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Looking to get a commercial driver’s license in Pittsburg, PA?

In Pennsylvania alone, there is an estimated growth of 12% for trucking jobs by 2024. 

So, you made the right choice!

However, you might be struggling to find a good, FMCSA-approved trucking school in the city. 

This is where we come in. 

Today, we’re going to review the best trucking schools in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ll even mention some schools nearby. 

And yes, rest assured that it’s all approved and offers quality training. 

If that’s not for you, then maybe you want to consider a company-sponsored trucking school – we have that here, too. 

There’s something for everyone. 

Let’s dive in!

Best Trucking Schools in Pittsburgh, PA (Private)

Pittsburgh is one of the bigger cities in Pennsylvania. 

However, there are limited trucking schools in the area. 

But don’t worry – you already have the best of the best. 

These are:

Let’s take a close look at each one!

160 Driving Academy 

Best Trucking Schools in Pittsburgh, PA

Address: 605 William Marks Dr, Munhall, PA 15120

Contact: +1-412-534-5705

160 Driving Academy is one of the most popular trucking schools in the country. 

It has multiple facilities all around — and you’re lucky because it has a Pittsburgh location. 

Sure, the address is in Munhall — but that’s just a 15-minute drive!

So basically, it is in Pittsburgh. 

160 Driving Academy promises that, in just 4 weeks, you will be able to get your commercial license and start a rewarding career. 

And they don’t just go through the motion. 

They make sure to teach you all you need to know — both in the classroom and behind the wheel. 

But what really makes 160 Driving Academy stand out is its instructors. 

The instructors are patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and — since the classes are small — will have time for your personal needs. 

What’s more, you can get financial assistance, a scholarship, and a job placement. 

Rosedale Technical College

Best Trucking Schools in Pittsburgh, PA

Address: 215 Beecham Dr, Pittsburgh. PA 15205

Contact: +1-800-521-6200

Rosedale Technical College has been training students for over 70 years.  

It offers a wide variety of career-based programs — one of which is truck driving. 

Its CDL training program is 10 weeks long. 

Yes, it’s longer than usual.

But, students will be trained in advanced areas including preventive maintenance, driving operations, vehicle systems, and driving skills.

And, since it’s a technical college, you can expect the tuition fee to be less expensive. 

Rosedale Tech also partners with top local trucking companies to give students career opportunities once they graduate from the program.

There is also financial assistance to qualified students.

All-State Career School

Best Trucking Schools in Pittsburgh, PA

Address: 1200 Lebanon Rd, West Mifflin, PA 15122

Contact: +1-412-823-18181

Okay, here’s another great trucking school just nearby Pittsburgh, PA — 21 minutes away to be precise. 

All-State Career is one of the most extensive and trusted learning facilities. 

It offers different programs that suit every student’s needs at multiple locations. 

CDL training is one of the programs offered in Pennsylvania. 

In this program, you will gain technical knowledge and hands-on skills to successfully operate a tractor-trailer.

It also offers advanced tractor driving and class B CDL programs.

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible training schedules
  • Financial assistance for qualified students
  • Career placement assistance for students who finished the program

More than just truck training, All-State Career School helps students in the employment process. It teaches interview techniques, job leads, career fairs, interpersonal relations instruction, and more.

Additional Trucking Schools Near Pittsburgh, PA

You already have the best trucking schools in Pittsburgh, PA. 

But if you’re looking for more options, then you might want to consider these schools…

Keystone Diesel

Address: 647 Evans City Rd Bldg 101, Butler, PA 16001

Contact: 888-405-0046

Travel time from Pittsburgh: 49 minutes

AAA School of Trucking 

Address: 6003 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112 

Contact: (717) 652-3652 

Travel time from Pittsburgh: 3 hours, 19 minutes

A. Duie Pyle Truck Driving Academy

Address: 650 Westtown Rd, West Chester, PA 19381

Contact: 610−696−5800

Travel time from Pittsburgh: 4 hours, 31 minutes

Free Company Sponsored Trucking Schools 

Let’s just admit it. 

Trucking school is expensive. 

And sure, most top trucking schools offer financial assistance and scholarships — but only to a qualified few. 

If you’re having a hard time paying the tuition, then you might want to consider a company-sponsored trucking school. 

Here, you get FREE training!

In turn, you have to work for the company for a few years. 

If that’s the path you want to take, then here are the best ones: 

Schneider – Schneider has been in the business for over 87 years. Whether you’re an inexperienced or returning truck driver, Schneider offers lots of career opportunities for you.

The paid CDL program lasts for 3-4 weeks. They will assist you in finding a truck driving school in your area. If applicable, lodging will also be covered. However, you will shoulder the transportation cost from the school to your home. 

Knight Transportation – Knight Transportation offers paid CDL training in Pennsylvania. 

Unlike other companies, they don’t cover the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation. Instead, you’ll get paid $800 per week during the training to help you get by. 

Tuition fee reimbursement is also available if qualified. Additionally, there is a $400 hiring process pay!

Once you complete the CDL program, a job is already waiting for you. 

Prime Inc. – Prime Inc. has been in the trucking industry since 1970. 

If you qualify for the company-sponsored CDL program, Prime will cover the cost of your transportation to their different facilities — including the one in Pittston, PA. You get to experience computer-based, hands-on, and simulator training before the actual road training. 

Students who pass the CDL exam on the first try will receive a $250 bonus. Once you pass the exam, you’ll get to experience hauling loads and receive a guarantee of $900 every week.


And that it’s — the best trucking schools in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Again, you already have great options right in your city. 

But if you want more options, then look into the schools nearby — or those that are company-sponsored. 

There are so many different ways to earn your commercial driver’s license. 

So take your pick!

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