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If you’re scouring the internet for approved trucking schools in Reno, NV, then you’re in luck…

That’s EXACTLY what we’ll provide. 

Unfortunately, trucking school options in the city of Reno are very limited — but not zero. 

This is why, here, we’re going to review the best trucking schools in Reno, NV. 

And, for more options, we’ll also review trucking schools located nearby, as well as company-sponsored training around the country. 

So are you ready?

Let’s dive right in!

Best Trucking Schools in Reno, NV (Private)

These are the best FMCSA-approved trucking schools in and near Reno, NV:

Let’s review them one by one. 

Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, LTD

Best Trucking Schools in Reno

Address: 585 Depaoli Street, Suite B, Reno, NV 89512

Phone: 775-378-4613

A bit tight on the budget but still want to cover all the basics? 

Then Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, LTD is your guy. 

This school’s tuition is priced at just below $3,000 — that’s cheaper than the state’s average of $5,000.

But even if the rate is lower, you will still be taught all the necessary topics and skills to pass the CDL exam and satisfy education requirements. 

Plus, all of the instructors have up to 40 years of experience, either on the road, in teaching, or both! So you can trust that you’ll be in great hands. 

Here are other features that you’ll love about Nevada Desert Truck Driving School, LTD: 

  • Classes are offered daily and with flexible hours. Yes, it operates from Sunday to Saturday and starts as early as 6 AM. With this, you don’t have to cram your sessions into your busy schedule during weekdays. 
  • The school assists students looking for scholarship grants. The school already has a database of all organizations and companies that can help fund your fees. All you need to do is ask for help. 

Desert Knight Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Reno Desert Knight

Address: 1080 Linda Way Suite #3, Sparks, NV 89431

Phone: 775-331-9231

Travel time from Reno: 7 mins

Here’s one FMCSA-approved trucking school located near Reno worth looking into. 

We all know that trucking requires a lot of physical preparation, but you have to be knowledgeable and strategic when you’re on the road, too.

Desert Knight Truck Driving School stresses the importance of knowing how to properly plan your routes, what regulations to observe, and handling and documenting cargo.

Given this, it has a comprehensive curriculum for its theory training, which is a minimum of 40 hours. Students need to get at least 80% in the theory exam before they can move on to the behind-the-wheel training. 

At Desert Knight Truck Driving School, you can also enjoy: 

  • Small class sizes. Students get a more hands-on learning experience with their instructors.
  • Flexible hours. The school sets class hours based on its students’ most available schedules.
  • They know organizations that can help fund your tuition. The school wants its students to focus more on learning and less on how to pay the fees. This is why it has many partners lined up, ready to accept scholarship grants and applications.

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Reno Driving Academy

Address: 4962 East Highway 50, Carson City, NV 89701

Phone: 775-210-8468

Travel time from Reno: 35 mins

160 Driving Academy is one of the most renowned trucking schools in the country. And luckily for you, there’s a branch nearby. 

If you ask us, it’s definitely worth the trip from Reno. 

160 Driving Academy commits to giving its students the best preparation for their new careers ahead, as well as for the CDL exam. 

On top of this, students are also assisted in looking for a job right after the program. 160 Driving Academy has a lot of partner companies, and the school will help you land the right one.

What other features make 160 Driving Academy stand out?

  • Each class has only 4 students. This makes the instructors hands-on with their students, whether in the classroom or during the driving training. 
  • Exams and other tests are updated and localized to the state. 
  • All trainers, even those assisting in the field, are invested in your success. Many students’ reviews mentioned the overwhelming support and patience everyone has extended to them during the program. Because of this, they didn’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.

If you want to enroll at 160 Driving Academy, call the school and they can give you further details on the program’s prices and schedules.

Free Company-Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Can’t afford a private trucking school?

Then maybe you want to check out company-sponsored truck driving schools. 

As the name suggests, these companies will offer you FREE training. 

In exchange, you have to work for that company for a few years, depending on your contract. 

Sounds like a treat?

Then here are the best company-sponsored truck driving schools located around the country: 

Knight TransportationKnight Transportation is one of the most reliable trucking companies in the country. Unfortunately, they have no bases located in Nevada — only Arizona and California. But it will be worth it since Knight Transportation has a lot of perks and benefits, such as allowing 1 pet as your companion during rides, affordable medical plans, and monthly bonuses.

Roehl Known as one of the safest trucking companies, Roehl believes that each stage of training is important and that it should be comprehensive and not rushed. The best part? While you’re training, even if it’s up to 6 weeks or more, you’ll be getting a weekly salary of up to $1,500. If you want to join Roehl, you’ll be training in Arizona.

Prime Inc.  Yearning for cross-country adventures? If yes, Prime Inc. is the way to go. They specialize in OTR trucking, so you’ll surely be able to get trips that require you to travel to the other side of the country. And while you’re at it, you can get $900 per trip.


And those were the best trucking schools in Reno, NV. 

Sure, the approved trucking schools in the city are very, very limited. But don’t let that discourage you — there are many more great ones located just nearby. 

So make sure to check them out!

If you’re more into company-sponsored training, then we’ve listed the best ones out there, too. 

The choice is yours.

Good luck!

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