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Private Trucking Schools Approved in Los Angeles

GSF Driving and Truck Training School


5731 S. Mckinley Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 91325


(323) 231-3311

Los Angeles Trucking College


6451 Stanford Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90001


(323) 652-6647

Dolphin Trucking School


4820 S Eastern Ave., Unit O, 

Commerce, CA 9004


(800) 234-0515

Nixon Trucking School


7801 Telegraph Rd,

Montebello, CA 90040



Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools in Los Angeles

Prime Inc. 






Did you know that trucking is a billion-dollar industry that provides jobs to more than eight million people in the country?

That’s some serious stats!

This is why it’s a great idea to get your commercial driver’s license now.

And to help with that, we’ll review the best trucking schools in Los Angeles, CA for you. 

We made sure that all these schools are FMCSA-approved — so that you can satisfy training requirements. 

What’s more, we made sure that all the schools offer top-quality training — able to equip you for your test and career ahead. 

So are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Best Trucking Schools in Los Angeles, CA (Private)

Here are the 4 best trucking schools right in the city of Los Angeles:

Let’s see which is the perfect match for YOU. 

GSF Driving and Truck Training School

Best Trucking Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Address: 5731 S. Mckinley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 91325

Phone: (323) 231-3311

Established in 1999, GSF Schools is one of the most trusted providers of CDL education in Los Angeles, CA. 

Its mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and dependable safety training for trucks and bus drivers.

GSF’s goal is to produce self-sufficient drivers. It provides customized one-on-one professional instruction to help guarantee every student’s success.

The instructors show a high level of professionalism. They take time to understand the student’s needs. 

They give feedback and advice to help you improve and pass your CDL exam, too.

This will help you launch or progress your trucking career.

The school also offers flexible classes that fit your schedule. 

The lessons take around two hours — and consist of maneuvering, road training, backing up, parallel parking, alley docking, etc. 

You can come in any time to practice. 

What’s more, the equipment is well-maintained, and the yard is big enough to put your skills to the test — before going out to the real world. 

GSF Schools works with various agencies, such as the Department of Rehabilitation (DoR) and Employment Development Department (EDD) to help students with financial assistance to enroll in a truck driving program. 

To know if you are eligible, send an email to programs@gsfschools.com.

Los Angeles Trucking College 

Best Trucking Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Address: 6451 Stanford Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90001

Phone: (323) 652-6647

Los Angeles Trucking College is best known for offering high-quality instruction to students under record time. 

The school aims to help students launch their trucking careers as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Instructors don’t waste time. Instead, they provide complete learning materials and hands-on, one-on-one training.

They consistently track each student’s progress and ensure everything is clear.  

Another good news is that LA Trucking College offers classes in Spanish. So if you are more comfortable taking classes in Spanish, the school will provide you with a more suitable option.  

Once you pass your CDL test, LA Trucking College will help you land a job with excellent pay, various benefits, and career advancement opportunities.

Dolphin Trucking School

Best Trucking Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Address: 4820 S Eastern Ave., Unit O, Commerce, CA 90040

Phone: (800) 234-0515

Travel time from LA: 12 mins

Okay, here’s one school that’s just a few minutes drives away. 

Dolphin Trucking School has a program that consists of 3 stages – theory, behind-the-wheel range, and behind-the-wheel public road. 

Classroom instruction is interactive. 

Apart from lectures, Dolphin Trucking School incorporates educational videos that make it easier for students to understand the lessons.

The school’s services don’t end when you pass the CDL test. 

Dolphin Trucking School also provides job placement assistance to all its graduates.  

Not sure if this is the school for you?

Dolphin offers a FREE campus tour, which lets you see their yard and equipment and talk to a representative about the school’s program options.

For this, visit their website and click “Request Date” or call their hotline at (800) 234-0515.  

Nixon Trucking School

Best Trucking Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Address: 7801 Telegraph Rd, Montebello, CA 90040

Phone: 323-488-1050

Travel time from LA: 17 mins

Nixon Trucking School in Montebello, CA, is so nearby that it’s considered an LA branch. So this is another great option that you can look into. 

For over 22 years, Nixon Trucking School has helped thousands of students get their CDLs. 

And they do this by offering customized programs with flexible schedules. 

You get friendly instructors, too. So you can easily ask them all your questions or tell them about your struggles in certain areas. 

What’s more, you can train for air brakes, in-cab and walk-around inspection, reverse and parking skills, and so much more. 

You’ll be more than ready to ace the CDL skills test — as well as get confident behind the wheel. 

Free Company-Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Enrolling in a trucking school can cost thousands of dollars. 

This can be discouraging. 

But don’t lose hope. 

There are trucking companies that are willing to give you training. 

Company-sponsored truck driving schools either provide free training or reimburse you for your expenses. 

In turn, though, you have to work for them. 

If you’re interested, check out these company-sponsored truck driving schools:

Prime Inc.

Prime Inc. offers some of the best services, perks, and benefits. 

Apart from the usual remuneration package, Prime Inc. also has awesome amenities, including a full-sized basketball court, daycare center, movie theater, laundry facility, bunk room, showers, and a clinic. You can even sign up for a training session or fitness class on-site. 

There is no Prime Inc. facility in Los Angeles. 

However, the company will pay for your transportation to Springfield, Missouri, Pittston, Pennsylvania, or Salt Lake City, Utah — where you will get free training and one-on-one driving instruction.


Founded by Everett Roehl, a driver himself, Roehl offers high-quality CDL programs that ensure you are trained to become a safe and responsible truck driver. 

Truck drivers who have joined Roehl don’t consider it a school.

This is because you get hired on your first day instead of going through the whole process as a student first. 

You get paid for it and start a career in truck driving without shelling out your own money.

Roehl has no training facility in Los Angeles, but you can check out their website for a complete list of locations.


Truck driving is an excellent career option. It teaches you skills, lets you do work that contributes to your community, empowers you to decide your work hours, and gives you travel opportunities. 

Truck driving, however, is not a job for everyone. 

But if you have the passion and patience to learn to drive a heavy-duty vehicle, you’re already a step ahead. 

So, whenever you’re ready, check out the best trucking schools in Los Angeles, CA we’ve listed here to begin your journey.

Best of luck!

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