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Private Trucking Schools Approved in Sacramento

160 Driving Academy


1590 Juliesse Ave,

Sacramento, CA 95815


(916) 347-5194

Commercial Drivers Learning Center


1787 Tribute Rd,

Sacramento, CA 95815


(916) 550-9650

Western Truck School


2742 Industrial Blvd, 

West Sacramento, CA 95691



Western Pacific Truck School


3407 51st Ave,

Sacramento, CA 95832


(800) 333-1233 

Dave Truck Driving School


4091 North Freeway

Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834



Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

Prime Inc. 






Calling all aspiring truck drivers in Sacramento, CA…

As you go through the CDL process, you’re required to take an Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) program. 

Now, to make it easier for you, we’re going to list the top 5 best trucking schools in Sacrament, CA for you. 

Rest assured that all these schools are FMCSA-approved, offer quality training, and are located right in the city. 

We’ll also review the schools to help you determine the best fit for YOU. 

So let’s jump right to it!

Top 5 Best Trucking Schools in Sacramento, CA (Private)

Here are the top 5 best trucking schools located right in the city of Sacrament, CA:

Let’s get reviewing!

1. 160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Sacramento, CA
With 48 commercial driving schools nationwide, 160 Driving Academy has enlisted R.J. Brunelli & Co. to help expand its New Jersey footprint beyond the four sites it currently operates in the state.

Location: 1590 Juliesse Ave, Sacramento, CA 95815

Contact #: (916) 347-5194

Office hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 4:30 PM

160 Driving Academy is one of the best trucking schools — get this — in the whole country. 

It has several locations all around — and you’re lucky there’s one right here in Sacramento. 

What you’ll love about 160 Driving Academy is that it has small classes. 

Your instructor will be able to take special care of each student.

So even if you have a harder time learning, you don’t have to worry — your instructor will be there every step of the way. 

At 160 Driving Academy, you can choose from several programs, including:

  • CDL Training
  • CDL Class A
  • CDL Refresher Course
  • CDL Test Prep
  • HazMat Certification

So whatever situation you are in, you’re sure to find a program for that. 

But one of the biggest standouts to 160 Driving Academy is the name you hold. You’ll be in high demand after graduation. 

As it’s one of the top providers in the US, a lot of the BIG trucking companies look for employees that graduated from 160 Driving Academy. 

Not only do you get quality training, but you’ll also be able to find a quality job after. 

2. Commercial Drivers Learning Center

Best Trucking Schools in Sacramento, CA

Location: 1787 Tribute Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815

Contact #: (916) 550-9650

Email: rwilson@cdlc4u.com

Office hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 4 PM; Saturday – by appointment only

Commercial Drivers Learning Center (CDLC) is one of Sacramento’s top trucking schools. 

It has been around for 25 years and has already helped thousands of students become safe and responsible truck drivers. 

CDLC boasts a high student pass rate, thanks to its state-of-the-art facility that’s similar to the DMV’s examination yard. 

You get to train with new truck models, too.

What’s more, the comprehensive classroom and practical lessons equip students with all the knowledge to pass the CDL test.

After you get your CDL, the school will even assist you with job placement. 

Commercial Drivers Learning Center partners with hundreds of local companies. You can get started with your truck driving career with one of these companies. 

3. Western Truck School

Western Truck School

Location: 2742 Industrial Blvd, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Contact #: 1-800-929-1320

Western Truck School started in 1976 and has had 40,000 graduates already. 

The school is well-known for its comprehensive training curriculum that will prepare you for the CDL tests and your future career. 

And during your classroom and behind-the-wheel training, you get to use modern technologies and late-model equipment. 

This will make it easier to learn the ins and outs of truck driving. 

Western Truck School also offers a variety of CDL programs that cater to beginners and experienced truck drivers. 

Programs can take 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your schedule. 

Moreover, Western Truck School can lend a hand if you need financial assistance. 

And as a veteran-owned and operated school, you can be sure it has special admission rules for veterans.

