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We’re sad to inform you…

There aren’t any FMCSA-approved trucking schools in Moreno Valley, CA. 

But don’t lose hope!

Today, we’ll make sure to pick the best trucking schools just nearby — only a few minutes drive away. 

Plus, we’re going to review these schools for you. This way, you can determine the right choice. 

And if you want to go down a different path, there are company-sponsored trucking schools you can check out, too. 

So are you ready to learn about the best trucking schools near Moreno Valley, CA?

Let’s jump to it!

Best Trucking Schools Near Moreno Valley, CA (Private)

Here are the top 3 best trucking schools near Moreno Valley, CA: 

Now let’s get reviewing!

United Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Moreno Valley, CA

Address: 1737 Atlanta Ave, Suite H7, Riverside, CA 92507

Phone: 619-345-3676

Travel time from Moreno Valley: 15 minutes

United Truck Driving School has been around for well over 40  years. This shows how trustworthy the school is. 

For the programs, you can choose Class A, Class B, or Class A with Passenger Training. This already covers what most aspiring truck drivers need. 

Throughout your training, you’ll be taught safety-conscious truck driving. You’ll learn all this in your classroom instruction sessions but more importantly in the behind-the-wheel training. 

Thanks to the large network this school has cultivated over many years, you’ll get no shortage of job prospects.

If you’re struggling to pay the tuition, United Truck Driving School steps up. They offer a variety of financing schemes, as well as government support plans.

Additional benefits include:

  • Supports women in trucking
  • Has a nationwide network
  • Uses late-model and industry-standard trucks

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Moreno Valley, CA

Address: 141 North Arrowhead Ave, Suite 3, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Phone: (951) 322-4994

Travel time from Moreno Valley: 20 minutes

160 Driving Academy is probably the most popular trucking school in the whole US. It has LOTS of training locations all around the country. 

And luckily for you, there is one just 20 minutes away from Moreno Valley!

With such a big name, you’re sure to find lots of logistic firms looking to hire you once you graduate. So a well-paying job is almost secured if you go with 160 Driving Academy. 

Here, you get Class A and even Hazmat programs. 

The reason why 160 Driving Academy is so successful is because it has instructors that care. They work to make you more than confident behind that wheel. 

The program starts off with classroom instruction. You’ll learn all the basics in theory here. 

After that, you’ll get behind the wheel of a truck. Slowly but surely, you’ll be taught how to maneuver a truck and navigate local roads, streets, and highways. 

Here are some other great benefits of 160 Driving Academy:

  • Offers financial assistance 
  • Has job placement assistance
  • Boasts high graduation rates 

A.B.C. Schooling LLC

Best Trucking Schools in Moreno Valley, CA

Address: 18221 Haines St, Perris, CA 92570

Phone: (909) 531-4223

Travel time from Moreno Valley: 20 minutes

A.B.C. Schooling LLC offers Class A, Class B, and Class C CDL courses with a touch of personalization. 

This school takes an individual approach to all its students. The training will be done 1:1 with your instructor. 

This will allow them to work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths. 

A.B.C Schooling LLC also makes it easy to learn — with their flexible class timings. No need to worry if you’re managing a day job alongside your training. 

However, this school is pretty new.

But going by the excellent feedback they’ve received from the local community, you can rest assured that their training is as good as it gets.

Some other benefits include:

  • Has daily enrollment
  • You can choose to train for 1 to 5 hours
  • Cares about your safety

Best Free Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

What if you can’t afford a private trucking school?

Well, there is another path you can take. 

This is where company-sponsored trucking schools come in. 

These schools provide FREE training. In turn, you have to sign a contract to work for the company for a few months or years. 

Also, you will have no say in what type of truck you’ll be driving… or where you’ll be located. 

If you don’t mind, then let’s look at some of the best company-sponsored trucking schools.

Just note that these are not located in or near Moreno Valley, CA. You might have to travel far to train (and work) with them. 

TMCKnown far and wide for their nationwide logistic operations, TMC is a great option if you’re looking for FREE training. The great thing here is that they provide more than FREE training. You also get a computer, spacious resting areas, and a training yard where you can train to your heart’s content. If you go to the Des Moines location, you can even train in a simulator!

Knight TransportationKnights Transporation is another large logistic firm with an ever-growing demand for competent truckers. They operate their own training facilities that’ll take care of all your training. Yes, they even pay for your boarding costs. And when you work for them, they have a very detailed timeline of what you can expect. 

Swift TransportationSwift Transportation has a large presence in California. So that’s great news for you in Moreno Valley! While they offer great training courses, the cherry on top is their excellent compensation plans if you decide to join. What’s more, they’ll even pay for your education, books, hotel, and transportation!


And those were the best trucking schools near Moreno Valley, CA. 

Yes, you might have to travel a bit to get there…

But each school provides the quality training you deserve. 

So go ahead and pick the one that best suits YOU. 

Okay, okay. 

While many private trucking schools offer financial assistance, many aspirants may still struggle to afford the significant training costs.

That’s when the company-sponsored trucking schools are your best bet to get started with your career.  

The choice is all yours. 

Pick wisely!

And happy training!

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