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Private Trucking Schools Approved in Chicago

Progressive Truck Driving School


5538 W. Belmont Avenue.

Chicago, Illinois 60641


+1 773-736-5522

Mid-City Truck Driving Academy


6740 W Belmont Ave,

Chicago, IL 60634


+1 773-725-3000

Juarez Truck Driving School


1151 W 18th St,

Chicago, IL 60608


+1 312-243-1841

CDL Columbia Driving School


5028 S Archer Ave,

Chicago, IL 60632


+1 773-735-1775

Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools

Knight Transportation


5624 N Blackstone 

Ave, Fresno CA 93710



Stevens Transport 


777 Minnewawa 

Ave #31, Clovis, CA 93612





1305 W Bullard

Ave, Suite 4, Fresno CA 93711


(559) 435-3865

Need to complete your CDL training?

Looking for quality and approved trucking schools in Chicago?

Maybe you’re looking for the best company-sponsored truck driving school…

Whatever the case, we have it all here for you. 

That’s right. 

In this article, we’re going to review the best trucking schools in Chicago, IL. We’ll also list the best company-sponsored truck driving schools around the US. 

With this, you’ll know that, whichever one you pick, you’ll be in great hands. 

So let’s dive right in!

Best Trucking Schools in Chicago, IL (Private)

If you’re new, you might be wondering what private trucking schools are. 

Well, let’s give a very brief explanation. 

These schools are called “private” because you enroll and pay for your tuition fee yourself. In other words, no company sponsors you to learn how to drive a truck. 

The best private trucking schools offer scholarships and grants, but you have to be eligible. The best schools will also help you with your career options, so you don’t have to worry about job applications. 

That said, here are the best private trucking schools based in Chicago, IL:

Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc

Address: 5538 W. Belmont Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 60641

Phone: +1 773-736-5522

No doubt about it — Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc makes it to the top of the list. 

Not only are you prepared for the CDL driving test, but you are also guided in getting a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) if you don’t have one yet. 

Progressive Truck Driving School, Inc has three branches around Illinois. Each of them offers a driving course that prepares you for your Class A or B CDL. 

The driving program is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. In the hands-on training sessions, you are trained with tractor-trailer vehicles to equip you for the exams. 

Students of Progressive Truck Driving School also get these benefits: 

  • Preparation for endorsements (if any)
  • Extensive practice in different types of road situations
  • Job assistance for all students

Check out what other students have to say about the school on Google Reviews and Yelp

Want to know more about Progressive Truck Driving School? Check out their website or call them at +1 773-736-5522. 

Mid-City Truck Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Chicago

Address: 6740 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60634, United States

Phone: +1 773-725-3000

Mid-City Truck Driving Academy is a go-to in Chicago. With 4.5-star reviews, this trucking school is known to give the best instruction complemented by friendly and supportive instructors. 

The training is available for those getting a Class A or B CDL and is open for 7 days. Program schedules are flexible, too, so you can complete your training in less than a month. 

The first few days start with classroom instruction and then you move on to hands-on training. If you don’t have a permit yet, you can ask for assistance to get one before training. 

Mid-City Truck Driving also offers the following services: 

  • In-depth pre-trip inspection training
  • Free CDL training (WIOA Program) for eligible students
  • Yard and road instructor for each student

Read about Mid-City’s services from past students at Yelp and Google Reviews.

Already convinced? You can start by contacting the school at +1 773-725-3000. 

Juarez Truck Driving School

Juarez truck driving school

Address: 1151 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608, United States

Phone: +1 312-243-1841

Another great choice for flexible scheduling is Juarez Truck Driving School. But the best part of this school lies in the number of courses you can choose from.

Plus, for a not-so-popular truck driving school, Juarez is able to give the training you need when it comes to different types of commercial vehicles. You will be able to practice on tanker, trailer, and sleeper trucks. 

What’s more, each student gets one instruction for themselves! 

Juarez Truck Driving School’s program lasts for 6 weeks, which is longer than usual, but its program consists of comprehensive truck training. 

Other benefits of enrolling in this school are: 

  • Refresher courses for students who need it
  • Flexible class schedules 6 days a week
  • Young adult and remedial classes available for drivers below 21

Read more about Juarez Truck Driving School’s performance with these reviews on Google Reviews

You can also contact the school directly at +1 312-243-1841. 

CDL Columbia Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Chicago, IL

Address: 5028 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632, United States

Phone: +1 773-735-1775

CDL Columbia Driving School stands out because of its intensive preparation for the CDL exams. 

The school offers both refresher courses and computerized practice exams to increase your chances of passing the tests. This is on top of a rigorous driving program that lets you practice on tanks and trailers. 

Another advantage of this trucking school is that it offers easy payment terms for students. It also offers a chance to get free CDL training. You can check out their website for the mechanics. 

If you enroll at CDL Columbia Driving School, here are other perks you’ll enjoy: 

  • Job assistance for all students
  • Classes are held 7 days a week
  • Choice of CDL training based on the duration of the program

CDL Columbia Driving School has an impressive 4.3 stars at Indeed. Read more about what past students think here.

For applications or inquiries, contact their office at +1 773-735-1775. 

Free Company-Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Okay, let’s move on to the free company-sponsored truck driving schools. 

Why is it called free?

Company-sponsored trucking schools are called “free” because they sponsor students to train to be truckers for the company. However, in the first 1-2 years of getting the job, the cost of your tuition will be deducted from your salary. 

It’s only when you work for more than two years (or whatever is written on your contract) that those deductions are returned to you. 

The perk of this type of school is obvious – you don’t have to pay a high tuition fee upfront AND you already get a job the moment you have a CDL. 

For most people, this is a sweet deal, especially if they’re not too concerned with being tied to a company for a few years. 

If you’re interested, then here are the best company-sponsored truck driving schools: 

Knight Transportation – With a training camp in Detroit, Knight Transportation is a very good option for those who don’t want to stay far from home. The program starts with CLP guidance and then a hiring process to kickstart your training. After 2-4 weeks, you will start training one-on-one with a truck driver. 

Stevens Transport – Although the main facility is in Texas, Stevens Transport has partnered with other driving schools to help you learn truck driving skills. The program includes simulations and classroom-based training. For those training in Texas, meals and lodging are covered. 

TMC – With probably the shortest truck driver program we’ve ever heard of, TMC offers only 3 weeks to get started as a truck driver. During this period, you’ll go through classroom instruction, security training, and all the skills you need to pass the exams. 


To be sure, there are a lot of schools to choose from if you want to become a truck driver in Chicago. 

It might seem overwhelming at first, so here’s a tip: decide if you want to be tied to a company but get free training or pay for the training yourself and decide what company is best for you. 

Once you make a decision, it will be a lot easier to choose from the best trucking schools in Chicago, IL, or the best company-sponsored truck driving schools. 

Good luck! 

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