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Attending a trucking school is not only a requirement to get a commercial license…

It also makes an impact on your future. 

Choosing the right trucking school can help you ace your CDL skills test, find a well-paying job, and open doors to further your career. 

This is why it’s important to choose only the best trucking school for YOU

And this is why, here, we’re going to review the 4 best trucking schools in San Antonio, TX. 

Rest assured these schools are all FMCSA-approved and able to fulfill ELDT requirements. 

The question here is which school is the perfect match for YOU. 

Let’s find out!

The 4 Best Trucking Schools in San Antonio, TX (Private)

Here are the 4 best trucking schools right in the city of San Antonio: 

To see which school suits your needs and preferences, let’s review them one by one. 

SAGE Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in San Antonio, TX

Address: 204 Dunton St, San Antonio, TX 78226

Phone: 210-826-7066

SAGE is a trucking school with locations all across the US. 

And you get one right here in San Antonio, TX. 

SAGE has been in the trucking education game for over 20 years — boasting over 40,000 happy graduates under its belt. 

You can be one of them. 

Here, you can train with some of the most experienced instructors that have traversed all ends of the US highway system.

The instructors are very patient, too. 

They’ll walk you through the whole program one step at a time, helping you build confidence as you go along. 

What’s more, SAGE goes beyond training. 

They make sure to take care of students even after they graduate — connecting them to employers around the nation and giving them great placement opportunities. 

So if you’re looking to be a nationwide trucker, then SAGE Truck Driving School is the choice for you!

Some other benefits include:

  • Great facilities
  • A mobile app that has all the theories for your CDL test
  • 1:1 training

Roadmaster Drivers School

Best Trucking Schools in San Antonio, TX

Address: 927 Eddie Rd, San Antonio, TX 78219

Phone: 210-648-8600

Here’s another well-loved, nationwide trucking school that has a location in San Antonio, TX. 

Roadmaster Drivers School is all about making you a master of the road. 

Here, they put great emphasis on the training program. 

They divide all the trucking activities into bite-sized lecture plans — creating a streamlined program that’s easy to get. 

Throughout the 4-week program, your instructors will walk you through the classroom instruction to tick off the trucking essentials, as well as the behind-the-wheel training. 

And you best believe that, with this format, their graduates perform well across the nations.

Moreover, this is a great school for those looking for an inclusive environment.

Roadmaster allows graduates to settle in and train in a non-judgemental environment. You won’t feel left out here. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Support for the GI Bill
  • Financing opportunities
  • Great placement support

REYNA One-On-One CDL Truck Driver Training

Best Trucking Schools in San Antonio, TX

Address: 1763 S General McMullen Dr, San Antonio, TX 78226

Phone: 210-521-4000

From the name alone, you can already tell that REYNA focuses on 1:1 training. 

If the classes are too big, instructors might not have time for YOUR problems or fears. 

Not here at REYNA. 

Instructors are concentrated on you and you alone. 

This way, they can match the training to your needs and preferences — helping you in areas where you might not be good at. 

Through your interaction with their experienced instructors, you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers without having to wait on other students.

Being a local school, REYNA is a great fit for truckers looking to stay local.

And, with extensive local outreach, REYNA is a name that local logistics firms are more than willing to trust. 

This will help you get a better employment package while allowing you to be close to home.

Some other benefits are:

  • Support for the GI Bill
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Expansive facilities

Star CDL Training

Best Trucking Schools in San Antonio, TX

Address: 1976 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222

Phone: 210-267-8211

Maybe you’re more into a family-owned business?

Well, Star CDL Training is one!

Because of that, you can ensure that they uphold trust and integrity in a family-oriented atmosphere. 

What’s more, Star CDL Training is on a mission to provide reasonably-priced trucking education. 

Of course, this cheaper price doesn’t mean lower quality.

Far from it.

Star CDL has employed some of the best instructors in town, has modern trucks that are well maintained, offers discount referrals, and much more!

Additionally, they’re a great choice if you speak Spanish — with their fully Spanish-taught classes if English isn’t your first language.

Other benefits include:

  • Personalized CDL classes
  • A great fleet of vehicles
  • Support for the GI Bill

Free Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

While private trucking schools offer AWESOME training, not everyone is in a position to afford the hefty tuition fees.

Even the more affordable ones can still be a bit heavy on the pocket. 

If so, here is when company-sponsored trucking schools are a great choice.

These schools are operated by logistic firms that take care of all your training costs.

However, upon graduating, you’ll have to work with them for a couple of years to let them recoup their investment.

Are you interested?

Then these are some of the best FREE company-sponsored trucking schools:

TMCThis is a well-known name in the logistics world. TMC offers great training facilities that’ll make any novice into a confident trucker. Their course is better than free — they’ll actually pay you to keep attending classes!

Knight TransportationAnother well-known name, Knights Transportation offers excellent training facilities. More than that, it pays for their student’s board and lodging, with FREE transportation to get to their school location. And when you start working for them, there are so many benefits you can expect.


So which of the 4 best trucking schools in San Antonio, TX is for YOU?

Now that you know what each one offers, it’s time to make a decision. 

If you’re struggling to afford private classes, then going with a sponsored school is your next best option.

Again, the choice is YOURS. 

Best of luck!

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