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Driving a truck requires skills. 

This is why the State of Ohio implemented Entry-Level Driver Training for all new CDL applicants. 

So if you’re looking for a good trucking school in Cleveland, OH, then we’ve got you. 

Here, we’re going to review the best trucking schools in Cleveland, OH. We’ll also talk about the schools that are located near the city. 

With this, you’ll be able to pick the school that suits YOU. 

So shall we begin? 

Best Private Trucking Schools in Cleveland, OH 

Looking into private trucking schools?

Well, here are some of the best ones in and near Cleveland, OH:

Let’s review each one. 

160 Driving Academy

Best Trucking Schools in Cleveland, OH

Address: 14037 Puritas Avenue, Units A/D

Cleveland, OH 44135

By far, one of the best trucking schools in the city is 160 Driving Academy. It has many locations across the country, as well as facilities of its own to ensure proper training for any aspiring truck driver. 

The CDL training offered by this school is a 4-week program – 40 hours for classroom instruction and 120 hours for skills training. You will learn from experienced truck drivers who will train you in various trucks. 

However, what makes 160 Driving Academy special is its determination and hands-on training. Most students find the training challenging at first, but they end up with higher chances of getting employed.

The benefits of 160 Driving Academy don’t stop here. Here are other things you can get: 

  • Job assistance for all students
  • Tuition fees and scholarship grants
  • 1:4 driver-to-student ratio for a more hands-on experience

We’re not the only ones praising 160 Driving Academy’s curriculum. Many reviews on Indeed and Nicelocal talk about how good the training experience was. 

Already convinced to enroll here? Start today by applying on their website or calling them at (216) 539-5593

Great Lakes Truck Driving School

Best Trucking Schools in Cleveland, OH

Address: 27740 Royalton Rd 

Columbia Station, OH 44028

If you’re looking for a trucking school that has flexible hours and comprehensive training, Great Lakes Truck Driving School (GLTDS) is a great option. 

GLTDS offers different kinds of CDL training, starting with a CDL Skills Training Program. This 200-hour course is for those who want to start as entry-level truck drivers. 

Now, GLTDS’ training programs are relatively longer than other trucking schools. This is because it includes teaching a lot of driving skills to its students. It also has separate driving ranges and road practices. 

If you’re taking the CDL Class A Training, the program is almost twice as long, with 360 hours. Don’t worry, this already includes classroom instruction, inspections, driving ranges, and road practices. 

GLTDS might be slightly expensive, but part of its packages includes the following: 

  • Scheduled orientations with recruiters from trucking companies
  • Job assistance for students
  • Flexible training hours

Read what other students have to say about their GLTDS experience on Google Reviews and Indeed

You can also go straight into the application process by applying online or by calling ​​(440) 236 – 3436.

Hamrick School

Best Trucking Schools in Cleveland, OH

Address: 1156 Medina Road, 

Medina, OH 44256

While Hamrick School is not as popular as the other trucking schools we mentioned, this school deserves a spot as part of the best training programs in Ohio.

Starting in 1980, this school has focused on providing truck training for the past decades. This makes them a specialized school for different truck training programs and endorsements. 

The CDL training takes 6 weeks to complete if you’re studying from Monday to Friday. It takes this long because the school allocates 40 hours purely for CDL exam preparation. 

Other parts of the curriculum include 80 hours of classroom instruction, 76 hours of in-house training, and 48 hours of city/highway driving. 

If you’re enrolled in Hamrick School, you also get to enjoy these advantages: 

  • Day or night classes
  • Career-specific training programs
  • Scholarship grants for qualified students

If you want to know more about the school, you can read the reviews on Indeed and Google Reviews

Want to start your truck training here? Call ​​(800) 362-0098 for more information. 

Additional Trucking Schools Near Cleveland, OH

There are other private trucking schools near Cleveland, OH. If you’re looking for more options, you can check these schools out. 

Big Rig Truck Driving School

2165 Beaumont 

NW Massillon, OH 44647

(330) 809-0791

MTC Truck Driver Training 

1270 Hilbish Ave

Akron, OH 44312

(800) 391-2754

Stark State College

2270 Picton Pkwy, 

Akron, OH 44312

(800) 797-8275

Best Company-Sponsored Trucking Schools 

Want instant employment when you get your CDL?

Then a company-sponsored trucking school may be more up your alley. 

If so, here are the best ones out there. 

Prime Inc. 

Located in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Utah, Prime Inc is a great option for those who want to get paid while they train. You get one-on-one training with an instructor during your first few weeks in the program, plus an allowance! 

Knight Transportation 

Here’s another company-sponsored trucking school located all over the country. There is even a center right in Ohio. 

With such a great reputation in the trucking industry, Knight Transportation’s training program is a must-try. Training lasts from 2-4 weeks, and those who are accepted are automatically part of the driver pool of the company. 


While a little far from Ohio, Roehl’s Iowa training facility offers guaranteed job placements once you complete your training. Plus, Roehl only uses the best and newest trucks. And, while you’re asked to stay on weekdays, all trainees are free to go home on the weekends. 

Pam Transport 

Located in Arkansans, you might think Pam Transport might not be an ideal choice as it’s so far away. But if you’ve been accepted to the program, your instructor will pick you up in your home state. You also get a $100 weekly stipend while in training. 


So those were the best private trucking schools in and near Cleveland, OH. 

And if you want company-sponsored trucking schools, then you can easily find one nearby (or not). 

Remember, it’s up to you to know which type of training is ideal for your career and resources. 

But if you’re pretty much set to join one of the programs here, don’t hesitate and book a slot so that you can start your trucking career. 

Good luck! 

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