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Private Trucking Schools Approved in Orlando

160 Driving Academy


7726 Winegard Road Suite

108, Orlando, FL 32809


(407) 269-8769

Roadmaster Drivers School


2580 W Orange Ave,

Apopka FL 32703


 (407) 532-3619

Orange Technical College 


2900 W Oak Ridge Rd,

Orlando, FL 32809



Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

Knight Transportation






So you’re working on your commercial driver’s license…

That’s great!

However, it can be difficult to find approved trucking schools right in the city of Orland, FL. 

That’s why we’re here. 

We’re going to list and review the best trucking schools in Orland, FL for YOU. We’ll include schools nearby as well, so you have even more options.

And if not, we’ll give you the best company-sponsored trucking schools across the US. 

There’s sure to be a school for you here. 

So let’s dive in!

Best Trucking Schools in Orlando, FL (Private)

Here are our top 3 best trucking schools in Orlando, FL:

Let’s review each one. 

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Orlando, FL

Address: 7726 Winegard Road Suite 108, Orlando, FL 32809

Contact: (407) 269-8769

160 Driving Academy is one of the most trusted trucking schools in the US. 

And you’re lucky there’s a location right here in Orlando. 

Their comprehensive CDL training program gives you the confidence to operate trucks on public roads. 

The program includes both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel experience. 

The student-teacher ratio is 4:1, which means instructors get more individual time with the students. 

This ensures that all students excel in their training. 

What’s more, 160 Driving Academy isn’t ridiculously expensive. Qualified students can even have their tuition fee 100% reimbursed!

And, before graduating from the program, they will even help you find a job that fits you. 

Roadmaster Drivers School

Best Trucking Schools in Orlando, FL

Address: 2580 W Orange Ave, Apopka FL 32703

Contact: (407) 532-3619

Travel time from Orlando: 24 minutes

Here’s another popular trucking school with locations all around the country. 

Their Orlando branch is in Apopka, though, which is a 24-minute drive from downtown Orlando. 

But it’s definitely worth the trip…

For over 30 years, Roadmaster Drivers School has boasted over 160,000 successful graduates. 

Their training includes classroom discussions and hands-on experience in a truck. 

On average, it takes 4 weeks to complete the training. 

Roadmaster ensures that you are eligible for entry-level commercial driver positions by the time you graduate. 

Moreover, they have a job placement assistance program to help students pre-qualify for jobs. 

Financial assistance is also available for qualified students.

Orange Technical College

Best Trucking Schools in Orlando, FL

Address: 2900 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

Contact: 407-251-6047

The Orange Technical College was established in 1963. 

They offer customized career-based training in logistics, culinary arts, advanced manufacturing, AND CDL training. 

Their CDL training program prepares students to operate trucks and tractor-trailers. 

The length of the full-time program is approximately 8 weeks. There are also flexible options for students who prefer part-time training. 

And since this is a college, you can expect the tuition fee to be a lot more affordable than other trucking schools. 

Additional Trucking Schools in and near Orlando, FL 

Looking for more options?

Check out these other trucking schools in and near Orlando, FL. 

Pharaohs Trucking Academy

5235 Satel Dr, Orlando, FL 32810


Truckmaster CDL Training

532 E 13th St, Apopka, FL 32703


24 mins away from Orlando, FL

Truck Driver Institute 

3700 St Johns Parkway, Sanford, FL 32771


4 mins away from Orlando, FL

Florida CDL

429 N 12th St, Haines City, FL 33844


48 mins away from Orlando, FL

Metropolitan Trucking and Technical Institute CDL School

199 Pike Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411


2 hours 31 mins away from Orlando, FL

Free Company Sponsored Trucking Schools

It’s no secret that trucking schools are expensive. 

Sure, lots of schools offer financial assistance and scholarships — but not all students qualify. 

Now, the cost shouldn’t stop you from starting a career in the trucking industry. 

But if you can’t afford it, then you can go to a company-sponsored trucking school.

This means that a trucking company will sponsor your training.

In turn, you will have to work for them for a couple of years. 

Sounds like a good deal?

Then here are a few of the best company-sponsored trucking schools around the US.

Schneider – Schneider offers lots of opportunities and benefits for inexperienced truck drivers. Although they are not located in Orlando, FL, they can help you find a reliable truck driving school near your area.

During training, Schneider offers paid lodging, meals, and transportation, if applicable.

They can pay your tuition fee up-front or have it reimbursed after your graduation. You can receive up to $7,000 on their tuition reimbursement program 

Once you complete the CDL training program, a job at Schneider is waiting for you!

MTC – MTC was established in 1993. They offer free CDL training in Florida for partner trucking companies. The hiring trucking companies cover the meals and loading during the training. 

Some companies may also require students to attend their CDL training on their campus. Partner companies also offer tuition reimbursement programs to qualified students.

MTC is committed to helping inexperienced drivers be able to complete the training through multiple financial aid options.

Knight Transportation – Knight Transportation offers CDL training in Phoenix, AZ. But they have partner schools nationwide, including in Florida.

Knight does not cover transportation, meals, and lodging. However, they do provide a weekly paycheck to help you with some costs. 

A job is guaranteed for you after completing their CDL training program.

Roehl – Roehl is one of the largest companies in the trucking industry. They offer free CDL training programs because they need more truck drivers. 

The training covers vehicle inspections, basic controls, speeding management, hazard prevention, accident procedures, and more. 

Once you enroll in their training program, you’ll already get paid. Your first paycheck will be given towards the end of the third week of training. 

The downside is that they don’t provide free transportation. 


Those were the best trucking schools in Orlando, FL. 

If that doesn’t cut it, then you can look into the other schools that are just located in cities nearby. 

All these available schools are FMCSA-approved and will provide you with quality training. 

If you can’t afford private trucking schools, then make sure to look into the company-sponsored trucking schools that we mentioned here. 

So best of luck!

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