 

The school also has a great Texas network — this will give you a wide range of different placement opportunities after you’ve gained your CDL.

C1 strives to make it a positive training experience. 

So you will get friendly and helpful instructors. 

Great fleet. 

A comprehensive course. 

Financing opportunities.

Its local nature makes it a big hit for Fort Worth residents. 

Additional Trucking Schools in Fort Worth, TX

In Fort Worth, you’re spoilt for choice. 

You already have the 2 leading trucking schools in the area. 

Plus, there are a few local schools scattered around, too. 

If you need more options, then here are additional trucking schools you can look into:

C & S Lynch Trucking LLC

Address: 2113 Benning Way; Fort Worth, TX

Contact: 469-375-9646

BTM Trucking Academy LLC

Address: 3123 Handley Ederville Rd., Suite B Richland Hills, TX 76118

Contact: (800) 887-1680

Travel time from Fort Worth: 10 minutes

On Track Truck Driving School 

Address: 983 N. Cooper Arlington, Texas 76011

Contact: 817-422-9398

Travel time from Fort Worth: 19 minutes

Advance Career Education

Address: 3119 Chambers St, Suite 5, Mansfield, Texas 76084

Contact: (817) 864-8086

Travel time from Fort Worth: 22 minutes

Free Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

What if you can’t afford a private trucking school?

Do you just give up?

Of course not!

Thankfully, there are many company-sponsored trucking schools out there. 

Here, you get FREE training. In turn, you have to work for the company that sponsors you — and this can be located in any state. 

If you’re interested, here are the best ones to look out for: 

Fort Worth CDL School

This school gets an honorable mention, being one of the only sponsored schools in Fort Worth.

Here, you not only get FREE training…

But you’ll be even paid while going through it. 

What’s more, you’re given a $2,500 completion bonus!

And when you get your CDL, Fort Worth CDL School boasts a $70,000/year salary for the first year of driving for them. 

It can only go up from there. 

So if you’re interested, then check out their website!


TMC is a nationwide logistics firm that has numerous years of experience in the trucking industry.

And to recruit new talents, they offer sponsored programs. 

Here, you get to train in their modern training facilities — just near Texas. 

Don’t worry – transportation, housing, and even some meals will be paid for. 

You’ll also be able to take the weekends off — so you can spend some time at home. 

Once you start working for them, you will be assured industry-leading pay. 

Knight Transportation

Knight is another well-known logistics firm. 

What you’ll love about Knight is that they already have a pre-made plan for you. 

So you can go through training, become a trucker for them, and advance in your career. 

You will be able to get your own truck here. 

And the more miles you drive for them, the more benefits will be added to you. 


Those were the best trucking schools in Fort Worth, TX. 

As we said, you already have the best options right in your city:

So go ahead and pick from any of them. 

But if you’re feeling adventurous, then you might want to look into the other trucking schools nearby. 

If that’s too expensive, then consider the company-sponsored trucking schools. 

You have a whole lot of options at your disposal. 

Pick the one that suits YOU. 

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