4. Western Pacific Truck School

Best Trucking Schools in Sacramento, CA

Location: 3407 51st Ave, Sacramento, CA 95832

Contact #: (800) 333-1233 

Western Pacific Truck School has one goal – to ensure every student succeeds in the trucking industry.

And to do that, it provides quality education that helps students develop real-world skills. 

All the instructors are knowledgeable, skilled, and patient.

They will work with you from beginning to end, no matter what program you choose. 

Western Pacific Truck School boasts a high placement rate. 

Its graduates enjoy top starting salaries at the Western Pacific’s partner companies. 

What’s more, Western Pacific Trucking School works with Mocse Credit Union to help with finances. Truck driving education can be expensive, but the financing terms at Western Pacific are flexible.

5. Dave Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Sacramento, CA

Location: 4091 North Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834

Contact #: 1-916-380-1218

Dave Truck Driving School is the best option for those who need LOTS of training.

This is because they allow plenty of truck time. 

With this, you’ll be more confident in your skills when you take the CDL skills test. 

Another great thing is that it’s a 1-on-1 focused training. 

You will be in a group of no more than 4 people. You won’t have to wait for your turn to ask questions or get behind the wheel.  

Also, because of this, the instructors can give you their undivided attention. 

But this school is also great if you’re in a hurry. 

Dave Truck Driving School’s Class A Commercial Truck Driver program is one of the fastest in Sacramento. 

It consists of 20 hours of classroom instruction, 80 hours of yard practice, and 20 hours of on-the-road training.

The best part is that Dave Truck Driving School does not discriminate against any student who wishes to become a truck driver.

Additional Trucking Schools in Sacrament, CA

Apart from the best trucking schools in Sacrament, CA listed above, you might also be interested in checking these schools out:

Abylex Inc Truck Driving School

Location: 7473 Reese Rd Suite #2, Sacramento, CA 95828

Contact #: (916) 850-9952

Office hours: Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday – 9 AM to 2 PM

National Truck Driving School

Location: 1816 Main Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838

Contact #: (916) 564-3455

Office hours: Monday to Saturday – 8 AM to 8 PM

Free Company-Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

What if you just can’t afford private trucking schools?

Is there another option for you?


There are trucking companies that are willing to sponsor training for aspiring truck drivers. 

This is what a company-sponsored truck driving school is. 

To repay the company, the trainee will have to sign a contract with the company to work for them after they get their CDL. 

If this is the path for you, then check out these 2 company-sponsored truck driving schools…

NOTE: These company-sponsored truck driving schools are not located in Sacramento, CA.

Prime Inc.

In exchange for Prime Inc.’s free CDL program, you must put in 40,000 miles of driving for them. 

But you get a lot of great benefits here. 

As a trainee, you will receive FREE meals, lodging, and access to a gym, cafe, lounge, and other amenities at the training facility. 

Once you pass the CDL skills test, you earn a guaranteed $700 weekly as a trainee. 

And when you complete 40,000 miles, you will officially become a company driver and earn up to $1,500 per week. 

Roehl Transport

Similar to Prime Inc, Roehl Transport also pays its trainees from day one. 

The minimum weekly rate is $500. The contract is for 120,000 miles or approximately 15 months. 

Roehl’s CDL program takes about 4 weeks. 

And upon completing the program, you will become a full-time employee with a higher wage. 

As a Roehl Transport truck driver, you will also enjoy employee benefits, such as health and life insurance, as well as a tax-free 401(k) retirement plan. 

After a year of employment, you will receive one week of paid vacation.


You’re spoilt for choice in Sacramento, CA. 

There are so many quality and approved trucking schools in the city. 

And you can pick from the best trucking schools in Sacrament, CA that we listed here. 

If you can’t afford that, check out the company-sponsored truck driving schools.

Just know that whichever school you go to, you’ll be more than ready to take the CDL tests and succeed in your future career. 

So go ahead and pick the one that suits YOU. 

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